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Midcontinent Communications is a hope for the aspirants looking for a telecom job in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota. The regional telecom company serves more than hundred communities and is offering fair employment opportunities. The candidates can exploit the career opportunities in customer support, information technology, production, technology department, sales, field operations, administration, field operations, and media services.

These career opportunities can be accessed online through the corporate website of the company. The midcocomm.com educates about the career tracks available with the company and provides an online employment form. The current job openings are posted on the career’s page of the website. Watch out which career opportunities are currently available with the company. Apply to a job if that matches your qualification.

Organization Details:

Working Hours :- The working hours varies by the job location and position

Age Eligibility:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Midcontinent Communications:– Information systems associate, Network technician, Customer service representative, Inbound sales representative, Sales associate, Area service representative, NOC technician, Maintenance technician, Technical support representative

History:- Midcontinent Communications started as an entertainment company in the year 1931. It opened a film theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Furthering its business, it opened a local radio station at Sioux Falls in the year 1952. In 1953, it acquired a local television station. The company entered the telecommunication services domain much later in 1980s. It operates as a division of a joint venture by Comcast and Midcontinent Media.

Additional Services:- The Company provides cable television services in middle states of the country. It also provides digital phone services and internet services.

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Presence:- The Company is serving around 134 communities of the country. The services rendered by the company are available in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota states.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are plenty of diversified job opportunities available with the Midcontinent communications. The candidates from a technical background can work in technology departments and field operations. There are jobs for them in the regional offices too as technical support representatives. The candidates interested in journalism or mass media or students from these streams can try for jobs at Midco sports network and television production.

The individuals, who do not have any specific education, can work in sales, customer support or office administration. The 18 is the minimum age to join in these departments. The company prefers to hire high school graduates at the entry-level jobs in these departments. In customer support, representatives have to assist customers and educate them about products and policies. The sales associates may work at the retail locations of the company or be employed for marketing and ad campaigns.

Advantages of Working @ Midcontinent Communications:

The job opportunities with this enterprise are never going to cease. The company is hiring more and more individuals every year. It is a regional telecom service provider. Despite of this fact, it is able to offer attractive salaries even to entry-level workers. The company wants employees to stay with it for a long time and thus provides many job perks. The employees get 401(k), life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and flexible schedules to part-time workers and disability coverage. The workers employed on full-time positions get paid leaves, sick leaves and holidays.
Midcontinent Communications

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Job Interview Questions at Midcontinent Communications:

  • Why Midcontinent Communications?
  • What were your achievements in school?
  • How fast do you learn?
  • Can you work in a fast-paced environment?
  • What are your goals of career?
  • Will you be comfortable with low pay while training?
  • Can you work in night shifts?
  • Are you capable of leading a team?