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Selling out all sorts of auto parts at reasonably low prices, Murray Discount Auto Parts is an industry giant. As it was acquired by CSK Auto parts in 2005, which itself is a subsidiary of O’Reilly, the store chain is operating as a division of it.

Like other subsidiaries of O’Reilly, the Murray Discount is always hiring too. Maintaining operations at more than 100 hundred stores, it is looking for new auto technicians, mechanics and salespersons. The candidates aspiring to join these stores must contact one submitting his/her resume. A job interview immediately after resume submission may lead to an excellent job. Apply now. If there might be a vacancy, the applicant will be hired immediately; otherwise an early application may turn into at least preference over other applicants.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Murray Discount Auto Parts:- Monday-Saturday: 7:30AM-10:00PM; Sunday: 9:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Murray Discount Auto Parts:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Murray Discount Auto Parts:– Department supervisor, Computer help support technician, Materials handler, Sales assistant, Property management specialist, Parts specialist, Human resource supervisor, Installer service associate, Training supervisor, Retail service specialist, Delivery specialist, DOT route driver, Accounts payable specialist, Intern, Merchandising specialist, Shipping supervisor, Director of sales and promotions, Payroll specialist, Catalogue content technician, Receptionist, Delivery specialist, Training supervisor, Receiver, Shipping supervisor, DOT driver, Store manager, Merchandising specialist, Assistant manager

History:- Murray’s Discount Auto Stores came into existence in 1972. It operated a chain of auto stores in Midwestern states. After three decades of its establishment, it was operating more than 100 stores in the region. In 2005, CSK acquired the company. Since CSK was already acquired by O’Reilly, it eventually became a business division of it. O’Reilly has a nationwide network of auto stores. The company trades in NYSE under the moniker ORL. Its annual revenue is around $5 billion.

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Additional Services:- These auto stores sell all kinds of auto parts and provide several automotive services. However, most of the services provided by these stores are general in nature.

Presence:- These stores are located in Midwestern U.S. states. The number of stores counts more than 100. The parent company manages more than 1000 stores across the nation.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The jobs offered by these stores include salespersons, auto technicians, mechanics, department manager and general manager. The jobs like mechanic or sales associate can be secured by any candidate interested the job profile. The minimum age bar for even entry-level jobs is 18 years. Though, educational qualification does not play a significant role in these job profiles certain minimum education is always expected. There are different job duties associated with each job title. While mechanics help repairing automobiles and provide maintenance services, sales associates process financial transactions, keep track of inventory, tally accounts and handle cash. They receive almost similar pay.

The stores require department managers, assistant manager and general manager as the management team at a respective location. The department managers only manage the inventory department handed to them. The work profile of assistant manager and general manager is quite wide. Their job duties include overseeing operations, hiring associates, monitoring accounts and transactions and reporting to the corporate office.

Advantages of Working @ Murrays Discount Auto Parts:

There are many advantages of working at these auto stores. First of all, you get an automotive job at a prime location which is reachable or within the city. The pay given to even mechanics and sales assistants is more than competitive. The workers hired at professional designations access high packages including attractive base pay, retirement fund, stock options, insurance and healthcare.
Murray’s Discount Auto Parts

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Job Interview Questions at Murrays Discount Auto Parts:

  • Why Murray Discount Auto Parts?
  • How do your friends characterise you?
  • Why are you interested in a sales job?
  • Do you carry any skills on accounting software?
  • Is a job of mechanic suitable to you?
  • How many hours can you devote in a week?
  • Tell us about your career objectives?