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The ‘New Mexico History Museum’, as well as the ‘Palace of the Governors National Historic Landmark’, are both unique emblems depicting the history of America. Many public programs and exhibitions are presented and they show the historical events along with reflecting the broad range of historical experiences of New Mexico.  This museum has under its possession, the eternal collections related to the Southwest and New Mexico heritage. For lifelong learning, education, and research, the museum acts as a center of history. It also delivers quality programs for encouraging understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of the diverse cultures of New Mexico.

Exhibitions both temporary, as well as continuing, are included in the new museum. It covers the history related to the Mexican Period, Spanish colonization, as well as indigenous people.  It also includes commerce and travel on the well-known Santa Fe Trail.

It is not that easy to run museums. There should exist a proper planning of the exhibits, a suitable arrangement of works is needed, protection should be provided to artworks, and  expert guidance must also be given to tour groups.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. It is open on Fridays till 8:00pm.

Entry Fee – For visitors from out of New Mexico, the entry fee is $9 per visitor. The residents of New Mexico enjoy  $6 fee, but for them, the entry is free on Sundays. On Wednesdays, the senior citizens enjoy the free entry. The Museum Members and their children aged less than seventeen years are allowed in free of cost. To add on to the fun, the most exciting part is that on Friday evenings, for everyone, the entry is free for everybody from 5pm to 8pm.

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Age Eligibility  – Eighteen years.

Career Opportunities   

There exist some positions that need to be filled by suitable candidates. These positions are listed as under:

  • Executive Director
  • Curator
  • Manager
  • Janitor
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Groundskeeper
  • Tour Guide
  • Ticket Sales Agent


This museum came into existence on 24th of May, 2009. It was placed on the region covering the back side of the Palace of the Governors. The position of being the history museum of the state has been taken over from the Palace of the Governor’s. The latter has now engulfed the area of the history campus.


The Palace of the Governors, the Fray Angelico Chavez History Library and Photo Archives, and the Palace Press is encompassed by the Museum of New Mexico, which serves as an anchor for the campus.

 Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Anthropologists, historians, as also the students of high school, can venture to find suitable jobs at museums which are operated by Museums of New Mexico.

Curator – This individual takes care of the collections kept in the museum. He also determines the way the historic pieces are going to be laid out and displayed. Further, the Curator also coordinates research arrangement, collection management, and exhibition during the festive season. The curator also contacts the benefactors and, with an aim of enhancement of the funding for the museum, the curator writes grants proposals. He also recommends the additions towards the collections and maintains the inventory of all the objects that are exhibited.  As far as eligibility for acquiring this post is concerned, the individual should have a bachelor’s degree. This should be along with the area of specialization, with four or five years experience in that particular field. The procedures, concepts, and practices related to work, should be properly familiarized by the curator. A vast experience and some accurate judgment, so as to plan and accomplish the proposed aims are other vital characteristics reflected by this individual. The Museum Curator is entitled to receive annual pay between $43,000 and $47,000.

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Maintenance Technician – The responsibility of preparation of various documents and safeguarding the objects which are displayed lies on the maintenance technician. The curator of the museum provides a close company to this worker for performing the duties. Every time a new item of historical importance is received by the museum, documentation of the same is needed to be taken concern of by this maintenance technician. The item’s appearance and condition are described by the documents. Performing his duties with archivists, the maintenance technician also assists during the organization of the various historical items. If the items are damaged, the technician has to be assisting the conservator. This person gets a salary depending on the industry, experience, location, as well as the company. In the United States of America, the maintenance technician receives a salary between $27,000 and $50,000 per annum.

Advantages of working @ Museum of New Mexico  

There are several additional benefits to be earned by the workers employed at various positions in a museum. By being a part of the staff, an employee adds-on to the qualifications in his bio-data. They generally get an associate discount, flexible schedules for work, and early look at the new displays. Some employees who are qualified even take the advantages of healthcare coverage, salary options, 401 (k) retirement plans, in addition to paid vacations.

Museum of New Mexico Application

Job Interview Questions @ Museum of New Mexico

  • What types of leadership qualities do you possess and how do you exhibit them?
  • How do you describe a model day of your previous job?
  • What impresses you the most, when it comes to functioning as a technician or a curator?
  • How do you perceive an enhancement in your career, if you are given the opportunity to provide your services for this museum?
  • How can you advertise the presence of this museum at this part of the country?
  • What made you opt for working here even when there are numerous opportunities available all around?
  • For any country, to what extent are museums essential?
  • What part is played by history while serving mankind?
  • Once selected, please give an elaborate account of the duties performed by you at the position offered?
  • What knowledge do you have about the history of America, and its influence all over the world?
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