Legoland Job Application

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Legoland is a series of theme parks managed by the second largest operator of the amusement parks in the country. In United States, these Lego themed parks are situated at two locations – California and Florida.  Other Legoland parks are located in United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Malaysia.

The job openings at the Legoland parks can be accessed through its website. The educates about these amusement parks and facilitates a link to access current job openings. There are always some vacancies open. The applicants find the list of recent vacancies at the provided link. You should check out now as there can be a job of your interest available right now. Submit your resume, so that you could be considered for employment.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Legoland:- 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM daily

Age Eligibility @ Legoland:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Legoland:– Maintenance technician, Admissions associate, Retail purchasing manager, Customer service associate, Office manager, Finance manager, Retail supervisor, Ride maintenance technician, Ride operator, Ticket sales agent, Food service associate, Performer, Ground associate, Porter, Operations associate, Guest experience host, Character impersonator, Cash control associate, Trade sales coordinator, Risk supervisor, Security guard

History:- Legoland is managed by Merlin Entertainment. Merlin Entertainment is the second largest amusement company in the United States after Walt Disney. It operates Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Middle Age parks, and Sea Life Aquatic parks along with these Lego themed parks. All the theme parks owned and managed by the company receive more than 35 million visitors every year. These Lego themed parks are built for younger children.

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Main Attractions:- These parks house several roller coasters designed especially for younger children. Lego Mini Land, Driving Area, Lego Mind Storms, Knight’s kingdom, Boating School,  Duplo Gardens, Wild Woods, and My Town and main attractions of the parks. These parks are educational as well as recreational.

Presence:- There are six Legoland parks. Out of them, two are located in United States – one in San Diageo, California and other in Winter Haven, Florida. The parks in Europe are situated Legoland Windsor in Windsor, United Kingdom; Legoland Billund in Billund, Denmark; and Legoland Deutschland in Gunzburg, Germany.  One park is located in Johar, Malaysia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are always some job-vacancies open at these parks. The candidates can join at an entry-level position in food service, customer service, maintenance, landscaping, hotel services or ride assistance. The career oriented jobs are available in the departments like information systems, ride maintenance – technical, sales and marketing, advertisement, technical operations, security and management. There are different selection criteria for each job title. Each job demands different skills and prerequisites. Many jobs can be secured by the candidates who have just passed out the high school and are 16 years or above in age. However, the career positions are offered only to the experienced and professional applicants.

Advantages of Working @ Legoland:

These amusement parks can alive your childhood days. It is a fun-doing and enjoyable job that no other employer can offer. You are surrounded by young children and their parents all the time. It will be a fabulous experience of interacting with them along with being a part of their joyful moments. The part-time associates working in maintenance, security or ride operations are paid wages while other workers receive salary packages. The packages incorporate all employment benefits like healthcare, life insurance and profit sharing.
Legoland Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Legoland:

  • Do you like talking to kids?
  • Can you take kids on a safe ride?
  • How will you resolve a conflict among your team members?
  • What will be your reaction to an angry visitor?
  • Into which department, will you like working?
  • How are you in California/Florida?
  • Have you completed high school education?