Meineke Car Care Center Job Application

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Meineke Car Care Center is an international chain of auto repair centres and stores. The company manages hundreds of stores in United States and running select stores overseas.

While most of the recruitments are done directly by the franchised stores, vacancies for many jobs are published online at the corporate website of the company. Visit and search the available job opportunities at the career’s link of the website. You can find jobs in repair and maintenance, or retail sales. The age requirement to join at the entry-level positions is 18 years. There are no eligibility conditions with regard to educational qualification or work experience. Job seekers can also filter the available vacancies by locations. Visit the career page of the company’s website and apply right now. You may not remain unemployed soon.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Meineke Car Care Center:- Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-6:00PM; Saturday: 7:30AM-4:00PM; Closed Sunday

Age Eligibility @ Meineke Car Care Center:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Meineke Car Care Center:– Automotive technician, Light truck mechanic, Sales associate, Media coordinator, General service manager, Service advisor, Automotive inspector, Assistant service manager, Service writer, General shop manager, Automotive mechanic, Media coordinator, Assistant shop manager

History:- Sam Meineke founded the company in the year 1972. It used to remain as a muffler shop in first few years. Later, it expanded the catalogue including other auto parts, components, and tools. By 1983, it had opened 200 retail locations across the United States. In 203, the company was renamed to Meineke Car Care Center from Meineke Discount Muffler Shops. In 2006, Driven Brands acquired the chain. The parent company also manages several other auto store chains like MAACO and Econo Lube ‘N Tube.

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Additional Services:- These stores sell auto parts and tools. They render general repairing and maintenance services like a replacement or repair of brakes, drive train, air conditioning, batteries, steering, cooling system etc.

Presence:- There are more than 900 auto stores operational under the chain. Most of these stores are located in United States. Some stores are situated in Canada and Europe.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores are hiring candidates in auto repairing and sales jobs. The mechanics or auto technicians help rendering various maintenance services offered by the stores. They accomplish a variety of tasks like battery replacement, cooling system inspection, fixing air conditioner, wheel alignment, tire replacement, air filling, and other automotive services. They are given training to do these jobs after they are appointed by a store. It is a continuous learning process. One learns new automotive skills and gets acquainted with new cars every day.

The other most commonly offered job is of sales associates. The associates handle cash, process bills and record transactions. They should have good knowledge of some accounting software relevant to the transactions held at the store. The sales associates also need having excellent interpersonal skills, so that they keep cordial relations with the customers. They need reporting to service managers.

Advantages of Working @ Meineke Car Care Center:

A majority of jobs offered by these stores is entry-level. The workers are paid hourly wages or daily wages according to the nature of their job. They may be given salaries provided they join as full-time associates. The pay received by technicians and salespersons is standard. Their pay increases by the time they spend with the store. At managerial positions, employees enjoy benefits like retirement plan, healthcare and insurance.
Meineke Car Care Center Application

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Job Interview Questions at Meineke Car Care Center:

  • Have you worked as an automotive technician before this?
  • Why is your job entertaining?
  • Is it not challenging to work as a sales associate?
  • What job duties, do you assume as a salesperson in an auto store?
  • Will you be able to convince a customer revisiting store?
  • How will you sort out a customer’s complaint?
  • How will you ensure good workmanship is delivered by your subordinates?