Mr. Transmission Job Application

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Mr. Transmission is an auto service provider in United States. It has been running stores in around 16 U.S. states. It sells auto parts and provides automobile maintenance services pertinent to transmission repair.

The Company is hiring new associates every month. It has been hiring workers in positions like mechanics, store associates, store managers and inventory specialists. Any individual expecting his/her employment chances with these stores should fill up the online employment form on the website The company may be interested in knowing whether you would like relocating or not. A job will be confirmed after a job interview at the respective store. It will be convenient to locate a store using the online store locator first. Applying to a job at these stores will be worth only if a store is reachable. The individuals seeking business opportunities may apply for a franchise.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Mr. Transmission:- Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-6:00PM; Saturday: 8:00AM-1:00PM; Sunday: Closed

Age Eligibility @ Mr. Transmission:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Mr. Transmission:– Customer service representative, General manager, Automotive technician, Cashier, Transmission service technician, Automotive mechanic, Assistant shop manager

History:- Mr. Transmission was founded 50 years back. It is running a chain of auto stores spanning through 16 U.S. states. The company employs around thousand workers at more than hundred locations. It offers reliable and high quality service backed by a nation-wide warranty.

Additional Services:- These stores provide a number of services specific transmission system repairs. Various services provided by these stores include Computer diagnostics, Transmission rebuild, Transmission repair and maintenance. All the stores offer free performance checks and free towing.

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Presence:- There are around 150 auto stores managed by the company in 16 U.S. states. Use the online store locator at to find a service station of the company near you.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These auto stores are hiring new associates in a variety of capacities. They are hiring sales associates, mechanics, inventory specialist, and managers on a regular basis. Sometimes vacancies are open when their needs replacements. The mechanics repair automobiles come for servicing. They are hired on hourly wages ranging between $8 and $12 depending upon their expertise, location and other considerations. If a candidate joining as mechanic is new to automotive repair and maintenance, he is taught the skills through a training session. Like the same, sales associates handle cash, feed transactions into databases and maintain accounts. The bulk of customer service lies on their shoulders. While they are expected to have required job skills like expertise on accounting software, cash handling, and basic computer skills, they may be trained by store managers at some locations.

The associates do have the opportunity to level up their career to a position of store manager. The managers impart trainings, hire new associates, supervise operations, maintain customer relations and check finances and inventory. They are the highest paid employees at stores.

Advantages of Working @ Mr. Transmission:

The entry-level associates are hired by store managers. They are given hourly wages that may range from $8 to $12. The associates enjoy flex schedules continuing their studies along with the job. The mangers or employees hired by the corporate office access 401(k) profit sharing, medical facilities, health and life insurance and paid trainings. They qualify to take paid leaves and may access additional bonuses. The work benefits largely depends upon the location, designation of the employees and years of his/her service.
Mr. Transmission Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Mr. Transmission:

  • Have you worked as a mechanic before this?
  • What is enthusiastic about this job?
  • Will you be ready relocating?
  • Why cannot you join us full-time?
  • Do you have any computer skills?
  • How willing are you learn new things?
  • What is challenging about the automotive industry?
  • Which job perks are you expecting?