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The Macy’s Department Store is the United States string of middle range department stores. Apart from its internationally well-known flagship Herald Square placement, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, there were about 850 stores placed in different parts of U.S. by 12th September 2012. This chain competes with Neiman Marcus, Belk, Dillard’s, Bon-Ton, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Adding on, the company also possesses eSpot Zoom Shops stall in about 300 stores which sell consumer electronics. The yearly Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is celebrated since 1924 in New York City.

Organization Details 

Working Hours @ Macy Job Application:-Macy’s Hours of Operation: Mon-Wed: 10:00am-9:00pm; Thurs-Fri: 10:00am-10:00pm; Sat: 9:00am-10:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-7:00pm

Age Eligibility @ Macy Job Application:- The minimum age suitable for applying at this job is 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ Macy’s Job Application:

Positions that are available at Macy’s are mentioned as under:

Store Manager, Department Supervisor, Children’s Sales Associate, Jewelry Sales Associate, Loss Prevention Associate, Men’s Apparel Sales Associate, Sales Associate, Bedding Sales Associate, Footwear Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Beauty Sales Associate, Accessories Sales Associate, Employment Specialist, Security Officer, Maintenance Technician, Furniture Sales Associate, Business Analyst, Customer Service Representative, etc.

History:-It was in the year 1858; the founder of the company Rowland Hussey Macy started a store of dry goods in the New York City. In the beginning, it was named R.H. Macy & Co., and the stores used a red rooster for symbolizing itself. In the latter half of the 1850s, the company changed its logo to the notorious red star. The company was quite successful in the decade of 1860 which also included an introduction to the maiden in-store Santa Claus. There were complicated window displays making Macy’s to be grouped in one of the most popular retail store owner in New York at the end of the 20th century. Macy shifted his dwellings from 14th St. and 6th St. to a bigger location at 34th St. and Herald Square. In the year 1994, Macy when collaborated with Federated Department Stores Inc. then it was named as Macy’s Inc.

: Macy’s is present in numerous states of the US such as Washington, California, Texas, Los Angeles, etc.

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Additional Services:-This departmental store offers its visitors with a wide range of merchandise. The various departments of Macy’s include garments for women, men, and kids, footwear, bed and bath products, fashion accessories, swimwear, beauty products, jewelry and fragrances. Also in the line are home furniture and the store provides promotions and sale prices on most of its goods. There is an online provision apart from the store locations where the company sells the merchandise and products.

Community Initiatives:-Macy is an active advocate when it comes to fighting AIDS/HIV and assists in raising quite a lot of dollars every year and invests it for research and advancement in treating diseases and finding possible cures for the same. The organization raises millions of dollars while benefitting charitable organizations running on charity like ‘Back to the Books’, ‘Shop for a Cause’, ‘Go Red for Women’ and ‘Thanks for Sharing’. The donation is also for numerous charities worldwide, like Earning for Learning’, ‘United Ways’ and numerous other international and national charities.

Environmental Initiatives:- Business practices that are eco-friendly are performed by Macy’s. The company actively supports campaigns like Earth Day and its own Turn Over a New Leaf campaign which is inclusive of programs which help in reducing wastes and pollution due to shopping bags. In addition to these activities, there is an active and regular participation by Macy’s in the National Parks Week.

 Financial Stature:- Macy happens to be auxiliary to Macy’s Inc. For thirteen consecutive years, it worked as part of the Federated Department Stores Inc. It trades publicly on New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker ‘M’. With the same ticker brought into use, Macy’s Inc. also works on S&P 500. Many divisions like Macy’s North, Macy’s South, Macy’s East, Macy’s Midwest, Macy’s Central and Macy’s West are operated by Macy’s Inc. Annual revenues counting to the amount greater than $25 billion is generated. In places, like Illinois, Cincinnati, New York, Chicago, and Ohio, there are offices located from where the Macy’s operates.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier:- At Macy’s, the job of a cashier involves basic skills of computation and customer service. The fundamental duties enclose ringing purchases, greeting customers, answering questions asked about the products, services, and merchandise. However, under some circumstances, the Macy’s may need cashiers to accomplish job duties of sales associates. Cash registers are basically operated by the cashiers at Macy’s. Before they get employed, the candidates must have some experience operating computers. Visual, hands-on and verbal orientations are included in the training process of Macy’s cashiers. Training of up to one week may be rendered to a Macy’s cashier. The starting salary of cashiers at Macy’s depends on experience. The average pay at the start swings above the minimum pay and goes up to $10.00 per hour for candidates who are more experienced. Most cashiers at Macy’s usually work as part-timers. Job benefits, like 401 (k) plans for retirement, insurance options, healthcare coverage and paid time offs are offered.

Sales Associate:-The sales associates at Macy’s perform duties of both stock personnel as well as sales representatives. The sales associates greet customers, answer queries about policy, services, and products, organize stock shelves and help customers. Excellent skills in customer service, critical thinking, and a positive attitude are possessed by a typical sales associate. They receive an hourly pay between $8 and $9.

Loss Prevention Officer:- The loss prevention officer is responsible for protecting against thieves. Confidence and trustworthy demeanor are exuded from ideal candidates. Awareness of company standards and protocol must be possessed by this officer. These officers generally get $10 per hour.

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Advantages of working @ Macy Job Application

Being a major chain of departmental stores, Macy’s does care for its employees and also offers job benefits and relevant perks. Workers at entry level receive a minimum salary. For full-time associates of Macy’s, there are generous options for salary. The work schedule for Macy’s workers is flexible too in addition to the potential for career growth and paid training. Health benefits, programs for wellness and planning for the future are also available for employees who are qualified.

There are offers for eligible workers, like plans for sharing of profit by employees and 401 (k) plans for retirement. Eligible associates of Macy can also access many insurance plans, which include dental, medical, life insurance, vision, and disability. There are programs for wellness, like free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings are also provisions for workers who are eligible.

Apply for Jobs at Macy’s Online

Job Interview Questions for Macy’s Job Application:

Some questions which may be asked during the interview level of the selection are given below. Candidates may also frame questions considering their qualifications and experience and prepare themselves accordingly:

  1. What would be your basic aim while working with Macy?
  2. What motivated you to opt for a position in the department store?
  3. How can you briefly define the words ‘customer service’?
  4. Does your schedule possess any amount of flexibility?
  5. Can you recall any instance wherein you were approached by a customer with a complaint and the way you handled it to the customer’s satisfaction?
  6. How can you define customer care?

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