Net10 Job Application

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The American telecom company, Net10 operates in all states of the US. The company is a subsidiary of America Movil. This Mexico-based telecommunication company operates throughout North America and South America.

Net10 does not have its own wireless network. It neither maintains any wireless network infrastructure. It is solely engaged in the sales of wireless services. The company operates stores throughout United States and hires sales associates and retail operators. Any individual at least 18 years of age can easily secure an entry-level retail job with the company.

Net10 requires candidates to complete at least high school diploma. There is no online employment form. The individuals willing for any job with these telecom stores require contacting one personally. Locate a store online at and submit your resume there.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Net10:- Working hours varies by job position

Age Eligibility @ Net10:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Net10:– Customer service representative, sales assistant, Technical support representative

History:- Net10 was founded few years back. It operates as a subsidiary of Tracfone. Tracfone is a business division of America Movil. The parent company runs a wireless network throughout North and South America. The Net10 is confined to the sales operations of the company in the United States. America Movil trades in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol – AMX. It has been providing services to more than 200 million customers. The company employs around 50,000 workers in the United States. The average annual revenue of America Movil is around 45 billion USD.

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Additional Services:- The Company operates a chain of retail stores selling wireless services and plans. The stores are located in all the states of the country.

Presence:- The retail stores operated by the company can be found in all states of the USA. However, the parent company runs its wireless business throughout North and South American continent.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

This company employs thousands of workers every year. The most common job position offered by the company is that of sales associate. Any individual, who has completed a high school graduation and ages above 18 years, can join in as sales person. There is no requirement of any experience to enter these sales positions. The candidates may go through some initial training before confirmation of their recruitment. The senior staffs assist new hires and provide them trainings. There is no night shift at these stores. The jobs are accomplished in daytime and candidate can even join as part-time associate.

The management professionals in the sales, marketing, and finance departments are also in high demand. The professionals join as a management trainee if they do not have prior work experience. The experienced managers may be appointed on higher managerial positions.

Though minimum experience is required to join at most of the positions in these stores, a work experience of one or two years may help accessing a higher salary package.

Advantages of Working @ Net10:

The company pays competitive industry pays to all workers. The salary packages incorporate standard job perks like a pension plan, healthcare insurance, life insurance, and medical facilities. The professionals access holidays and privilege leaves. There are fair career advancement opportunities for everyone in the organization. The employees enjoy a professional work culture and get to learn a lot of things that help progress their career.

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Net10 Job Application

Find a store and apply there.

Job Interview Questions at Net10:

  • Why Net10?
  • Why this job?
  • Tell us about your education?
  • How will you communicate with customers?
  • Can you convince me to buy a data plan?
  • What do you know about wireless services?
  • Whom do you see in our competition?