Line Cook Job Duties

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The Line Cook is an individual carrying out the task of preparing items of eatables in stations, fry, pantry, or for that matter, any other place in the kitchen. Proper sanitation and practising safety norms emerge as closest responsibilities for this individual, apart from exhibiting the necessary organizational skills. Having to work in a positive work place in the form of a team member, the Line Cook must follow all the norms linked with the safety standards already laid. He or she must also be capable of sustaining the high amount of heat that is transmitted inside the kitchen. Buffet breakdown and arrangement of items of food, along with the maintenance of a superb level of cleanliness come as the fundamental duties of a Line Cook.   

The standard responsibilities and duties followed by the Line Cook are mentioned here. These may prove to be useful for adding into the resume of a Line Cook. They may be modified as per the needs of the applicant.

Job Duties of a Line Cook

  • Maintenance of a sanitized and healthy place of work at all times
  • Brings about preparation of items of food as instructed in a timely and proper sanitized way
  • Notifies the Chef in case of a probable shortage of supplies well in advance
  • Follow the controls, specifications regarding presentation, portions, and the recipes as laid down by the authorities
  • Serving items as notified in the menu while following the recognized values
  • The total responsibility of the quality of the products of consumption served is taken by the Line Cook
  • Returns the utensils used for preparation of food for a thorough cleaning at the areas marked for this purpose
  • The Line Cook also carries the responsibility to develop a proper garnish decoration and plate presentation for all kinds of dishes
  •  Maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of the work area, and during any shift, are also the duties of a Line Cook
  • She or he is responsible for tracking wastage of food, and report the same to the authorities concerned
  • Ascertaining a proper closure of the kitchen and following the checklist for kitchen items
  •  The Line Cook must make the eatables for the visiting customers who may complain of intolerance for food items, or have any food allergy
  • Preparing a number of vegetable, seafood, meat, cold food, and poultry items
  • Bringing about the use of tools for preparations of food while also observing the instructions already laid down by the manufacturer
  • The efficient operation of other additional duties as mentioned the hotel manager also come as the basic duties of a Line Cook  
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