Outback Steakhouse Job Application

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Outback Steakhouse is an American family dining chain of restaurants based on Australian theme. The restaurant has been handled by OSI Restaurant Partners LLC. Even though, steak and beef are good menu items, the brand supplies a range of seafood, pasta, chicken and rib dishes. The company supports its restaurants by repeatedly accentuating superior quality food and service at moderate prices

Outback Steakhouse comes up with discount coupons, printable coupons on a regular basis. The restaurant is set to make a debut on NASDAQ. According to Zagat survey of National Full Service Restaurant chains in year 2009, Outback was ranked #1 because of their high quality and pleasant taste food. The guests are pleased with significant gluten free choices.

The food store also carters for Christmas parties, birthday parties, kids’ parties and other special events. People on their birthdays can invite 8 or more guests to enjoy meals for free. Food presenters start their day by preparing fresh and healthy soups, salads, sandwiches, fried fries, chicken rolls and seafood, etc. Visit the Outback Steakhouse to Experience and cherish your life once again.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Outback Steakhouse: Monday-Thursday: 04:00pm-10:30pm, Friday-Saturday: 04:00pm-11:30pm and Sunday: 02:00pm-09:30pm.

Age Eligibility @ Outback Steakhouse: 18 years is the set age criterion at Outback Steakhouse.

Career Opportunities @ Outback Steakhouse: Server, Front of the House Manager, Head Wait Server, Productivity Manager, Host, Hostess, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Bartender, Strategic Operations Manager, Take Away Person, Restaurant Manager, Line Cook, Trainer, Busser, Event Coordinator, Prep Cook, Design Project Manager, Kitchen Staff Manager, Project Planner, Gift Card Accounting Manager and Administrative Assistant.

History: Outback Steakhouse was born on February, 1988, in Tampa, Florida. The company was formed by four partners named- Trudy Cooper, Chris T. Sullivan, Tim Gannon and Robert D. “Bob” Basham. Company, after opening the first branch in 1988, started five more stores with a gap of fifteen months. The brand marked business with 100 branches touching 15 states in March, 1993.

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In 1997, South Korean market comes into the eyes of Outback Steakhouse, after making an agreement with Aussie Chung Inc., as of 2011. After few years, on 25th April, 2006, Outback Steakhouse Inc., converted into OSI Restaurant Partners, Inc.

Presence: As of year-end 2011, OSI got hold of 669 domestic and 111 overseas chain restaurants. Moreover, the brand has 153 franchised centres along with a joint venture containing 34 international sites. The brand started 103 chain stores in South Korea.

In modern days, the restaurant is operating 600 outlets in 47 states along with overseas locations. This organization is also the owner of Carrabba’s Italian Grill chain, which has 70 centres of family restaurants featuring Italian cuisine and other menu items.

Additional Services: Outback Steakhouse Inc. is indulged in operating two upcoming restaurant chain. These are Roy’s Restaurants, and the other one are Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Out of its heavily sparkling cuisine dishes, the restaurant is more popular for its non-vegetarian food products.

The menu courses here are prepared with premium quality ingredients and served with great honour. These products and their prices are not fixed at all outlets. You may also find change in taste and service quality. The famous courses available here are: Bloomin’ Onion, Seared Ahi Tuna, Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas, California Chicken Salad, Steakhouse Salad, Coconut Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie, Wings, Crab & Avocado Stack, No Rules Parmesan Pasta and Sweet Glazed Pork Tenderloin.

Financial Stature: Outback Steakhouse is financially getting strengthen since 1994. This year the food court got 29th position among the top 50 restaurants based in the United States. The same year annual revenue of this brand was measured over $0.55 billion, which was 0.53 percent of the total income generated by all restaurants.

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In modern times, Outback Steakhouse is a privately operated organization. The business of this brand is handled by OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC. The company has employed approximately 110,000 professionals at all levels and at all sites.

Outback Steakhouse Application

Job Descriptions & Remuneration:

Whenever you want to jump into the hospitality industry, either for full time or part time, Outback Steakhouse is the right option for you. This restaurant appoints employees on various schedules and designation which suits your lifestyle. You will be trained in several areas to excel in your career. Expansion of business domestically and internationally increases the opportunities for young talent.

Outback Steakhouse consistently searches for hardworking, motivated employees,who can be valuable to the organization. Most common positions include cooks, managers, servers, line cooks general managers and other staff members.

Crew Member- As an entry level job, crew members execute quite a lot of responsibilities. Outback’s crew members greet customers with warm welcome and sweet smile, make them sit and manage cash registers. Moreover, they also need to maintain and organize sore centres. Applicants with friendly as well as attractive attitude are appointed on these positions.

Crew members cater the guests; take orders and serves at minimum time. Salary of these people ranges from $8 to $10 per hour.

Front-of the-house Manager- Front-of the–house Manager is a unique job position at this store. The job responsibilities include supervising all the front office operations within the restaurant. The manager also needs to report his or her senior executive about daily activities. Front-of the-house Manager must possess excellent communication skills and knowledge about basic computer applications.

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Kitchen Manager- Holding this middle level designation, Kitchen Manager ensures the quality of food and beverages, maintaining hygienic work atmosphere inside the kitchen premises.

Before applying for this position, you should hold relevant work experience. Completing certain level of education is also an crucial criterion of Kitchen Manager.

Advantages of working @ Outback Steakhouse:

Employment benefits are the job rights which need to be given to all employees placed in different fields. Like other food restaurants, Outback Steakhouse encourages its workers by giving additional facilities beyond base pay. At certain places, the benefits might differ depending upon the position for which an employee works.

Outback Steakhouse provides exceptional training and development opportunities for career oriented executives. Getting associated with the brand makes you eligible to enjoy life insurance, 401(k) plan, paid holidays, 529 college savings plan, vision insurance, dental insurance, sick leave, short-term and long-term disability coverage,  vacation time, medical coverage and other numerous perks. To know about more about the restaurant, click online now.

Job Interview Questions for Outback Steakhouse:

  • Describe your educational background.
  • Depict your skills for which you can be employed here.
  • As a team constituent what will be your basic responsibilities?
  • Describe some of your favourite restaurants?
  • How will you manage working in pressure situations?
  • How will you handle a customer possessing high temper?
  • How do you value customer service?
  • Why you want to quit your previous job?