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Old Navy offers excellent chances for working in departmental stores. Reasonable pay options along with a range of gainful employment benefits are availed by employees. Also in the line is flexibility in work timings which acts as ‘icing on the cake’ for those who need suppleness at their workspace.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Old Navy: On weekdays, Old Navy’s open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Sundays, the store’s timing is from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Old Navy: Old Navy works with the help of enterprising young shoulders. The applicants should be at least eighteen years old at the time of applying for a job.

Career Opportunities @ Old Navy: There are various work profiles Old Navy offers:
Stock Lead, Credit Card Promoter, Branch Logistics Expert, Sales Associate, Associate Designer, Merchandising Manager, Cashier Lead, Stock Clerk, Visual Merchandiser, Shift Supervisor, Associate – Customer Experience, Assistant Store Manager, Designer, Product Manager, Woven Bottoms and Outerwear, Designer for Babies & Kids, Director of Design and Designer for Maternity Clothes, Denim.

History: Old Navy was founded by Ken Rapp in Northern California in the year 1994. The headquarter is now located in San Francisco. A good early success was achieved by the organization. Before the end of 1995, about 57 more stores got into the quick business after opening.

In 1999, the company started functioning in regions of Puerto Rico too and in the following two years, the Company started a business in Canada too. A wide range of garments and frills for females, males and children are produced by the company.

Presence: Old Navy retail chain is widespread and functions as a division of Gap Inc., an international corporation running many retail stores globally. Old Navy operates 1000+ stores in the United States and Canada.

Additional Services: Accessories and retail clothing for children, infants, women, and men are offered by Old Navy in retail stores of large warehouse style. Company branded clothes, handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and hats are for sale. Toys and clothing for dogs are also offered at Old Navy Stores. Many different in-store sections work as lines of clothing at Old Navy. These sections may further get divided by seasons, styles, colors or fashion lines.

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Community Initiatives: Old Navy’s parent company ‘Gap Inc.’ has a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America and Canada, which offers various career exploration programs. ‘Camp Old Navy’ is the name of the program which involves teenagers to work as employees of Old Navy in stores. This lasts for half a day of work. Old Navy organizes Kids Safety Weeks and brings-in firefighters, local police, etc., to converse with families and children on safety issues.

Environmental Initiatives: The Old Navy follows standard practices during the denim processing, ensuring that the water which leaves the laundry is treated properly and could be further processed for consumption. A full remodeling of each store location and its conversion into greener models is one of the aims of the company. This would also help in reducing the need for water and energy.

Financial Stature: Gap Inc. is the parent company for Old Navy, which is headquartered at San Francisco. About $14 billion is reported as the average revenue of Gap Inc. All over the world, there are more than 3,200 stores employing more than 152,000 employees. The company runs about 1000 locations in North America and churns about 40% of the revenues for Gap Inc. It trades with stock symbol GPS in NYSE.

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Jobs Description and Remuneration

The ideal way to begin a career with retail industry would probably be: getting a job at Old Navy. If one is talented, motivated and works as a team player then the company is already looking for an individual like you. Job applications remain open all year and aspiring applicants are welcome to apply online.

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The organization’s requirement is to hire individuals who are eligible to fill the positions of workers at the entry as well as the management level, for instance, sales, stock, associates of customer experience, logistics associates and a stock clerk are some of the entry-level openings. Candidates with managerial experience are considered for positions in the management.

Sales Associate: A sales associate’s profile demands proficiency in the art of customer service. A sales associate is held responsible for welcoming customers, politely answering their queries, maintaining cash records and keeping a check on inventories. Individuals with sociable personalities possessing qualities like enthusiasm and mannerism are perfect for the title. Apart from these, attributes like being able to work even on weekends and holidays and possessing comprehensive information of the various brands are added advantages. The initial pay of a sales associate comes to the least and can climb up to $10/hour. The pay may be augmented depending on the location of the store.

Stock Clerk: A stock clerk at Old Navy has to perform manual labor. Working as a stock clerk requires the potential to haul up objects that are bulky and working for long hours. Many aspects are involved while working as a stock clerk. These include receiving shipments, refilling shelves and organizing the displays. In some stores, conduction of stock inventories is also needed as one of the jobs of a stock clerk. The pay structure of the stock clerks at Old Navy starts with a minimum pay which increases as they gain experience.

The Stock clerk is paid a salary of about $10 per hour while the mean salary (per year) comes to $20,000.

Customer Experience Associate: These retail sales associates start jobs at the entry level. They may get jobs as customer service associates or as cashiers. Their duties usually include running registers, assisting customers and finishing other assigned tasks. These sales associates usually get pay rates close to minimum wages to $9/hour.

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Branch Logistics Expert: Stock clerk ensures that all the products available are there on the store shelves. His duties include inventorying goods, unpacking items, and completing the miscellaneous as required. Stock clerks at Old Navy usually earn a starting salary from minimum wage to $9/hour.

Branch Visual Merchandise Expert: These visual associates ensure that the product displays come to meet the company’s guidelines. These experts display clothing in an innovative and exciting way, place signage and complete other tasks assigned to them. These associates normally get a starting wage from a minimum to $9/hour.

Management: The daily operations of a store are supervised by the Managers. These management positions comprise Assistant Store Lead, Store Manager, Cashier Lead, Shift Supervisor and Assistant Store Manager Job. The manager can earn the starting annual salary ranging from $25,000 to $60,000. It depends on the store department, experience, and job title.

Advantages of Working @ Old Navy

Old Navy, being a well-known organization, provides competitive pay options to its employees. The associates who work at Old Navy get discounts on clothing and other products available there. The unique features of Old Navy retail jobs are potential for career progression, a pleasing and energetic work environment and flexible working hours.

Job Interview Questions for Old Navy

  • What made you choose retail as a career?
  • Why did you opt for Old Navy even when there are so many other brands in the market?
  • Tell us something about your previous job and the reason you quit?
  • What skills do you possess which will help in the progress of the company?
  • How would you gauge Old Navy as an employer?
  • How much pay do you expect from the Company?
  • Are you comfortable with coming to work on weekends?
  • Is it okay for you to work as part of a team?

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