Marketing Assistant Resume Example

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The primary aim of a marketing assistant is helping the marketing manager as well as the marketing team in the everyday routine work going on in the form of marketing. Beginners would find opportunities like this as ideal ones to start their career as Marketing Assistants. The candidate needs to have either Business Administration or Marketing as a subject during graduation for pursuing this career. The following sample resume has been prepared while keeping in mind almost all required aspects while constructing a resume. The applicant may bring about the necessary changes in the text as found suitable referring to his or her academic qualifications and achievements.

Resume for Marketing Assistant (Sample)

Bob Woolmer
111, QT Textile Lane, California,
CA 31456
Mobile: 998 999 8998,


To get the position of ‘Marketing Associate’ at ‘ZZZ Organization’, allowing me to use the expertise of management of marketing plans.


02/2010 – 03/2011
PQR Sales and Finance Company- Chicago
Marketing Assistant

  • Provided help to the marketing managers while creative strategies of marketing were successfully coordinated, which was inclusive of marketing through many channels at the same time with the usage of internet, and direct mail marketing
  • Using MSN, Yahoo, and Google with the target of maintenance and improvement of Search Engine Marketing in these networks
  • Enhanced generation of revenue by developing campaigns so that each event could be materialized effectively. This also aided in increasing the traffic to the company’s website. Made an exhaustive use of the Google analytic while monitoring and tracking the victories
  • Influenced the creation of many different marketing reports regularly, along with periodic delegation reports to keep a constant eye on profiles shown by the audience, marketing email, scrutinize patterns related to complaints and booking, marketing of the appropriate search engines, in addition to, numerous other campaigns
  • Making use of the systems of content management and performing the necessary updates and website edits
  • Strengthening the endeavours of the social media like Face Book, Twitter, as also many blogs while enhancing traffic to the company’s website and finally stimulating revenues
  • Providing the necessary help wherever sessions, registrations, and matchmaking has to be generated so that the sponsors are aided   
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04/2011 – 12/2011
AXZ Company, Chicago
Marketing Assistant

  • Worked on development of many strategies and attracting viable customers
  • Enhanced business friendliness with many new patrons and as a result, perk up revenues by increasing satisfaction of the customers
  • Aided in identifying the areas that were primary for sale and marketing
  • Did extensive utilization of Microsoft Excel to create the databases for performing classification of information that was in sync with work  

01/2012 – 12/2012
XXX Company, Town, Los Angeles
Marketing Assistant

  • Dealt with the orders placed by the various customers along with keeping in touch with the relevant suppliers for the availability of stock
  • Inventory was taken prime care of and reports from the warehouse were submitted for bringing together every month
  • Rationalized the reports on many products and preparations, with further helping managers with analysis of the transactions relating profit or loss, or similar issues
  • Remained in constant contact with customers for the invoices of the past dues and looked after the receipts related to payments that were not yet identified or verified at the official records   


  • 1990-92 University of California, Business Administration (50 credits)
  • 1993 AVS Institute of Chicago; Certificate of Office Administration


  • 50 WPM typing and knowledge of MS Office, Outlook, Data Entry 7000 numerical keystrokes per minute


Available on request.