Pacific Sunwear Job Application

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The Pacific Sunwear or PacSun Inc. of California is a retail brand of clothing based in America. It has its roots in the young lifestyle and culture exhibited by California. Apparel linked to lifestyle     in addition, to accessories and footwear designed for both young adults and teenagers is sold by this fashion store.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 9:00pm; Saturday: 10:00am to 7:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Sixteen years.

Career Opportunities

Web Developer, Web Analytics Specialist, Print Production Coordinator, Quality Assurance Specialist, Online Marketing Specialist, Product Copywriter, Online Photographer, Loss Prevention Systems Analyst, Women’s Graphics Designer, Central Planning Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Associate Production Manager, Associate Apparel Graphic Designer, Assistant Buyer, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Associate.


In the year 1980, Tom Moore started with the first Pacific Sunwear shop in California. The banner of Pacific Sunwear is still retained by the parent company even as the stores are now popular with the name PacSun. To make sure that products are sold all round the year, the founder went for opening a store in a shopping mall following which the store was soon selling accessories of limited selection, footwear, and casual apparels. Soon, popularity was gained by the store and malls were being opened all across the US.


By 2011, more than 800 stores were being operated by the company in the 50 states well as Puerto Rico. The headquarters of PacSun is located in Anaheim, California. There is also a supply center in Olathe, Kansas. The store positions, district managers, and the regional directors of the company can be found all across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The company leads in sports apparel and plans expansion into many different countries. Online orders are also provided international shipping.

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Additional Services

Music, fashion, and action sports are represented by this leading retailer of specialty goods. Young men, women, and active teens are targeted by the company as potential buyers. The store sells accessories and clothing linked with skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. It sells many brands of apparel including Quiksilver, Volcom, and Billabong, in addition, to footwear from DC Shoes. Many varieties linked with merchandise of private label like Nollie, Vurt, Kirra Girl, Kirra, and Bullhead are also offered by the store. An exceptional customer service, stylish clothing, and to top it all, quality is offered by PacSun.

Community Initiatives

The PacSun sponsors a no-profit organization called Surfing America. Donations received by this organization helps in improving competition standards, developing education, and surf school programs. To top it all, it also supports prospects for disabled and female athletes. The PacSun USA Surf Team is also sponsored by PacSun.

Environmental Initiatives

The company takes an active part into many initiatives that are environmentally conscious. Reduction of wastes coupled with increased efficiency such that environmental sustainability is maintained is worked upon by the store. The business shows active participation as far as programs regarding local recycling are concerned. Arbor t-shirts, the green clothing, which have organic cotton, are sold by the store. This is to motivate awareness regarding the environment and sustainability.

Financial Stature Pacific Sunwear

The parent company publicly trades on NASDAQ using the symbol ‘PSUN’. The company earns revenue close to $900 million each year from sales. It employs more than 2500 workers.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate – The sales associate has to take care of varied duties. This individual is responsible putting in the entries in the cash register, and process returns. The stocking and pricing of the racks and   inventory is maintained by this associate. Assisting customers while they make purchases and answering their queries, also come as immediate duties of the sales associate. The average salary ranges from $7 to $9 per hour.

Cashier – The front counter of the store is going to be looked after by the cashier. This individual is also responsible for processing the returns to customers. The average hourly pay for the cashier is between $7 and $10.

Store Manager – The store is run by the store manager. The opening and closing down of the store falls as the responsibility of the store manager. Assigning tasks for the workers, payroll, taking care of the inventory, and being responsible for hiring of and maintenance of the employees are some additional tasks for the store manager. In case of any problems, the district manager or the corporate is to be consulted. The store manager gets more than $31,000 per year.

Assistant Manager -Whenever the main manager is not around, the assistant manager takes care of the store. With duties sharing similarity with that of the sales associate, this employee also helps assign tasks, doing paperwork, and overriding transactions. The mean hourly salary for the assistant manager is between $9 and $15.

Advantages of working @Pacific Sunwear

Apart from company discounts, there are long term and short term disability, medical benefits including visual, dental, and health care. In addition, paid time off i.e. vacation days and holidays are also provided to all eligible workers.
Pacific Sunwear Job Application

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Job Interview Questions@ Pacific Sunwear

  • What makes you a suitable candidate for the job you are looking for in this company?
  • What knowledge do you possess as far as this organization is concerned?
  • Do you possess any experience in the fashion industry?
  • When are you irritated with other people and how do you combat such circumstances?
  • Can you be an efficient leader?
  • Are you stressed with any given situation?
  • What is the leading source of motivation in your life?
  • What compels to work for a store of the fashion industry?