LifeWay Christian Job Application

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The LifeWay stores are divisions wholly owned by a large sacred non-profit association, LifeWay Christian Resources. With headquarters situated in Nashville, in Tennessee, the organization has over one hundred and fifty stores all over the world. At present, about seven thousand workers are employed with this book store.

Organization Details

Working Hours   

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. It observes a holiday on Sundays.

Age Eligibility   

The applicant should be of at least sixteen years of age.

Career Opportunities   

US Church Consultant, Cashier, Travel Assistant, Assistant Manager, Special Projects Manager, Paralegal, Marketing Strategist, Marketing Campaign Designer, Internal Auditor, Assistant Manager, Data Integration Developer, Applications Developer, Store Manager, Sales Associate.


J. M. Frost, the forty three year old pastor, began the operations of this company (which is now known as LifeWay Christian Resources) in the year 1891. The founder began the business after he received a nod from Southern Baptist Convention. His office was partially funded by his wife. Today, Christian resources are provided by the company all through the U.S. and in many other international locations.


There is a conference center which is located in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. The location at Nashville has the store using the Church Leadership Training Center. Also, there are about one hundred and fifty LifeWay Christian stores operating across the United States.

Additional Services

Free download of e-books is provided along with quality training events meant for volunteers and Church Leaders, as well as social media and blog.

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Financial Stature

The net income of the company in the year 2012 was close to $450 million.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

The front region of the store is usually the working area of the cashier. Ringing up purchasers and ascertaining satisfaction of customers with their purchase come as primary responsibilities of this individual. Cashiers process transactions through credit cards as well as cash. The basic hourly pay for this position is $7 to $10.

Supervisor/Assistant Manager:-
Whenever the main manager is absent, the assistant manager has to take care of the shift. Assisting with assigning the duties, opening the store, and ascertaining that the company policy is followed while the store is run also is the responsibility of this supervisor. This position is paid an hourly salary of $8 to $14.

The store, as a whole is run by the manager. Creating schedules assuring the integrity of the inventory and taking care of satisfaction and happiness of the customers also come as the additional duties of the manager. In case a manager encounters any problems, he or she may report them to upper authorities. The mean salary awarded to the manager falls between $8 and $14 per hour.

 Sales Associate:-
Providing help to the customers, answering queries put forward by them, and assisting them as they make a purchase are the fundamental duties of a sales associate. In addition to these, ringing up their orders and maintaining cleanliness in the store is looked after by the sales associate. The average hourly salary for this post is between $7 and $9.

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Advantages of working @LifeWay Christian

The benefits enjoyed by workers at this store are rather limited as compared to other stores. They vary as per the position held by the worker. A comprehensive package can be enjoyed by the worker, apart from 401 (k) retirement plans. There are bright chances of further growth with the organization too.

Job Interview Questions @LifeWay Christian

After a few weeks of the submission of the documents, the potential applicant would receive the interview letter. It is probable that if a candidate is scheduled, interview through the phone, a face to face, or a panel or even a combination of these comes next. The questions are designed to assess the personality of the aspirant, the ability to pact with shoppers while making sales while working as a retailer. Sales environment needs a positive approach towards handling everyday problems. The following are some probable interview questions:
LifeWay Christian Application

  • What personality do you carry?
  • Why do you want a job in a company like this?
  • What inspires you the most while going through a book?
  • What genre do you prefer to read with most interest?
  • Do you possess knowledge of different books and their authors?
  • Which books would you probably recommend customers to buy?
  • How would you combat the situation wherein you cannot find the book requested by  the buyer?
  • Are you a team worker?
  • How do you deal with the difference in mentalities of the masses?