Micro Center Job Application

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Micro Centre is a reputed electronics retailer running a regional chain of stores. It employs more than 2000 workers at approximately 20 locations. There are jobs in the customer service, sales, management and supply chain.

The employment opportunities with the company can be accessed online. The official website of Micro – microcenter.com allows filling an online job form and applying to various jobs in these stores. When one applies to a job, his/her application may be shortlisted by the management. There will be a job interview at the location one applied. A candidate is appointed on qualifying the interview.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Micro Center:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Micro Center:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Micro Center:– Payroll specialist, Cashier, Front end supervisor, Sales associate, Department manager, Assistant controller, Customer service representative, Retail sales manager, Macintosh sales associate, Assistant manager, Warehouse associate, Customer service manager, Peripheral sales associate, Store manager, Knowledge expert, Systems sales associate, Payroll manager, General sales associate, Gaming sales associate, Office coordinator, Store office associate

History:- Micro Center is a subsidiary of Micro Electronics Corporation. It was founded in the year 1979. It maintains its corporate headquarters in Hilliard, Ohio. Employing around 2500 employees, it earns around $1 billion every year. Under the retail chain comes around 20 stores and the online store.

Additional Services:- These stores sell computers, computer peripherals, game consoles, networking devices, cameras, phones and software. They offer products from name-brands like Sony, AMD, Toshiba, ASUS, Microsoft, Dell, HP and others. They also support online shopping through their e-commerce website.

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Presence:- There are 20 stores in the chain. These stores are in Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Colorado and California.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Candidates can approach these stores with a hope to get retail jobs. They are hiring associates in various retail positions. They are hiring sales associates, stock associates, computer agents, cashiers and managers. Salespersons communicate with the customers, display products, relay price info provide consumer guidance and perform billing operations. Stock associates may be deployed in a warehouse or retail stores. They load and unload merchandise, store items in the warehouse, update inventory records and help in delivery of goods. Cashiers are often appointed in each department of the store. They process bills, print receipts and update sales records. They also assist inventory specialists in predicting sales trends and tallying records with that of inventory.

The entry-level associates are managed by department managers. They oversee works of the entire department and set schedules of the workers. They have to report to the general store manager or assistant store manager. A general manager control inventory, frame out strategies to meet out sales goals, control financial operations and take vital business decisions. They report to corporate managers and need coordinating with warehouse management.

Advantages of Working @ Micro Center:

Attractive pay rates, flexible schedules and medical cover are such benefits that are available for all the associates irrespective of the nature of their job. The standard employment benefits like 401(k), healthcare reimbursements, life insurance, dental and vision, accidental cover and bonuses are provided to full-time professional workers. They get paid time off and incentives. They also do not need compromising with their personal life as they are given paid leaves, choice time and paid vacations.

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Micro Center Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Micro Center:

  1. Why Micro Center?
  2. Do you know repairing computers?
  3. Which company is currently trending in the computing industry?
  4. Can you manage inventory operations?
  5. Are you a team worker?
  6. What makes a visitor a regular customer?
  7. How will you build trust with the customers?