Novus Glass Job Application

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Novus Glass is an automotive glass manufacturing company. It provides windshield installation and repair services at more than 2000 locations around the world. These stores are active in more than 35 countries. In United States alone, there are more than 300 stores operational.

Novus does not provide an online employment application. Those, whom 18 or above wanting a job at these stores, should contact a store in-person. They can send their resumes at the respective store for job consideration. This will be followed by a job interview. Once an individual is selected for a job, he/she in imparted training during the probation period. Later, he/she is confirmed employment with enrolment in the payroll. There could be a job vacancy at a nearby location at present. Apply immediately. A job with an attractive pay is only a step far.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Novus Glass:- Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-5:00PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday

Age Eligibility @ Novus Glass:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Novus Glass:– Auto glazier, Assistant manager, Sales associate, Customer service representative, General store manager, Cleaner

History:- Frank Werner founded the company in 1972. It was used to known as Origin Inc. It started as a laboratory for testing ski boot’s fitting. Soon, Warner was joined by Bill Wiele, a chemical engineer by profession, who turned the laboratory into a glass manufacturing unit. Later, Gerald Keinath bought the patents and established Novus Glass. The company is a leader in research and innovation. It successfully expanded the business overseas consistently setting new milestones.

Additional Services:- The Company is a leading manufacturer of windshield glasses. It renders a number of additional services at its retail locations like windshield repair, SRP scratch removal, wiper blade replacement, windshield replacement, plastic polish, headlight saver program, and truck bed liners. Hence, it has dedicated all its efforts to a niche in the automotive sector.

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Presence:- There are more than 2000 retail stores managed by the company in 36 countries. In United States, the number of Novus stores count to 350. There are these stores in all the U.S. States.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Installing and repairing windshields are a craft themselves. It is a vital segment of automotive domain. The stores operated by Novus dedicate their operations to windshield installation, repair and related services. They hire technicians and train them in the specified art. No,  or little work experience is required to join as technician. The applicants must have basic knowledge of mathematics and measurements. Other job position often offered by these stores is of sales associates. The sales assistants are responsible for initiating communication with the customers, relaying product information, educating about policies and forwarding orders to auto technicians. At many locations, they also handle cash and feed entries in the accounts management software. These job duties may involve additional training.

Since, the company is a manufacturer of windshield glasses; it requires workers at the manufacturing units. The qualified candidates can also join in engineering, management and administrative jobs. There are specific eligibility requirements for each corporate job title that may change upon the discretion of human resource managers.

Advantages of Working @ Novus Glass:

The Company offers standard job benefits to qualified employees. Several workers especially at retail stores are paid wages on hourly or daily basis. The employees working on engineering, management, or corporate titles receive attractive monthly pays, besides 401(k), insurance, healthcare, stock options and other profit sharing plans included. They could avail certain number of paid leaves every year and may claim for additional bonuses. The workers are motivated by annual appraisals and appreciations. They get anniversary gifts and Christmas bonuses. Also, there is a five-day a week schedule, hence workers are able to enjoy weekends.
Novus Glass Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Novus Glass:

  • Why Novus Glass?
  • Are you sincere about building a career in auto sector?
  • Show your educational credentials?
  • Will you be able to spare time after school?
  • Will you be ready for relocation if needed?
  • What is the pay expected by you?
  • How do you take this job?
  • Does this job helps in your career?