Hometown Buffet Job Application

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HomeTown Buffet is a family-style buffet restaurant offering a broad spectrum of mouth-watering delicacies, ranging from energizing breakfast to sumptuous lunches and delectable desserts. With a family friendly, safe and hygienic environment, the buffet offers advance booking for small and large groups. The menu ranges from all-time classic favorites like fried chicken to heaven desserts. The meal also offers a sample menu to help you with your selection.

If you love making people smile and have a passion for high-quality food, The HomeTown Buffet is now accepting online job applications offering both part-time and full-time positions. Hiring process starts by filling out an online job application form. The company has over 160 locations and employs almost 40,000 people all over the United States. By ‘92, it had debuted in Forbes under best 200 small companies.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ The HomeTown Buffet: Most of the HomeTown Buffet stores function from 10:45 am to 9 pm on weekdays, whereas on weekends, these stores generally open from 8 am to 9 pm. However, the timings may differ according to the location.

Age Eligibility @ The HomeTown Buffet: The minimum age to join the organization is 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ The HomeTown Buffet: The company offers jobs on the positions of Cook, Line Server, Wait Staff, Dishwasher, Checker, Cashier and other Restaurant Management Positions.

History: A buffet chain assuring nothing but high-quality food, The HomeTown Buffet originates from the foundation of Old Country Buffet by Roe Hatlen in the outskirts of Minneapolis. Fast forward two years and the company went public, garnering mass attraction and adoration of the crowd, offering the US favorites like fried chicken and hamburgers. By 1890, the buffet chain adopted a “scatter system” which provided various food at different kiosks rather than lined up at one end. In 1992, the company made an entrance in the Forbes magazine as one of the 200 best small companies. By 1999, the company annexed Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse. By 2006, it had acquired Ryan’s restaurant group under which Fire Mountain Grill, Ryan’s Grill and Buffet and Bakery used to fall. Buffets Inc. later went by the name of Ovation Brands.

Presence: Employing close to 40,000 people, HomeTown Buffet operates 388 establishments in 36 states and franchises in 24 states, the majority of which conducts under two names Old Country Buffet and The HomeTown Buffet. The remaining entities go by Country Roadhouse Buffet and Grill, which display cooked good and grills and Original Roadhouse Grill, a steakhouse offering a menu-format wide selection of meat.

Financial Stature: The company invested in NASDAQ and had a revenue sale of $868.9 million (1998).

Additional Services: The buffet also provides the customers with gift cards and are open to small and large group bookings.

Community Initiatives: The HomeTown Buffet also organizes various fund-raising campaigns, for which you can apply online.

Job Description & Remuneration

The job encompasses young, bright and energetic individuals for both part-time and full-time positions, which can take responsibilities and initiatives. The role also asks for impeccable leadership qualities and exemplary people skill. The HomeTown Buffet job application form is available online as well as a printable PDF. The candidate must be over the legal age of 18 years to apply for the job. The HomeTown Buffet currently offers the following openings. The job descriptions are explained in the job titles below.

Cook: Presenting with an opportunity to work with one of the best food chains in the US, the job offers working on different stations, honing your culinary skills. The task challenges your working under pressure conditions while acuminating your comestible skills.

Line Server: If you love putting a smile on people’s face and can anticipate someone’s need, line serving is for you. In the midst of the most interactive part of the food industry, line servers create orders and explain the menu to the guests while maintaining an inviting environment. The job requires a lot of initiative and confidence.

Wait Staff: Ensuring provision of optimal level service to the customers, wait staff is expected to maintain knowledge of the menu and offer the services to the customers, along with providing suggestions and relaying information to the kitchen.

Dishwasher: Maintaining excellent hygiene and working under pressure, dishwashers are responsible for the provision of clean utensils at all times.

Checker: One of the most grueling jobs, it entails memorizing products code, counting cash, maintaining credits and debts while handling cards and excelling in customer service.

Cashier: If you’re good with keeping track of money, this is the job for you. A cashier is expected to maintain genuine interactions with both, the customers and the staff. The job entails keeping track of orders, managing the cash inflow and handling credit and debit cards.

The Hometown Buffet is also looking for candidates for the managerial positions. If you excel at communication and can readily take initiatives, then you can apply for these posts.

How to Apply @ The HomeTown Buffet?

The hiring application forms are available as application PDF as printable application forms. The employment forms are also available for online fill out. This is followed by an interview, in which you will be judged on your leadership and your customer handling skills.

The HomeTown Buffet Application

Advantages of Working @ The HomeTown Buffet

The company offers multitude job benefits in addition to the competitive salary to the employees. Starting with a comprehensive training program, they offer five days a week flexible working schedule, paid vacations, bonus plans, free meals on duty along with medical and dental plans for full-time employees. There are also ample training and development opportunities. In addition, the employees are provided with a 401(k) retirement plan.

Job Interview Questions for The HomeTown Buffet

  • What is your previous experience in this field?
  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • What are your career goals?
  • How will you make our customers comfortable while interacting with you?
  • Will you be able to work additional paid hours if need be?

LongHorn Steakhouse Job Application

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LongHorn Steakhouse is not just any other steakhouse you happen to find down the road. It is known for its exquisite grilled steaks and remarkable food experience and specializes in Texas touch. The Steakhouse is owned and operated by Darden Restaurant, Inc., a company that owns Olive Garden and RedLobster. Its headquarter is based in Orlando, Florida. LongHorn is located at 481 locations all over the United States with over 170,000 employees serving only the highest quality steak, short ribs and such.

LongHorn Steakhouse is looking for bright, energetic and passionate people who exceed at leadership. So if you’re ambition driven, looking to work under the best in the field, LongHorn Steakhouse is looking for candidates to fill in part-time and full-time positions.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ LongHorn Steakhouse: Daily, the restaurant opens at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ LongHorn Steakhouse: Candidates above the legal age of 18 years are permissible for the application.

Career Opportunities @ LongHorn Steakhouse: The place has various positions including Host, Line Cook, Dishwasher, Server, Bartender, Restaurant Manager, Service Manager, Culinary Manager and Bar Manager.

History: The restaurant was found by George McKerrow Jr. and his father in 1981. The original location was at Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia. McKerrow was a former manager at the Victoria Station when he filled the restaurant with western paraphernalia and served the signatory steak with butter sauce. In ‘82, when the Snow Jam 82 stuck, it restricted the daily commuters and motorists to seek shelter. That is when Logan’s Steakhouse, which at that time went by LongHorn Steaks restaurant and Saloon, came up with $1 menu, gaining popularity and public adoration, flocking the mass even when the storm had subsided. A decade later, the franchise had ventured south, expanding even to the Midwest, South West, and Puerto Rico. Primarily, the franchises are centered in the Eastern area. In 2007, Logan’s Steakhouse, which was previously operated and owned by RARE Hospitality International, Inc., was bought by Darden Group of Restaurants.

Presence: With close to 500 restaurants all over the US and a menu of over 30 combinations, LongHorn Steakhouse is famous all over the country.

Financial Stature: Logan’s Steakhouse is owned by Darden Inc, and makes $1.7 billion annually, 1.9% of which goes to the tax. In 2012, the company earned $1.1 million in sales and $3 million in average unit sales.

Additional Services: LongHorn Steakhouse offers gift cards and eClubs to the customers with appealing offers.

Community Initiatives: Logan’s Steakhouse participates in multitude community service projects, some of which are:

Harvest – In partnership with Food Donation Connection, it’s weekly program where the best quality food is given to the people in need.

RedCross Annual Disaster Giving Program – LongHorn and other members of the Darden family come together to help feed people during any natural disaster.

Darden Dimes A program funded by team members where the Darden family provides more than $15 million in assistance to co-workers in need.

Tip a Cop – A unique program where the company unites with the police force to feed the special Olympics.

The First Responder – A date selected program where we provide free appetizers to police, firefighters, and EMTs.

Environmental Initiatives: LongHorn Steakhouse appoints a “sustainability team” that reduces water wastage, recycles cardboard and plastic, and donates food to food banks. The organization also partners with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the U.S. Sustainable Beef Coalition, and the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef to improve practices.

Job Description & Remuneration

To apply for the positions at LongHorn Steakhouse, visit the website and fill up the LongHorn Steakhouse online application form for both hourly and managerial positions. Below, the job titles are explained for better understanding.

Host: If you love interacting with people and can put a smile on people’s face, you can apply for this position. The role of a Host is to be warm and welcoming to the guests, providing them with a comfortable environment.

Line Cook: We are looking for exemplary individuals who can innovate dishes, and can also prepare meals with our standard recipes.

Server: The responsibility of a Server entails constant communication between the guests and the kitchen. A Server should be excellent at multi-tasking and should memorize every dish on the menu.

Dishwasher: A Dishwasher has to maintain the hygiene at all times and check the availability of fresh and clean utensils for serving the food.

Bartender: A Bartender innovates and recreates drinks, while also specializing in the regular drink menu. The Bartender should be communicative and friendly, making the guests feel at ease.

Restaurant Manager: This is a position which requires you to hold critical roles in the entire restaurant. It requires excellent leadership qualities and prior experience in the field as well.

Service Manager: The responsibility of a Service Manager is to develop and lead the team to keep the guests happy and comfortable.

Culinary Manager: This position allows you to manage, present and lead the productions of the kitchen, ensuring that the food served always lives up to the quality of the restaurant.

Bar Manager: A Bar Manager keeps a stock of the bar and manages the shifts and hours out it by employees.

The LongHorn Steakhouse also provides with a comprehensive Manager-In-Training (MIT) program for you to constantly grow and develop in the field.

How to Apply @ LongHorn Steakhouse?

To apply for the positions in LongHorn Steakhouse, click the button below and fill out the online application form.

LongHorn Steakhouse

Advantages of Working @ LongHorn Steakhouse

Along with competitive salary and weekly pay, LongHorn Steakhouse also provides with quarterly-performance based bonuses with paid vacation and flexibility of working days. LongHorn also provides the employees with medical/dental/vision insurance, and short-term and long-term disability insurance with employee assistance program. The company has flexible spending accounts. LongHorn Steakhouse also has an employee stock purchase program and Darden employee credit union, along with tuition reimbursement and 401(k) plan. Among additional perks are auto, home, and other renters, insurance discount, pet insurance, prepaid legal policy, and dining discounts.

Job Interview Questions for LongHorn Steakhouse

  • What is your previous experience in the field?
  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • What are your career goals?
  • How will you make our customers comfortable while interacting with you?
  • Will you be able to work additional paid hours if need be?

Logan’s Roadhouse Job Application

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If you’re looking to crack open a cold one with the boys while gorging on soul-satisfying steak, Logan Roadhouse is your spot. Mostly known for its mouthwatering grilled meat, Logan Roadhouse is a laid back steakhouse offering free buckets of peanuts for you to snack on.

Logan’s Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants, revisiting the classic American traditional roadhouse from days past, upping the ambiance with rich interiors and coveted steaks, chilled beer, and a jukebox. Found in Lexington, Kentucky, the United States in 1991, it has 194 company-operated and 25 franchised locations in over 23 states.

If you’re passionate about working in an upbeat atmosphere and providing high-quality services, Logan’s Roadhouse is now accepting job applications for both part-time and full-time positions. You can apply online by visiting the site and filling out the job application form.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Logan’s Roadhouse: The Logan’s Roadhouse Steakhouse opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM on workdays. On Saturday, it opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM, while on Sunday, the Steakhouse remains available for the customers from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Age Eligibility @ Logan’s Roadhouse: The permissible age limit to work here is above 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ Logan’s Roadhouse: The posts up for grab are General Manager, Restaurant Bar Manager, Restaurant Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Service Manager, Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager.

History: Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc. is a chain of restaurants dispersed all over Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Carolina, headquarters being in Nashville, Tennessee. Established in 1991, Logan’s Roadhouse opened where previously a western-style steakhouse was lodged. The founders, Dave Watchel and Charles McWhorter, took the company public in 1995, generating more than $13 million in net proceeds. The company traded on NASDAQ under RDHS ticker, their stock debuting at $13.50 and immediately climbing to $17.50. Moreover, the firm added six new sites in 1996 and nine locations in 1997. By the end of 1998, it was handling 41 company-operated and 4 franchised restaurants in 12 states. By December, a Tennessee based restaurant developer CRBL, which is also the parent company of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc, purchased Logan’s Roadhouse.

Presence: With over 5000 employees on board, the company is now spread over 230 locations in the United States, out of which, 94 are company operated, and 25 are franchised in more than 23 states.

Financial Stature: Wholly owned by CRBL Group, Logan’s Roadhouse has the revenue of $315,745,000, and its net income is $9,760,000. The company trades on NASDAQ under RDHS ticker.

Additional Services: The Steakhouse provides the customers with gift cards, military discounts, and bulk orders.

Community Initiatives: Logan’s love is an employee assistance fund started by the Logan’s Roadhouse team members which allow them to assist their colleagues in the times of extreme economic hardship due to catastrophic events beyond their control.

Job Description & Remuneration

Logan’s Roadhouse is looking to hire bright and energetic individuals with excellent leadership qualities and managerial skills. If you’re good at interacting with the staff and excel at organizational skills, then fill out the Logan’s Roadhouse online application form. The job descriptions are explained by the job titles below.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager: This position requires 10 years of prior work experience in restaurant quality assurance or food safety position, and continuous vigilance over maintaining the food quality.

General Manager: The General Manager oversees everything that goes about in the restaurant and keeps track of the employee hiring and working hours.

Restaurant Bar Manager: The Bar Manager must keep stock and handle all the responsibilities that come with the bar, including monitoring supplies, delegating work, hiring staff and deciding the working schedules among various other duties.

Restaurant Kitchen Manager: The Kitchen Manager keeps the stock of the fridge and manages the staff along with observing and maintaining the food quality. In simple words, they run the behind scenes of a kitchen. If you excel in leadership qualities and hold the ability to communicate orderly and smoothly, then this position requires at least two years of hands-on experience in restaurant management.

Restaurant Service Manager: Restaurant Service Managers ensure that the food looks presentable and if it’s cooked properly. They also assure that the staff is educated on food safety procedures and understand health standards.

How to Apply @ Logan’s Roadhouse?

The hiring application forms are available on the website for online fill out. It is then followed by an interview where you’re judged on your customer interaction along with managerial and organizational skills.

Advantages of Working @ Logan’s Roadhouse

The company provides with a learning and development team to walk you through the whole process. Currently, they are offering six programs including:

Onboarding program – An hourly program for managerial and team member positions.

Leadership Unplugged program – A week-long program centered in Nashville for the management trainees.

Leadership Encore Program – A 3-4 day long program based in Nashville for the general management trainees.

Leadership Headliner Program – It is for potential multi-unit leaders.

Raise The Bar – Specifically designed for the bar management trainees.

Jam Sessions – The boot-camp style training programs for specific purposes.

Logan’s Roadhouse also offers vying salary and bonuses with health, dental and vision care coverage along with company paid insurance.

The company also pays for short and long-term disabilities with family/medical and personal leaves.

The employees can also avail of voluntary optional life, accident or critical illness insurance.

Logan’s Roadhouse also provides with 401(k) retirement and family discount plan.

Apply at Logan’s Roadhouse

Job Interview Questions for Logan’s Roadhouse

  1. What is your previous experience in the field?
  2. What are your educational qualifications?
  3. What are your career goals?
  4. How will you make our customers comfortable while interacting with you?
  5. Will you be able to work additional paid hours if need be?


Walmart Job Application

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Walmart Stores, Inc., globally perform businesses as warehouse membership clubs, superstores, and discount department stores along with several outlets. For the knowledge of the common public, the company operates its business in three different sectors: International, Wal-Mart Stores, and SAM’S CLUB. Out of these three divisions, Wal-Mart Stores are the prime section producing almost 67.3% of the total business alone every year.

The departmental store is proud to serve 200 million customers and corporate clients every week. For the 2012 fiscal year, the brand has planned to achieve targeted sale above $444 billion. Before caring for store guests, the company first provide quite a lot of employment benefits to its employees. Workers as per their convenience can apply for either part time or full-time vacancies. Fill out Walmart’s job application form today and get detailed information.

Download Walmart Job Application

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Walmart: In order to provide excellent customer services, the store works 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Walmart: Before appearing for the interview, you should be 16 years old or above as per organization policy.

Career Opportunities @ Walmart: Store Associate, Money Center Associate, Customer Service Representative, Stock Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Greeter, Cashier, Optometrist, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Pharmacist, Automotive Sales Associate, Beauty Sales Associate and Tire Sales Associate.

History: Samuel Walton, the owner of this brand name, established the store in order to provide excellent customer service, work environment, and products at cheaper costs. The departmental store was opened in the year 1962 by Mr. Samuel Walton and his brother. The first branch was centered in Rogers, Arkansas. The company performs duties on three basic principles: 1) Service to Our Customers, 2) Respect for the Individual and 3) Strive for Excellence. Walmart got registered on New York Stock Exchange in the year 1972.

Presence: Walmart in international market functions over 4,000 different sites in 14 countries, such as Argentina, China, Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Japan, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Walmart as a brand globally operates using several different banners like Todo Dia, Despensa Familiar, and Pali.

Additional Services: This retail chain departmental store satisfies its customers and clients by manufacturing a variety of durable products and services. You can shop here for home appliances, toys, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, gardening, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, jewelry, baby, and pet needs electronics, books, food and photographic equipment, etc.

Community Initiatives: In terms of serving communities, the brand is seriously indulged in various social and corporate events. An organization known as The Walmart Foundation is supporting those communities which are taking care of retail store chains. To cure societies from natural disasters, the company has contributed millions of dollars. The foundation also collects for charities for fighting hunger, providing scholarships for students and aiding military veterans. The organization has been awarded several times for its effortless contribution towards communities.

Environmental Initiatives: The Walmart Corporation besides helping societies also cares a lot about the environment. It is running quite a few programs to prevent Earth and its natural resources. The store has started reducing its waste outputs, doing research on its environmental impact and controlling its energy expenditure. Walmart leads many environmental events and posts online coverage for its regular customers and clients.

Financial Stature: Walmart is a publicly traded company. It uses names, such as FRA, LIM, and NYSE under the ticker WMT. The brand in the year 2010 recorded total sales of more than $418 billion. At the international level, the store alone does the business of 30%.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

As a leading international retail store, currently, 2 million employees are associated with it. The company on regular basis appoint entry as well as middle-level professionals in their company. It needs to staff people to fill in both full time plus part time seats. Following are the designations, you can apply for:

Cashier: As a cashier, you will be highly responsible to manage all the cash transactions on daily basis. After getting this post, you will have to help customers with their purchases and making payments. Your chief duties are to checking prices, answering questions, operating registers, credit card machines and handling a large sum of money. In the starting, your salary will be $8 to $10 per hour.

Sales Associate: This is again an entry level job position which includes duties, such as assisting store guests and stocking up all products. Other tasks are answering questions, checking expiration dates, finishing additional jobs as assigned and organizing displays. Sales associates again receive a minimum pay of $8-$10 for every hour they spent in the store.

Greeter: The main role of greeter at Walmart is to greet all the customers and corporate clients visiting the stores. As a greeter, you should possess courteous, friendly, helpful and gratifying nature. A lot of company’s success depends highly on work performance of greeters.

Stock Associate: Walmart’s stock associates are required to care for refilling stocks, rotate merchandise if necessary and check expiration dates. Additionally, you need to manage the basic necessities of the store.

Management: People coming to the management level need to daily check and operate store operations. Positions which are designated as management post includes Department supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager, etc. Supervisors are responsible for hiring the right applicants, scheduling and training them. This designation makes you earn a handsome salary in between $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

Advantages of working @ Walmart

All employees in this company are employed with plenty of on the job benefits, such as flexibility in work schedule, industry-competitive pay and paid job training. Whether you are a new appointment or holding experience, you are eligible for store uniforms and nametags, free meals, and other striking advantages. The list does not end here. More sparkling facilities include 401(k) retirement plan, accident insurance, long and short-term disability, healthcare coverage, paid time off for holidays, personal days, vacation, prescription drug plans, stock purchasing programs and jury duties.


Job Interview Questions for Walmart’s

Applicants want to successfully clear all rounds of interview at Walmart, should do research study regarding company information and several other general topics. The company chooses the candidates to appear for the hiring. Generally, organization call employee references and uses job portals for appointing the deserving individuals. Below are few important questions which are asked by the interview panel.

  1. Please tell us something about yourself.
  2. What type of job role are you looking here for?
  3. What made you apply for a job at Walmart?
  4. Describe your abilities for which you can be employed here.
  5. Are you comfortable working in shifts?
  6. How will you manage to work in pressure situations?
  7. What do you understand by customer service?
  8. Do you have any work experience in sales field?

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Target Job Application

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Target is one of the premium department stores to work with presents a wide range of opportunities for career development (both part time and full time) to the applicants.  Employees experience pleasurable work environment, advancement opportunities, and competitive pay scales. Apply for Target’s job application online to know more about employment opportunities.

Organization Details (Target Job Application)

The headquarters of Target Company is presently in Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall. Target Plaza South and Target Plaza North are located in the complex. Ellerbe Becket was the architect and Ryan Companies developed the complex. With an aim of providing one location as office space, which could stand 6,000 employees, a complex costing about $260 million was erected by Target. The Target Plaza North is fourteen-story with 600, 000 square feet of retail and office space. The thirty-two-story Target Plaza South, on the other hand, has 1,250, 000 square feet of total space.

Work Hours: The work timings are- Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. On Sundays: 8:00am to 9:00pm.

Age Eligibility: The minimum age required to work is eighteen years.

Career Opportunities @ Target: For more information, you can contact Target Career Page


Target evolved from a company called Dayton Dry Goods, founded in 1903. This company altered its name to Dayton Company in 1911 and there were many store sites which used the title of Dayton. John F Geisse, who worked in the Dayton Company, devised a unique concept related to retailing with upscale discount. He thus convinced the Company to launch the foremost store which was ‘Target’, branded in the year 1962. The first store of Target was located in Roseville, MN, in the northern region named – St. Paul. As the first year ended, Target had four operating locations.


Target can be found in:

Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington D.C., Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Hawaii, Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Hampshire, New Jersey, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, New York,   Oklahoma, New Mexico, Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, Rhode Island, Washington, Utah, Wyoming and West Virginia.

Special Services

An array of services is offered by Target stores apart from the conventional department store. Full sections of grocery are operated aside from conventional clothing, electronic departments, and home goods. Centers of photo proceedings are included by various Target stores along with popular cafés like Starbucks and restaurant chains and pharmacies. The advantage of full service from Deli Departments and Bakery may be taken by customers at the various Target locations.

Target Optical

This unit offers product name items, which include frames, lenses and contact lenses for adults and kids. Apart from affordable prices, there is a provision of the eye examination for maintaining healthy eyes by identifying warning signs and giving a suitable evaluation of desired prescription strength. Top brands are provided including Biofinity, FreshLook, and Acuvue. Customers are supplied with frames from Sydney Love, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Vogue, Converse, and Mossimo.

Community Involvement

Five percent of income is donated to support the communities which host Target stores. Education programs and schools are given $3m every week. By 2015, Target pledges a donation of an amount exceeding $500m to school systems across the States.


Maintenance of sustainable practices in business is aimed at Target. Waste reduction and recycling are promoted in every store. Sustainable sources are tapped to get building materials. The system of rainwater irrigation is adopted to save water and new light fittings which are 40% better.


In 2011, the Company proclaimed an initial development into the global market. Many Zeller stores are being planned to be converted to Target stores.  It aims to open 100-150 stores in Canada by the year 2014.


The operation of Target Stores takes place under Target Corporation. Many subsidiaries like the holder Target Financial Services, Target brands etc. are operated by Target Financial Services.

Average revenues nearing $67 billion are reported by Target. An average income from operation is maintained @$43 billion.

Jobs Description and Remuneration:

Target runs on enterprising and young shoulders.  Job applications from prospective associates looking for a distribution, retail or an office job are present online.  Many Target stores often need to appoint professional associates and workers at entry level. There is a frequent job opening in both full-time jobs and part-time openings. The minimum age required for prospective employees is 18years for an online application. Target workers at entry level start jobs in the form of distribution or retail employees. The tasks in this level include assisting during unloading and loading of shipments i.e. performing tasks as a team member. Employees who are professionals frequently get to follow careers in office administration and store management. Specialized certifications or possession of a college degree may be required for professional positions.

Sales Associate

The Target sales associates (team members) work like retail employees and carry out various customer service and stocking jobs. The duties may include answering telephones, stocking shelves, completing the assigned tasks and fielding questions from the customers. A starting pay touching the minimum wage is received plus lots of advancement potential.

Cashier: This entry-level job involves managing customer service and cash registers. These cashiers meet and greet customers, deal with refunds and returns, call up purchases, answer common questions related to products, merchandise, and services. Providing assistance in sales and stocking shelves are also included in their job duties. Inspiring candidates for this job emanate a positive and friendly conduct and work with others in a healthy way. Fundamental mathematical skills and an experience of customer service are beneficial. Typically lasting from three days to a week, the cashier training includes store protocol and primary responsibilities.

Management – Professional workers at retail locations are needed to staff jobs of supervisory nature. Schedule employees are supervised, the hiring of new associates, training provided to workers and daily operations in the store are overseen.  Their starting salaries range from $20,000 to $80,000 annually.

Cart Attendant – The carts utilized for shopping are later collected by cart attendants. They also help customers who are in need. They carry home minimum starting salary and may go ahead to become a team leader, stock clerk or do backroom jobs.

Salaries and Compensation

Pay generally begins close to minimum wage earned by the Target Cashiers. A strong work performance and experience gained may boost the pay rates as time passes.

Positions available:

Stock Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Sales Associate, Assets Protection Specialist, Sales Associate, Store Facility Technician, Store Manager, Logistics Technician, Bakery/Meat/ Produce/ Deli Team Member, Cart Attendant, Food Service Team Member, Starbucks Team Member, Cake Decorator, Service Desk Team Member, Human Resources Team Member, Backroom Team Member, Department Manager, Merchandise Team Flow Member, Warehouse worker, Reverse Logistics Team Member,  Shift Leader, Reverse Logistics Team Member, Human Resources Team Member, Assistant Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Sales Floor Team Member, Price Accuracy Team Member, Utility Attendant, Fitting Room Team Member, Presentation Team Member, Administrative Assistant, Signing Team Member, Operations Clerk.

Advantages of Working at Target

In retails, some of the best benefits are provided by Target. Wellness and health benefits have much insurance designed for maintaining good health of employees and keeping them debt free. The insurances cover vision and dental plans apart from health. For the life insurance and taking care of the disability of the workers, special benefits are provided. Personal holidays, vacations as also national holiday-leaves are some other innovative provisions. Next in the line for qualified employees are 401(k) retirement funds which are corporate matching. Associates who are eligible can also gain education, adoption and home loans via Target. Make use of flexible spending accounts for services like daycare and extra perks for financial employment.

The applicant needs to clear the interview in order to get a job in the chain of a department store. An electronic request or an application has to be submitted to get employed. Prospective employees are contacted by hiring managers of Target within a time frame of a few weeks. Department Managers (Hiring Managers) subsequently meet the applicants in a proper interview environment.

The hiring process involves many rounds of interviews. A shift leader team member is spoken to as the applicant starts and the interview proceeds and an assistant manager followed by a store manager are spoken to. Work experience, availability and the want to work are gauged during the interview. Potential Associates are required to speak clearly, answering the questions honestly. A formal, comfortable dress does make a point. All through the hiring process, a proper posture and an attitude highlighting professionalism are expected.
Download Job Application
Review the Target interview questions given below. Frame answers after considering the most appropriate ones:

  • Can you define customer service?
  • In case any customer asks you for a discount, how will you deal with him or her?
  • What makes you want to work for Target?
  • Explain a time when a customer approached you with a problem and your way of handling.
  • To what extent can your schedule show flexibility?
  • Recall the time when you went ahead of the expectations of your manager.
  • Do you possess any experience with respect to sales environment?
  • Why should we hire you?