Northwest Airlines Job Application

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Northwest airline does not exist now because it has been merged into the Delta Airlines. There are many other airlines that offer similar jobs and function like Northwest. The candidates, who were searching job in the Northwest or who have ever wanted a job at the Northwest, should now look employment opportunities at the Delta Airlines.

The candidates can access careers in Delta airline online. There are jobs in customer service, flying positions, airport operations, sales and marketing, engineering and aircraft maintenance. While most of the jobs in air travel industry always require candidates having specific qualifications, many jobs can be obtained without any specific education or training. For example, jobs in the customer service only require you to be expressive in conversation and do have basic knowledge of some foreign language.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Northwest Airline:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Northwest Airline:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Northwest Airline:– Customer service representative – gate, Customer service representative – ticketing, Flight attendant, Pilot, Co-pilot, Baggage handler, Flight instructor, Cargo handler, Communication engineer, Maintenance technician, Flight crew member, Cabin crew member, Ramp agent, Service engineer

History:- Northwest airline was founded in year 1926. It was called Northwest Airways. In its early days, it was only operating cargo planes, and it took about two years to emerge as an international airline. It was renamed Northwest orient Airline in 1950. The word ‘Orient’ was dropped from its name in 1986 when it was acquired by Republic airways. In 2008, it was merged into Delta Airline. Then, Delta airline decided to abandon the name Northwest Airline. Now, in the name of the Northwest Airline, Delta Airline does exist.

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Additional Services:- Delta Airline has hundreds of airplanes in the fleet. It operates flights to more than 350 destinations. Most of the flights are domestic while some international flights are also functional.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The career opportunities in the air travel industry are not limited. You might have dreamed of becoming a pilot in your childhood. You can get a pilot by taking a pilot training program from a reputed flying school and obtaining the license. Many of you have chosen flight attendant as your career. Again, the job title can be secured only after passing a job-oriented training.

There are some jobs for the engineering candidates also. They can find employment in maintenance and engineering departments of the airline. There is a technical round and written test that they need to pass for getting these jobs. The entry-level positions can be secured by diploma holders while higher positions are offered only to engineering graduates.

There are also many jobs for high school pass outs. The high school graduates can get a job in customer service and airport operations. If they have good command over language, they should aim for a job in customer service. They can get a part-time job in the same.

Advantages of Working @ Northwest Airline:

Northwest used to create many benefits to its employees. The benefits are still enjoyed by workers after the merger in the Delta Airline. The new hires are getting the same benefits. Some of the sob perks worth counting are life insurance, high salaries, and career advancement trainings, healthcare benefits, paid leaves, travel privileges, discount coupons, disability coverage, paid vacations and assistance programs.
Northwest Airline Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Northwest Airline:

  • Why Northwest Airline?
  • Why do you want to become a pilot/flight attendant?
  • What are the job duties you assume in this job title?
  • How have your performance been in a team?
  • What are your goals for next two years?
  • When did your training completed?
  • Is it exciting to fly to foreign lands?