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McDonald’s is one of the most common multinational food restaurant brands giving its services in over 120 countries in present time. The food store has ample of chain restaurants worldwide. Out of these centers, nearly 80% of them are performing business in the hands of the general public.

The company’s chief mission is to become every person’s place of choice, where they enjoy their best time. Like other organizations, McDonald’s also has set up certain key values. These are: 1) Commitment towards customers, 2) Workplace integrity, 3) Community responsibilities, 4) Continuous improvement and 5) Profitable business.

For its tremendous services towards general public and society, the brand has been awarded several times. Few of the most important awards and recognitions are mentioned below:

  • 2011 Most Innovative Food Companies
  • 2012 #7 World’s Most Powerful Brand (by Forbes)
  • 2012 #7 Best Global Brand
  • 2012 #11 Most Admired Company in the World
  • McDonald’s also ranked #1 in the Food Services category and
  • 2010 Most Admired Companies ( by Forbes)

Organization Details

Working Hours @ McDonald’s:  Every McDonald outlet works for different hours. These hours end up late at night.

Age Eligibility @ McDonald’s: All employees at the time of starting their career with the brand must be 16 years or more.

Career Opportunities @ McDonalds: Crew Member, Shift Manager, Area Supervisor, Restaurant Manager, Order taking Associate, Beverage Specialist, Administrative / Office Support, Equipment Technician, Building Services Specialist, General Manager, Drive-Thru Cashier, Swing Manager, Cashier, Coffee Specialist, Janitorial Crew Member, Floor Supervisor, Full-Time Maintenance Worker, Part-Time Maintenance Worker, Zone Manager and Restaurant General Manager.

History: Starting McDonald’s as a food restaurant was the step taken by Mr. Mac McDonald and Dick. The idea was first introduced in San Bernardino, California. Both partners started this company in the year 1940.  Few years after successful business in 1955, Ray Kroc also got associated with the company as an agent.

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McDonald’s got popularity in the year 1965. The year 2007 was remarkable for the company when its revenue increased by 27 percent up to $22.8 billion.

Presence: In the beginning, the food store started its branches in California City, but slowly it established more than 32,000 outlets in over 120 countries. McDonald’s has 3,500 chain restaurants in Japan along with 850 centers in Chine along with 1,400 centers in Canada.

Additional Services: This brand company is one of the largest producers of delicious and mouthwatering chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, soft drinks, French fries and breakfast items including a large variety of dessert items. You can enjoy these products at all centers of McDonald’s.

Additionally, the food center also cares for its customer’s health and obesity. For their health-conscious guests, there are many items, such as wraps, salads, and fruits. McDonald’s scores maximum percentage marks when it comes to kid’s interest. Kids, apart from enjoying their time also pleased with complimentary toys and gifts.

Community Initiatives: McDonald’s is highly involved in several community events and programs. It has sponsored several sports tournament as well as constantly contributes thousands of dollars in various charity proceedings. This fast food restaurant every year organizes free healthcare service camps and treats more than 100,000 people.   

Environmental Initiatives: Apart from serving communities, McDonald’s is also indulging in reducing its waste outputs and saves energy to protect the environment. All centers of McDonald’s have started using recycled paper products in large amount. The restaurant is also getting help from state and national government to increase natural programs.

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Financial Stature: To increase the knowledge of a common person, McDonald’s is a publicly operated organization. The company’s shares are listed on New York Stock Exchange, holding label of MCD.  The food restaurant annually achieves record sales of above $20 billion. This profit is made when around 60 million customers daily step in the restaurant every day at all centers. As an employer, approximately 1.5 million workers are associated with it.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

McDonald’s is one of the leading employers in the international market. You can follow two ways to get into the organization. One is to step into the company’s office and second you can use online facility. McDonald’s offers tremendous employment opportunities. You will find ample of career advancement training sessions when you get into the company.

This international brand constantly searches for dedicated, career-oriented and enthusiastic employees to join the team. Hiring is done for both entries as well as mid-level positions. You will also get the facility to serve either as a part-time or full-time worker. Presently the company is conducting an interview for the following levels.

Cashier- A Cashier in this food court is entitled to completing vast job responsibilities. When you will be hired as a cashier, you need to operate cash registers, take customer orders, assist with other cleaning and stocking duties and resolving customer complaints as well.

Adding on to this, you also have to clean restrooms, kitchens plus restaurants. You will be getting minimum pay for all these functions.

Crew Member- Crew members are also appointed to interact with the customers and clients. Their main job task is to prepare food orders, serving orders within time, running drive-thru, handling cash registers and stand at front office counters. Salary of crew members is not in big numbers. In the beginning, they also receive minimum basic pay like cashiers and etc.

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Management- Management team at McDonald’s consists of Shift leaders, restaurant managers, and assistant managers. These professionals are responsible for smooth functioning of all operations during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. They encourage team members for fast customer services and ensure guests satisfaction.

At some point, managers staff new workers, creating the work schedule and dealing with corporate clients. As per salary is concerned, they receive $20,000 to $40,000 every year.

Advantages of Working @ McDonalds

All McDonald’s employees are accountable to use a wide range of job facilities offered by the organization. The basic advantages which are available for workers of all designations are paid training, career development chances and flexible work schedules. As the employee’s job responsibilities and position increases, his employment benefits also increases accordingly.

This renowned brand is famous for providing 401(k) retirement plan, short-term and long-term disability, health insurance, flexible spending accounts, employee’s life, dependent life, dismemberment, travel accident and accidental death insurances, financial planning services, credit union membership, stock program.

Fill out the online McDonald’s job application form and give your career an edge.

Job Interview Questions for McDonald’s

List of common interview questions.

  1. Brief the company about yourself.
  2. How will you perform in the fast-paced atmosphere?
  3. What are your future plans?
  4. Where do you find yourself after few years?
  5. Will you be able to stretch on weekends and on holidays?

McDonald’s Job Application