Marines Job Application

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Do not you want to be among those few who serve the marines? Marine Corps do ship-to-ship battle protecting the country from the maritime threats. The force lives its motto – Semper Fidelis, which translates from Latin to ‘Always Faithful’. You are trained to be a leader in Marines and live like a soldier.

If you carry that passion, patriotism and courage, you are fit to join the force. There are of course, several eligibility conditions that you first need satisfying before applying to the job. Also, there is not one career track, but many options that you may choose from to serve the force. Their tracks are called military occupational specialties. Visit the official website of the force – and navigate to its career’s page. Take the short questionnaire available on the website in order to explore career options in the force. There is a set recruitment procedure involving written test and other subsequent exams.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Marines:- Working hours varies by duty

Age Eligibility @ Marines:- 17 years old

Career Opportunities @ Marines:– Machine gunner, Airborne specialist, Field Wireman, Combat engineer, Equal opportunity advisor, Ground communications repairer, Maintenance management specialist, Electronics maintenance technician, Drill instructor, Cryptographic linguist, Ammunition technician, Career retention specialist, Infantry assault man, Soldier, Substance abuse control specialist, Small craft mechanic, Marksman instructor, Administrative clerk, Anti-tank missile man, Postal clerk, Radar operator, Electrician, Martial arts instructor, Logistics specialist, Personnel clerk, Equal opportunity advisor, Intelligence specialist, Infantry unit leader, Imagery analysis specialist, Landing support specialist, Scout sniper, Air delivery specialist, Rifle man, Reconnaissance man, Personnel retrieval specialist, Construction wireman, marine combat instructor, Field radio operator, Drill instructor, Field artillery cannoneer, Metal worker, Water safety specialist

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History:- U.S. marines came into existence in the year 1775. It carried out first raid in 1770s at Fort Nassau, Bahamas against British forces when they trying to recapture 13 colonies at the site. In 18th century, it conducted several missions like ‘To the shores of Tripoli’ and ‘The Nameluke Sword’ in the battle of Derna, and ‘The Halls of Montezuma’ in the battle of Chapultepec. In early 1990s, it launched Operation Pacific against China and Philippines. In 1912, first marine aviation incorporated and armoured vehicles included two years later. The amphibious vehicles and advanced aircraft were introduced in the marines in early 1940s.

The 1950s can be remembered for Operation Summit and introduction of advanced armor in the force. In 1960s, the Marine Corps fought shoulder to shoulder with other forces against Vietnam. The later decade saw the emergence of combined action programs resulting into better coordination between different military forces. In 1989, it conducted Operation Just Cause. In late 1990s, it participated in Operation Desert Storm liberating Kuwait from Iraq. It also conducted several humanitarian missions in this decade.

Recently, the marines played a vital role in Afghanistan and Iraq war. Its role was crucial in the liberation of Libya in early 2010s. In the wars fought in the twentieth century, the Marines played a decisive role in transporting and deploying aircrafts and infantry over faraway soils.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Marines offer several enlisted careers like Infantry, Supply, AAVs, Aviation supply, Combat engineering, LAVs, Avionics, Aviation ordnance, Logistics, Aircrew, Field artillery, Tanks, Scout snipers, Motor transports, Communications, Explosive ordinance disposal. The officers may be recruited into ground, law or aviation services. The candidates willing to join in the force must pass the ASVAB test and score 32 or more in that. The applicants should not have more than two dependants and must have passed at least high school diploma. The minimum age to apply in these jobs is 17 years whereas upper age limit is 29 years. After, the candidates pass the ASVAB test, they need qualifying physical exam, medical tests and personality tests. They are interviewed by a panel in the final round. The corps undergoes a graduation program and 14-week long combat training. The training finishes with passing parade. Finally, the candidates are deployed according to their occupational specialty.

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Advantages of Working @ Marines:

Though, nobody goes into the marines for job benefits, there are certain obvious job advantages. The recruits get lifetime medical benefits and housing allowance. They avail life insurance and dental and vision cover. There is a comprehensive retirement plan, in which, 10 percent of the salary contributes to the retirement fund. The state also affords off-living expenses of the recruits and provides financial assistance. In a year, the recruits can avail 30 leaves. However, leaves are not granted so easily. The job benefits are on one side. It is the recognition and respect that this job gives, which is invaluable.
Marines Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Marines:

  • Why do you want to join Marines?
  • Do you love waters?
  • What were your sports achievements in school?
  • What is your age?
  • You will be given a situation and asked to choose an alternative. Such questions are often intended towards personality judgement.
  • What is your social security number?
  • What was the best thing of your school?
  • Can you stay away from family?