National Guard Job Application

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National Guard is a wing of United States Air Force and Army. The main objective behind its formation was law enforcement. The individuals, who love their country and carry passion, courage and endurance to serve in the armed forces, should apply to the United States National Guard. You are a man in uniform after recruitment in this armed force.

Unlike core military divisions, the National Guard offers part-time as well as career opportunities. It also hires civilians, who serve only in the weekends. There  is a variety of jobs from information technology to infantry and avionics. If living an adventurous life while serving the nation clicks you, visit the official website of the organization – Click on the career’s link and learn about careers. There are a number of enlisted opportunities, which you can apply to. There are also many eligibility conditions that one must satisfy or comply with before applying to the force. Be sure that you are physically fit to join such services.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ National Guard:- Not relevant, some recruits serve only on weekends.

Age Eligibility @ National Guard:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ National Guard:– Cannon crew member, Parachute rigger,  Water treatment specialist, Medical laboratory specialist, Air traffic control operator, Dental specialist, Construction equipment repairer, Special forces, Administration specialist, Cavalry scout, Fire support specialist, Watercraft operator, Ammunition specialist, Field artillery surveyor, Optical laboratory specialist, Military police specialist, Fire finder radar operator, Railway operations crew member, Aviation operations specialist, Food service operations specialist, Biomedical equipment specialist, Medical laboratory specialist, Infantry man, Fire infantry man, Tactical data analyst, Fire support specialist, Armor crew man, Meteorological crew member, Aircraft electrician, Power plant repairer, Avionic mechanic, Radiology specialist, Helicopter repairer, Pharmacy specialist, Motor transport operator, Healthcare specialist, Ammunition stock control, water treatment specialist

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History:- This is the oldest branch of military formed in the year 1636. During the early days of its formation, it was created to protect the British colonies from the attacks of Indians and foreign invaders. The force later contributed in the revolutionary war and became an integral part of armed forces. The force is administered by both states and the federal government. The force ramifies into two separate wings Air Guard and Army National Guard. It is mainly responsible for law enforcement and establishes coordination between the states and the Department of Defence. During 19th century, when core military divisions were small in size, the force helped in several wars outside the country. It had a significant role in Mexican war, American civil war and world wars.

The National Guard serves as a reserved force of U.S. Military. Recently, it participated in Iraq and Afghanistan wars after the historic attack of 9/11. More than 350,000 personnel are serving the force including the part-time recruits.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are several enlisted opportunities in the National Guard. These enlisted opportunities include Armor, Engineering, Field artillery, Infantry, Logistics support, Aviation, Administration, Military police, Medical, Interpreter and translators, Technological maintenance, Transportation, Military intelligence, and Signals. The applicants should be at least 18 years of age and physically fit. They need passing the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The candidates, who qualify the written test, are shortlisted for the physical exam. After physical and medical exam, candidates are enlisted. They go through a rigorous training program and get commissioned.

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The forces also recruit civilians for numerous jobs. The recruited civilians work part-time. They have to serve for at least one weekend in a month and minimum two weekends in a year. They are often assigned patrolling job. There are some eligibility conditions besides passing ASVAB and qualifying medical and physical test. The applicants should not have any criminal record or reported drug addiction. The candidates having more than one dependant are outright rejected. The physical fitness and endurance is a must to join the armed forces.

Advantages of Working @ National Guard:

The armed forces personnel receive numerous job perks varying by their title and service. The candidates avail a high salary bracket at all positions. They benefit from housing allowances and free education for their children. They get a retirement fund on termination of the service, which accounts to 10 percent of their salary every month. The recruits get tuition reimbursements and scholarships during the training program. There are lifetime medical facilities catered to the recruits. The officers could earn signing incentives up to $40,000 a year.
National Guard Job Application

Job Interview Questions at National Guard:

  • What was your ASVAB score?
  • Why do you want to join the National Guard?
  • Who are in your family?
  • From where did you complete your education?
  • Which occupational specialty will you like getting enlisted?
  • What inspire you to become part of the armed forces?
  • Which were your favourite subjects in the school?
  • What were your achievements in sports during school time?
  • Personality test questions.