Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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The cover letter, for the position of an ‘Office Assistant’ Job Application or Resume, carries vitality while one is searching for a job. This is because the determination of one’s ability to perform the duties, linked with the position, solely depends on this script to some extent. Further, the reader is also persuaded to go through the applicant’s entire resume, after reading an appealing cover letter.

224 Instance 9th Street
Columbia, CO 55885
April 12, 2013

Ms. Sandra Gayle
Senior Administrator
Emily Healthcare Clinic
96 Green Street
Florida, FL 21336

Subject: Application for the post of Offfice Assistant

Dear Ms. Gayle,

I was thrilled as I went through the latest job opening yesterday, which declared the post of Office Assistant vacant, at the Emily Healthcare Clinic. It was advertised on your official website. I am an experience holder for this post, and this is the reason for my excitement.

I am quite experienced in the field of working as an office assistant, and all the functions related to this job are acquainted to me. I can surely become a part of this team, on account of the talents cultivated by me in this regards. This type of job appeals me because I do carry the mettle to perform customer service and clerical jobs while displaying the impressive efficiency at work.

Even a large bulk of internal documents can be reviewed and revised by me efficiently. I can also demonstrate extraordinary attention towards the profession, and the accuracy and details involved therein. I also have a fundamental knowledge of terminologies related to medicine, as well as outstanding skills of communication. A proficiency in working on Microsoft Excel and Word, added to excellent typing skills are also some of the positive aspects cultivated by me. The resume that is enclosed, gives a detailed picture of my attained skills and qualifications. 

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It would be highly appreciated if you can arrange for a meeting, so as to discuss the elaborate functions of this position. For confirming the receipt of the resume, and confirm an interview, I will make a call at your office, in the week that arrives next. In the meantime, if you want to have any additional information about me, please feel free to call me at 001-6253784 or message on my mail address:

I thank you for your consideration towards me.

James Watson
Encl. Resume