Malaysia Airlines Job Application

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Malaysia Airline is a leading airline in south-east Asia. It is the national airline of the country, and it is sponsored by the state. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the airline has been hiring English-speaking people at various job positions. The jobs in flying or technical operations may be for Malaysia nationals, the candidates from other countries can seek employment in sales and marketing and customer service.

The airline supports online applications through emails. If you are interested in employment at Malaysia airline, you should email your resume to They can also mail their resume to the human resource division of the company. The mailing address is provided on the career’s page of the corporate website of the company. Beware that, when you are trying online application to the airline, you do not get trapped by the phishing sites. It will be secure to mail your resume to the provided physical address; however, it is exceedingly time-consuming.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Malaysia Airline:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Malaysia Airline:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Malaysia Airline:– Flight attendant, Station agent, Maintenance worker, Ticket sales agent, Pilot, Security guard, Airplane flight instructor, cabin crew member, Customer service representative, Airport operations manager, Quality manager, call centre operator, Engineer, Maintenance technician

History:- Malaysia Airline came into existence in 1947. Its main hub is Kuala Lumpur International airport. Most of the flights of the airline are international flights. More than 8,500 workers work in the airline. The average annual revenue of the airline is $210 million. The airline has been serving travellers for more than 60 years. Since its inception, it has won more than 100 awards in hospitality.

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Additional Services:- Currently, the Malaysia airline has 89 airplanes in its fleet. It runs flights to 85 destinations around the globe. The airline is about to increase the number airplanes. It has already placed orders for it.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The airline does several hires every year. In recruitments of pilots, flight attendants, flight instructors and other flying positions, the Malaysia nationals are generally given preference. The same scenario is in the case of recruitments in the technical operations. However, sometimes, nationals of other countries may also be hired by the airline in these positions.

The jobs offered by the airline to candidates from other countries mainly lies in customer service. The candidates may require learning Bahasa Malaysia along with English for a job in the call centres and customer service departments. If you do not know speaking Bahasa Malaysia, the language may be taught to you after appointment. So, even if you have not learned the language, it is not a hurdle in securing this job.

Some jobs in airport operations are also offered to candidate of other countries. The positions like ramp agent, cargo handler, baggage handler, security guard and similar others can be achieved by anybody. The workers engaged in airport operations are generally paid hourly wages.

Advantages of Working @ Malaysia Airline:

Malaysia airline is sponsored by the state. It gives high salary packages to its employees and even part-time workers receive fairly good wages. The salary package offered to full-time workers incorporates life, health and dental insurance, pension benefits, medical facilities, free travel pass, discounts on custom merchandise, paid trainings, ample career advancement opportunities, educational reimbursements and paid leaves. These benefits vary depending upon the designation and experience of the candidate.
Malaysia Airline Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Malaysia Airline:

  • Why Malaysia Airline?
  • Why do you want to become “the job title”?
  • What is so interesting about this job?
  • If we ask you to sign the contract, will you?
  • Where do you see Malaysia airline among other airlines?
  • Which airline would you like to work if not this?
  • Do not you have any problem in travelling?
  • How are you a right candidate for this job?