Nextel Job Application

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Nextel was an American telecom company. Merged with the sprint, the career opportunities at Nextel are still available under the now brand – Sprint Nextel. The company stands among top telecommunication players in the United States along with the AT&T and Virgin Mobile.

The job opportunities as technician, retail sales associate, customer care representative and managers are available with this organization. The jobs can be accessed through the company’s website – Check the available job vacancies and apply immediately. There will be many jobs for individuals above 18 years of age. The specific education is not required for all job positions. Many jobs in the customer service or sales simply require one to be a high school diploma holder.  Apply now. You may see yourself earning soon.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Nextel:- The working hours varies by departments and job titles

Age Eligibility @ Nextel:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Nextel:– Assistant manager, Technical consultant, Business account manager, Sales account executive, Customer service supervisor, Account executive, Auditor, Business account manager, Lead retail consultant, Business analyst, Retail consultant, sales account executive, Customer service representative, Territory representative, Technician, Business sales manager

History:- Nextel was a major wireless communication  company in United States until it was acquired by the Sprint in year 2004. Sprint later decided to drop the Nextel brand name and renamed the company Sprint Nextel. The company used to maintain a nation-wide network of wireless communication and operated several stores in different parts of the country. At its peak, it served around 20 million customers. Sprint after the acquisition of Nextel is much a telecom giant now. It turns revenue about $30 billion annually. Presently, more than 50 thousand workers are employed by the company.

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Additional Services:- The Company used to provide wireless communication services and internet services. It was also active in phone services domain. It also engaged in sales of wireless solutions and devices through retail stores.

Presence:- The services provided by the company were available in all major towns and cities of the USA. The wireless network used to maintain by the company spanned across the USA.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Nextel was a big name in the telecom industry of United States. Now existing as Sprint Nextel stands among top five telecommunication companies of the continent. There are myriad of jobs offered by it. The most common jobs among them are of technicians and engineers. The company looks for engineering graduates and diploma holders to fill out vacancies of technicians, technical associates and communication engineers. The aspirants to these jobs must have done a course in communication engineering or electronics. The work experience may not be always a requirement for these jobs.

Other common job position offered by the Nextel (Sprint Nextel) is of sales associates. The retail stores used to be operated by the company is still operational. These stores continue hiring retail sales associates. They may be called sales consultants on appointment as they assist customers in buying services and products. Similarly, customer service representatives are also required in large scale. These representatives assist customers about policies and products of the company on the phone.

Advantages of Working @ Nextel:

The jobs offered by the company used to be rewarding. The hires used to get high salaries from very beginning despite the fact that initial three to six months used to be the probationary period. The hires join as trainees or interns and given trainings without any cost. The salary start including employment benefits like pension, life insurance, health insurance and medical facilities after the completion of probation period.

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Nextel Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Nextel:

  • Why Nextel/Sprint Nextel?
  • What duties do you assume being a technician?
  • Which network is better CDMA or GSM?
  • What do you know about 4G services?
  • How are you suitable for a customer support job?
  • Do you like communicating with people?
  • How will assist someone about a product?