Midas Job Application

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Midas Mufflers is a chain of auto repair centres in United States. The chain now spans to 15 countries across the globe. The stores are hiring sales representatives and mechanics. They are also looking for managerial positions.

If you are motivated to build a career in the automotive industry, Midas can be your bet. Apply to a job at the company online. The midas.com, which is the official website of the company, features job opportunities in various capacities. Job seekers can sort the vacancies by location or job title. Enter the postal code or state and city in the online job search application on the website. Once you will have applied to a job, you will be called for an interview. Passing the interview may result in immediate recruitment at the respective location.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Midas:- Working hours varies by location

Age Eligibility @ Midas:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Midas:– Master mechanic, Automotive technician, Assistant manager, Customer service representative, Automotive shop foreman, General service technician, Receptionist, Shop manager, Auto technician Floating manager, General manager, Service manager, Secretary

History:- The Company was founded in 1956. The first stores were opened in the Macon, Georgia. Gradually, it increased the number of stores by franchising operations. Within a decade, the number of stores increased to 400. Now, the company is running more than 1500 stores in 15 countries. It is listed in NYSE trading stocks under the ticker symbol – MDS. It generates revenue around $200 million every year.

Additional Services:- These stores mainly sell mufflers. They also sell other frequently used auto parts. The customers also get certain automotive services from the stores. However, not all auto repairing services are provided by these stores.

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Presence:- There are around 1500 stores running across the globe. These stores are located in 15 countries over five continents. Most of these stores are located in United States and Canada.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are several entry-level jobs like mechanic, sales representative, and auto technicians offered by these stores. The mechanics and auto technicians render the auto repairing and maintenance services. Any individual having completed high school or obtained GED diploma, can join as a mechanic. Generally, the stores do not require applicants to have any automotive experience. Once, they are hired they receive training and guidance to accomplish various repairing jobs.

The other job offered by the stores is the sales representative. The sales representatives interact with customers, help identifying required replacements, provide general automotive guidance and process bills. It will be beneficial to have knowledge of any accounting software to secure a job in this position. However, many times, store managers are ready to teach the accounting software used by them to new hires. Not much expertise on accounting is required as software is used only for registering sales and printing receipts.

Advantages of Working @ Midas:

The work benefits offered by these stores include industry-standard wages, tuition reimbursements and flexible schedules. The full-time associates working in technical or sales profile receive medical benefits, profit sharing plan, and insurance as additional perks. Many corporate jobs are also offered by the company. There are specific eligibility requirements to join in these positions. The corporate employees receive standard employment perks according to their job title and time spent with the company.
Midas Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Midas:

  • Why Midas?
  • Explain main components of a car?
  • Will you be okay with mechanical job?
  • Do you like solving mechanical problems?
  • Where is your residence? How much time will you need to reach here?
  • Will you work on holidays or weekends?
  • Will you need training for mechanic job?