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The Loblaw Companies Limited is counted among the biggest food retailers in Canada. There are more than a thousand franchise and corporate supermarkets which work under twenty two market and retail segment banners. These include the namesake Loblaw’s. There are about fourteen million shoppers every week at Loblaw. The company has household and grocery items, pharmaceuticals, cellular phones baby products, clothing, financial services, and common merchandise under brands like Everyday Living, Teddy’s Choice, Exact, Joe Fresh, President’s Choice, and No Name.

Company has around 136,000 employes working under full time as well as part time duties.  Company’s headquarters are situated in 1 President’s Choice Circle, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6Y 5S5. The company is supplementary to George Weston Limited. The regional divisions of Loblaw comprise Provigo Inc. (Quebec), Westfair Foods Ltd. (Northern Ontario and Western Canada), Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. (Atlantic Canada), and National Grocers Co. Ltd. (Ontario).

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Loblaw Companies Limited

The Loblaw Companies is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST

Age Eligibility @Loblaw

The minimum age required to work as a staff of Loblaw Companies Limited is eighteen (18) years.

Career Opportunities @Loblaw

Cashier, Supply Chain Analyst, Sales Clerk etc are some of the career opportunities for aspirants.


The first Loblaw Grocery Store was opened in Toronto, in June 1919. Working as a new cash-and-carry, self-serve concept and was a thumping success as customers took advantage of the low price of quality goods. The ‘Loblaw’ name also featured a big sign showing “We Sell For Less” placed at the entrance of the store. In ten years, the chain of Loblaw expanded and covered around seventy stores, first in Ontario and followed the expansion in Chicago, Illinois.

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The year 1933 saw Loblaw introducing new stores providing full-service produce and meat departments. In the following years, there were even more lines opened in the market.

At present, there are more than five thousand products carrying private labels, providing their customers with organic, healthy, environmentally friendly and choices of high value.


The store is present in Northern Ontario, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada.

Community Initiatives

Giving back to the community is also regarded as one of the most important duties of this store. It is aimed at President’s Choice Children’s Charity, feeding the neighbors, healthy and active offspring’s, greeting the community, research and education, as well as Colleague Volunteer Grant Program.

Environmental Initiatives

This is a company that is very much apprehensive about the environment.  Eighty per cent of the waste from the centers of store support and the landfills of the centers for corporate distribution is diverted. The total consumption of energy is reduced up to three per cent/sq. ft. in the present stores and a complete retorts of lighting in eighty corporate stores.  The reduction of non-recyclable or non disposable packaging from the control brand items by fifty percent in next few years, is also an aim of the store.

Financial Stature

The company generated a yearly revenue of 31,250 million Canadian dollars for the years ending December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2011.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Clerk:-
The person at this position is responsible for providing customer services of exceptional level. He or she also ensures accurate scanning of the products. In addition to these, the execution of the promotions as directed by the company is also the job of the sales clerk. As far as salary is concerned, the sales clerk receives an hourly wage ranging from $8 to $24.

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The receipt of payment from the customers is the main responsibility of the cashier. The mode of payment can be either through cash or credit card. The prices of all the products and any adjustments made should be known by the cashier. This individual gets an hourly salary ranging from $7 to $15.

Supply Chain Analyst:-
The responsibilities and duties assigned to the worker at this position encircles use of LCL (internal) systems to perform the analysis of the given data and producing reports of supplier performance as well. Also, organization and management of roll-outs of programs and processes that is new, to the community of suppliers. To add on, the duties of this analyst also include understanding as well as creating an effective communication regarding all facets of the programs of flow supply. The Supply Chain Analyst is also responsible for providing assistance while coordinating and developing supplier information which consists of supplier surveys and analytics.   The supplier chain analyst comes under the yearly salary range of $36,000 to $54,000.

Loblaw Companies Limited

Job Interview Questions for Loblaw Companies Limited 

The applicant has to clear a round of interview before he or she gets selected to work for the company. Professionalism added to a positive attitude and the winning ability are some of the –positive traits exhibited by the candidate. Even as some questions as stated below can be a part of the questionnaire during the time of the interview, the aspirant should additionally frame more questions with reference to his or her qualifications and prepare for the interview:

  • How do you plan to combat situations that are sources of pressurizing and creating tension while at work, or while combating irritated customers?
  • What is there in this company that inspires you to apply for working with it?
  • What qualifications do you have that satisfy you that you are capable enough to join a company like this?
  • Each morning, who or what inspires you and ascertains the goals waiting for you are achieved?
  • Where can you reach or what goals would you be able to achieve, say four or five years after you join the firm?
  • When do you anticipate a promotion or an increase in the salary after you join this company?
  • While in the store, how do you plan to deal with customers who are easily irritated or have the temperament of easily getting irritated?
  •  When any type of job is assigned to you, when and how are you disappointed while you deal with problems or questions that arise while you are at work?
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