US Airways Job Application

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US Airways is an airline of unimaginable size and stature. The airline has flights to every country of the world. The airline is constantly looking for new hires and has some vacancies open all the time. Whether you are residing in any state of the America, the airline has the job opportunities for you now or in the near future.

You can search the jobs projected by the airline online at its official website – If there’s a job that matches with your education and/or work experience, you can apply at the same link. You will need submitting a soft copy of your resume to the company. You can submit the resume via email. You can also mail your resume at the respective office. There will be a job right now in customer service, airport operations, in-flight services, management, cargo services or other departments of the airline. Try your luck. Soon your unemployment will become a thing of the past.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ US Airways:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ US Airways:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ US Airways:– Customer service representatives, Technical supervisor, Flight attendant, Baggage handler, Pilot, Aircraft mechanic, Cargo handler, Flight instructors, Call centre operators, Ramp agent, Reservation clerks, Financial analyst, Accountant, Customer service representative – gate, Human resource manager, Airport operations supervisor

History:- US Airways was founded in year 1939. It was established as a company much later in the year 1979. The airline is a part of Star Alliance Group. The company trades in the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol LLC. A major milestone in the history of this airline was the merger of America West into it in year 2005. There are more than 30,000 employees in the workforce of the airline. Its average annual revenue is around $10 billion every year.

Additional Services:- The airline operates flights to all countries of the world. It runs flights for more than thousand destinations. It manages around 3000 flights every day. The fleet of the airline has 350 airplanes.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

It is not much difficult to find a job with the US Airways. The airline is expanded to such a size that it has to look for new hires every time. Once you are hired by it, you work in a fast-paced and professional environment that any other airline rarely has. That is why the work experience of this airline is counted more than any other airline in the United States.

You do have many job opportunities in different departments of the airline. You can find employment in sales operations, technical operations, in-flight services, marketing, airport operations, corporate communication and customer service. It is simplest to get a job in call centres and customer service units of the airline. If you are a high school graduate, you can find a job there. You will have to satisfy the age limit for a job in customer care. The call centres do not hire candidates below 18 in age.

Similar conditions apply to jobs in airport operations. You can join as cargo handler, security guard, ramp agent or baggage handler if you are at least 18 or above.

Advantages of Working @ US Airways:

Surely once you are hired by this airline, you will not like to leave it early. In fact, you may want to spend whole life with the airline and build an US Airways career. The airline has a professional work environment that attracts all those who love their work. The airline gives high salaries from the starting of the job and continues increasing the pay every year. If you join as a pilot or in some other in-flight position, your job will be extremely adventurous. The job benefits like pension, healthcare-life insurance, accident protection, medical facilities, discounts and travel benefits are obvious.
US Airways Job Application

Job Interview Questions at US Airways:

  • Why this airline?
  • What inspired you to become a pilot?
  • Why do you like travelling?
  • Do you think that air travel is risky?
  • Tell us about any interesting incident that happened while your internship?
  • How long will you remain with US Airways?
  • If we ask you to sign a five-year contract, will you?

Check Into Cash Job Application

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If you are not satisfied with the short-term cash advance services offered by various financial companies, you can visit Check Into Cash because the company with its best standards can meet your short-term credit solution. It is also a national leader in affordable loans, and servicing customers across 30 states.

Organization Details:

Brief History

Check Into Cash was founded in Cleveland, Tennessee, by W. Allan Jones, a philanthropist and business entrepreneur in 1993. The company is also founder member of trade organization the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA).

Over the years, the company became so popular that it expands to 30 states with over 1000 branches, and offers an array of financial loan services, becoming one-stop money shop for the customers. The company also made a foray in overseas countries by entering U.K. and acquiring the United Kingdom-based Cash and Cheque Express, and up scaling with U.K. business chain of 16 stores that offer financial services and products.

The headquartered corporate office of the company is located at 201 Keith St. Sw Cleveland, TN, 37311.

Product & services

The company offers wide varieties of financial services to assist customers meet their short-term credit solutions. The key services of the company include In-Store Cash Advances, Check Cashing, Western Union, Online Payday Loans, Bill Pay, Title Secured Loans and US Money Card. The U.K. stores offer both financial services and products consisting of televisions, computers and cellular phones which are both new and second hand inventory.

The customers need to fill out an application to obtain an in-store cash advance or Online Payday Loans approval. They need to bring along check, equivalent to the borrowed amount, photo ID and other necessary documents, and submit these requirements to customer service representative for loan processing.

Check Into Cash minimum Work Age: 18 years of age at the time of Application.

Operation Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm; Close on Sunday


Cash Into Cash is the national leader in payday loans and cash advances. The company offers a wide array of services through more than 1000 payday loans and cash advance centres across 30 states. These stores constantly require entry level to management level associates for different positions.

The company frequently has openings for managers, assistant managers, Vehicle Appraisal Specialist, Data Analysts, customer sales representatives and others. The entry level positions are for both full-time and part-time positions.

Job Description

Managers – Managers must be well versed in financial management. They must be from strong marketing background and able to cope with the challenges. In addition, they must also possess exceptional customer service attitude. Collections and financial services experience are a plus point for the position.

Assistant Managers – It is a management level challenging position, and the candidate must hold exceptional marketing skills and strong customer service oriented attitude. The candidates with collection/financial services experiences can expect faster promotions.

Customer Service Representatives – The candidates must be customer oriented and hold exceptional customer service skills. The background experience of financial/collections are added advantages for faster growth and promotions.


The applicant can fax a resume for the selected position. If they want further information for job positions, they can send an e-mail to

The company also require candidates to download and print Check Into Cash Job Application and submit.  The Application form has various sections, such as Name and address, job types, Days/hours available for work,  additional information, Education – High School/College, Foreign Language read, speak and write skills, Describe apprenticeship Skills, specialized training and extracurricular activities, Describe job-related skills earned in the Military, and if the veteran of United States Army. The candidates must print these sections before submitting an online application

Cash Into Cash Benefits

The employees are offered friendly, growth and customer oriented work environments. They also enjoy lucrative benefits package for present and future security including life, medical, dental, 401k life, competitive salary, bonuses package and excellent hours, together with Sunday: off and Saturday: half-day.

The company also offer equal opportunities to all employees irrespective of their race, religion, culture, age, gender, creed, political affiliation, national origin, disability, veteran status, marital status and age factors. There is also no discrimination in hiring, promotions, assignments and firing.

Check Into Cash Application

Interview Questions@Check Into Cash

  • What can you tell us about the company?
  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Why are you keen to join this company?
  • How will you pacify a disgruntled customer in the absence of a manager?
  • Do you believe in working with a team?
  • Did you ever disagreed with your supervisor, if so, why?
  • Did you come across any incidence in your last organization when a customer left without taking a loan due to your fault?
  • How can you improve the sale?
  • What will you do to bring more customers?
  •  How will you react if you are fired?

Production Worker Cover Letter Sample

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Given below is a layout cover letter for the position of a production worker, but it may even be used for a service worker or an industrial staff.  This cover letter for ‘Production Worker’ can be customized as per the skills, accomplishments, experience, and qualifications that have been attained by you.  

Production Worker Cover Letter Sample

William Blake
1221 Illustration 21 XE Street
California, CA  92336 
July 15, 2011

Mr. Johnny Walker
Hiring Manager
Pepsi Refreshments
29, Special Avenue
Los Angeles, 47336 

Subject: Cover Letter for the post of Production Worker.

Dear Mr. Walker,

It was only yesterday while I was surfing the internet for gainful employment when I came across this vacancy related to ‘Production Worker’, at ‘Pepsi Refreshments’. I was overwhelmed at the opportunity as I will surely take advantage of the diverse experience that I have regarded this position. Being an excited Production Worker will be reflected in the resume attached along with this letter.  

As far as the manufacturing area is taken into consideration, I have gotten tremendous experience, apart from being hard working and honest as far as my job is concerned. Everything ranging from the inventory to forklift has been handled by me as part of the experience gained all through the years. In fact, I am well versed when long shifts and minimum or short breaks are taken into a routine practice.

In addition to the above, the skills that I hold are also exhibited during preparation of work papers meant for outgoing shipments and materials that are brought in. The high risk environment surrounding my workplace makes me appreciate the way precautions for safety for all individuals are indispensable.   

For the purpose of exploring this chance of being employed with this company, I would prefer to be interviewed here. I will be in telephonic contact with you for the purpose getting an appropriate date for the same. For this, I will call you in the coming week. You are free to call me at 888-777-6666 if you are confronted with any questions related to my resume.

Thank you for the time and your consideration.

William Blake
Encl.: Resume

Physical Therapist Cover Letter Sample

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A cover letter for the post of Physical Therapist must explain the reason of sending the resume to the manager. The means by which you were informed about the vacant position, and finally, what all can you do for your employer.

An imposing cover letter for the position of a Physical Therapist Resume must carry some properties, which will develop an urge in the employer to go through the entire resume submitted by you. Thus, it indeed is a very good idea to place in all the strengths you have in it and make it imitate your outlook so that you can secure the job and get a great salary as a physical therapist assistant.

Physical Therapist Cover Letter Sample

George Franklin
66, Summerlake Drive
Oklahoma, OK 55555
June 21st, 2010

Ms. Ella Thompson
Recruitment Officer
Physical Therapy for the Family
446 Bluebud Lane
Oklahoma, OK 56666

Subject: Cover Letter for the Post of Physical Therapist.

Dear Ms.  Thompson,

This is reference to your advertisement in the ‘Weekly News’ on June 15, for the availability of position of a Physical Therapist at Physical Therapy for the Family. I consider the credentials held by me match with the job descriptions that have been provided therein. I am excited and confident that I will prove to be an asset to this organization.

I feel the pride when I mention that I am a well known Physical Therapist since my practices have repeatedly been highly praised by all the clients.  The ability that I have while evaluating the physical condition of any patient’s and devising a medical plan in accordance with the same has won the confidence of many a patient.  

All popular procedures of physical therapy have been practised by me. These practices also aide to enhance flexibility and strength, plus helping in motor control and reduction of pain and discomfort. Apart from being physically fit, I am quite able to handle the various physical therapists’ duties with efficiency.

My resume has been enclosed for your kind consideration. I would like to meet you personally for an elaborate discussion of the skills and abilities carried by me. I will call you after a week for discussing the chances of joining this team of therapists. I am always available on 888-999-6666 if you would want to clarify anything pertaining to my resume.

Thanking you for your time and kind consideration.

George Franklin
Encl.: Resume

Interior Designer Cover Letter Sample

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The basic service for Interior Designers is to design the interior area of buildings. The interior spaces of dwellings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, transport terminals, and other work places are made appealing, safe, and functional by this individual. Particularly included in their functional area are light fixtures, stairwells, hallways, doors, and windows.  

In the cover letter for this job, the applicant must describe the necessary qualifications and creative skills. We can now see the layout of an ideal cover letter useful for the resume of Interior Designer.

Interior Designer Cover Letter Sample

Allan White
6800 Apex Circle
Springville, SV 43536
November 12, 2010

Ms. Gracie Cardozo
Manager, Human Resources
Blatant Designs
5464 G Orange Street
Springville, SY 84300

Subject: Cover Letter for Interior Designer

Dear Ms. Cardozo,

It was last Saturday when I went through the advertisement in the local newspaper, which referred to a vacancy for an ‘Interior Designer’ at ‘Blatant Designs’. I was excited as the degree in Interior Designing and relevant experience in this field, make me a suitable candidate for this post. I am prepared to fully put in my passion and skills of inspiration while working with this one of the basic interior design company.

I consider myself as a valid contender owing to understanding and deciphering the patterns and designs that are complex. I further work for their beautification, and that is safely and perfectly materialized by me. Furthermore, I also have a demonstrated capability in selecting and specifying wallpapers, flooring, furniture, fabrics, finishes, colors, and lighting. This is added to materials that are needed in conceptualizing and producing elegant, safe, functional, as well as, an aesthetic interior for any building. 

The skills that I bear are specifically demonstrated in:

• Estimating the materials and costs needed

• Building up detailed drawings, cross sections, elevations, and other plans

• Conferring with clients and conclude preferences, requirements, use of space, and safety requirements

• Development of 3-D models and comprehensive plans via computer programs (CAD) to arrange furniture, walls, dividers, and other fixtures

I am keen to use my creative approach along with skills for the success of ABC Designs. It would be pleasant meeting you personally so that this position of Interior Designer can be discussed in detail. For setting a time that may be appropriate mutually, I will make a call at your working area in the coming week. In the interim, I am always available at (444) 516-6171. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Allan White
Encl.: Resume