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National HealthCare Corporation is a huge domestic level medical organization dedicatedly serving American individual and families. The medical store functions and operates as long-term health care, offers home health care and hospice services retirement as well as associated with assisted living centers inside the country.

The healthcare brand is very well recognized as a leader in delivering the quality long-term care services. The working environment at National HealthCare Corporation is one of the most challenging, innovating, and collaborative. Reading the complete article will increase you knowledge about medical sector.

Organization Details:

Working Hours: The healthcare store is open for its customers or 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Age Eligibility: Interested candidates can work with the organization when they have completed the required age of 18 years.

Career Opportunities: The positions which you can apply for are: Nurse, Doctor, Social Worker, Clinic Front Desk Clerk, Accountant, Discharge Call Back Representative, Customer Service Representative, Scheduling Coordinator, Patient Care Technician, Clinical Dietitian, Sales Representative, Receptionist, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Optical Lab Technician, Patient Care Specialist, Information Technology Specialist, Human Resources Support Center, Optical Assistant, Optometrist, Personal Care Aide, On Call Responder, Marketing And Sales Associate, Dental Assistant,  Enrolment Specialist,  Insurance Representative and Reimbursement Supervisor.

Presence: National Healthcare Corporation operates 75 long-term health care centers which includes 9450 beds at all locations. The organization is successfully functioning in 12 chief states across the United States. These states include: Alabama, Massachusetts, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, New Hampshire, Missouri, Virginia, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and New York.

Additional Services: Getting treatment from this recognized brand provide quite a plenty of health care services, such as accounting and financial services, home health care services, sub acute skilled and intermediate nursing, senior living services, insurance services, hospice services, rehabilitative care and management services.

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Additionally, you can also be benefited with 35 more home health programs together with 15 independent and assisted-living advantages.

Financial Stature: National Healthcare Corporation is a registered brand name on New York Stock Exchange. The company operates under the symbol NHC. This health care industry with its 12,670 employees across all locations generates average sales of more than $773.54 million continuously from past few years.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

Domestic medical sector giant NHC, offers world class job opportunities to interested aspirants. At regular intervals, you can find generous openings for all positions (including part time and full time requirements). Applicants holding little or no experience are allowed to work as freshers. While candidates with required work practice are appointed at management levels. The organization is currently looking qualified aspirants for following designations:

Dental Assistant- Dental Assistants help senior dentists in their daily medical practice. They major role is to improve the quality of oral health care. Dental Assistants are one of the most valuable team members. More job responsibilities includes: 1) Taking and analyzing dental radiographs, 2) Making patients relax before, during and after the treatment, 3) Undertaking office operating, such as communicating with patients and computer operating.

Insurance Representative- Insurance representative plays an important role in medical field. In modern era, insurance is more than a part of life for every human being. Insurance Agent’s duty involves: 1) estimate premiums and release mode of payment, 2) Settle down service charges collect payments and organize billing process, 3) Arrange for the  tests that could analyze the causes of product breakdown and 4) Build strong client network and cares for the old ones.

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Customer Service Representative- These associates in every organization are generally responsible for customer satisfaction. As CSR, you need to attract customers by responding their calls, quarries and suggesting information. You also need to open and operate customer’ account information. Moreover, effective perfection in products, service, shipping and billing process is additional key feature of this designation.

Advantages of working:

Applicants indulged in providing excellent customer services at National Healthcare Corporation are offered great care and tremendous employment advantages at the centre. All professionals at the store enjoy generous salary options and sparkling career benefit. It includes: 401(k) retirement plan, flexible work timinings, dependent care, house owner insurance, long term disability, short term disability and paid job trainings.
National HealthCare Corporation

Job Interview Questions:

Applicants with huge interest to start their career with this well established domestic giant are strictly advised to read the below mentioned questions carefully. These questions provide you the right direction and company information.

  • “Working in medical field is very much different from other industries.” How will you justify this statement?
  • “Flexibility in work timinings and schedule is very important for all medical practitioners.” What do you understand by this sentence?
  • What job roles were you required performing in your previous organization?
  • What are the basic roles every medical associate needs to perform?
  • What are the most challenging errands you might have to deal with while working in National Healthcare Corporation?
  • How would you treat a medical emergency required patient?
  • What are the major priorities of medical associates?