Navy Job Application

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Do you have love for seas? United States maintains one of the largest navies of the world. Hence, the U.S. citizens, who want to harness their passion for seas and want serve the nation in adversities should apply online to the United States Navy.

The candidates willing to join the Navy can join as commissioned officer, warrant officer or enlisted member. There are several ranks in each category to which the candidates are promoted depending upon the period they serve in the Navy. The enlisted members join as seaman recruit and may get promoted to a rank of Master Chief Petty Officer of the navy. The Chief Warrant officer 5 is the highest rank for warrant officers. The ranks of the commissioned officers start with the Ensign and proceeds up to Fleet Admiral. A glorious career is waiting for you in the navy. Apply online now at the The online application facilitates contacting a recruiter and so, taking written and physical tests.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Navy:- Not Relevant

Age Eligibility @ Navy:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Navy:– Air Traffic controller, Healthcare specialist, Water treatment specialist, Pharmacy specialist, Radar operator, Cannon crew member, Avenger crew member, Transportation and ammunition specialist, Fire finder, Radiologist specialist, Field artillery surveyor, Meteorological analyst, Aviation operations specialist, Motor transport operator, Infantry man, Aircraft structural repairer, Dental specialist, Avionic mechanic, Artillery mechanic, Special forces, Cavalry scout, Aircraft electrician, Patient administration specialist, Food service specialist, Avionic mechanic, Tactical data specialist, Healthcare specialist, Fire support specialist, Fire infantry man, Field artillery, Armor crew member, Aircraft power technician, Helicopter repairer, Attack helicopter repairer, Optical laboratory operator, Biomedical equipment specialist, Medical laboratory specialist, Military police officer, Pharmacy specialist, Watercraft operator, Parachute rigger, Radar repairer, Artillery mechanic

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History:- USN employs around 420,000 candidates, of which more than 100,000 are reserve personnel. The navy was formed in 1775 as one of the three core military forces. It engaged in several wars and peace operations during its long history. During 18th century, it played a crucial role in Revolutionary war, war of 1812, Mexican American war and American civil war. In early 1990s, World War I and the World War II were the major geo-political events that USN participated. It was in a key role in the wars fought on foreign soils like Korean War, Vietnam war, 1986 war in Libya, Iranian hostage rescue operation, and Persian Gulf War. In the beginning of the twentieth century, America engaged in wars with Taliban in Afghanistan and later against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The USN was a key player during these wars. The Navy is committed towards protecting American interests throughout the world.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are several occupational specialities, in which a candidate can make a career in Navy. The occupational specialities in USN are Chaplain, Nuclear energy, Healthcare, NROTC, Cryptology and linguistics, Civil engineering, Transportation and aviation. The candidates should pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test. The candidates scoring above a certain cut-off mark are called for physical test and medical check. The selected candidates have to pass through a series of exam including personality test, group task tests and psychological test. They have to pass physical endurance exam and clear medical check up. The enlisted candidates do graduation and take combat training. They are deployed at various bases after passing out parade.

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The aspirants should be physically fit and must not have any drug addiction or criminal background. The Navy rejects the candidates having more than two dependants. A background check is conducted before enlistment. An applicant must be minimum 18 years old and should not be elder than 34 years. Apart from commission officers, the navy also recruits warrant officers and enlisted members. There is educational relaxation to joining in such ranks. The aspirants for commissioned ranks should be high school pass outs or equivalent. It is a must to have United States citizenship to join in the armed forces. You must be proud to be among those few, who get a chance to join United States Navy.

Advantages of Working @ Navy:

Like other armed forces, navy personnel also get state sponsored benefits. They receive housing allowances and comprehensive retirement benefits. They get lifetime medical facilities and free medicines. Their children can study in army schools free of cost. There is attractive salary scale at each rank. The recruits get promotions depending on their achievements and time spent in the service. The personnel generally get retired after 20 years of service. They have excellent job opportunities even after the retirement.
Navy Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Navy:

  • Tell your age?
  • Why do you want to join the Navy?
  • Which is your favourite sport?
  • Will you be able to live a tough life?
  • Which specialty in USN is you most interested? Why?
  • Who is your ideal?
  • Tell us about an incident when you showed leadership skills and took right decisions?
  • Situation based questions.
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