O’Reilly Auto Parts Job Application

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O’Reilly is the largest retailer of auto parts in United States. It has been running retail stores along with providing auto maintenance services. The job seekers can apply to various positions in stores, distribution centres, supply chain and corporate office.

There’s a job application process online. Visit the corporate website of the company – oreillyauto.com. Move to the career’s page of the website. Click on the appropriate link to apply in store, logistics or corporate positions. Complete the respective employment form attaching your resume. The applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their qualification. A nearby store to the applicant will call him/her for a job interview passing which will eventually grant the job. Apply it today. There could be a vacancy at a nearby store right now. Hence, do not miss your chances.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ O’Reilly Auto Parts:- Monday-Saturday: 7:30AM-10:00PM; Sunday: 9:00AM-9:00PM

Age Eligibility @ O’Reilly Auto Parts:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ O’Reilly Auto Parts:– Shipping supervisor, Retail service specialist, Payroll specialist, Corporate assistant, Installer service specialist, Human resource manager, Customer help support technician, Training supervisor, Property management specialist, Transportation supervisor, Returns supervisor, Receiving and stocking supervisor, Payroll specialist, Merchandising specialist, DOT relay driver, General quality assurance supervisor, Department supervisor, Switchboard operator, Corporate legal counsellor, Inbound materials handler, Parts specialist, Delivery specialist, DOT Route driver, Stocking clerk, General operations manager, Human resource manager, DOT relay manager, General order processing supervisor, Director of sales and promotion, Inbound materials handler, Returns supervisor, Outbound materials handler, Accounts payable specialist

History:- O’Reilly Auto Parts was founded in the year 1957. It started as a single store, but as it started earning profits, investments were made for the expansion. By 1971, around nine stores were running under the chain. It went public in 1993 with listing in NASDAQ further managing finances for its expansion. It trades under the moniker – ORLY. In 2005, it acquired CSK Auto Parts adding 1400 new stores to the chain. In 2009-2010, its annual revenue was $5 billion.

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Additional Services:- These stores retail all kind of auto parts to thousands of locations in United States. They sell from air conditioner parts, filters and batteries to wipers, washes and waxes.

Presence:- There are 3400 stores managed by the company in 38 U.S. States. It employs a staff sized 45,000 members. The associates are working at retail stores, distribution centres, supply chain and regional offices.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are thousands of job openings offered by the company every year. The jobs are offered in retail, distribution, logistics, supply and administration. There are frequent openings for sales associates, parts specialist, auto technicians, cashiers and managers. A sale-assistant processes sales operation, handles cash, feed entries in databases and maintain accounts. At most of the locations, accounts are managed by the sales associates themselves. Several stores employ cashiers besides sales associates. Several job positions are available in distribution and logistics like stock associates, delivery drivers, DOT drivers, inventory analysts and transportation supervisor.

Considering the wide spread retail network of the company, managers are too required in a large number. The managers may be assigned specific departments or given charge of a distribution centre or a retail store.

Advantages of Working @ O’Reilly Auto Parts:

There are massive employment opportunities with the company. It is not much difficult to find a job with this auto chain. The recruitments are always going on for both experienced and inexperienced candidates. The hires enjoy attractive salary packages along with standard benefits like retirement plan, insurance, healthcare and appreciation bonuses. Non-monetary benefits like paid leaves paid trainings and appreciations are available to the eligible workers.
O’Reilly Auto Parts Application

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Job Interview Questions at O’Reilly Auto Parts:

  • Why O’Reilly?
  • Which duties do you assume as inventory specialist?
  • Tell us about your computer and IT skills?
  • Can you efficiently manage a team?
  • What should you do if you find any discrepancies in accounts?
  • How much time a day can you devote to the store?
  • Explain your career objective?