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Papa John’s Pizza stands as the third largest in the list of delivery and take away chain restaurants in the United States of America. The brand is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The company works with a unique slogan of “Better Ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s”. The other restaurants which are holding the first and second positions in the list are: Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

Papa John’s is a brand whose key objective is to deal with best quality pizza to the public. After the global expansion of business, millions of people are regularly greeted with pizza, pancakes, bread sticks and a wide range of mouth watering menus which are produced by this brand. The organization is also dedicated towards maintaining affordable prices as well as introducing discount schemes at regular intervals.

Papa John’s International, Inc. which runs its business as carry out and pizza restaurants with the trademark of Papa John’s are placed in overseas market. Additionally, the cafe also satisfies customers through dine-in and restaurant delivery centres in various international markets. Unlike other restaurants, this store is open to help and support in a number of ways to its centres and franchises.       

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Papa John’s Pizza: The food centre works every day from 10:00am-12:00am.   

Age Eligibility @ Papa John’s Pizza: Hiring criteria includes those candidates, who have reached the age of 16 years or above.

Career Opportunities @ Papa John’s Pizza: Server, Dishwasher, Line Cook, Customer Service Associate, Administrative Assistant, Shift Supervisor, General Manager, Greeter, Kitchen Manager, Project Manager and Application Support Analyst.    

History: John Schnatter is the founder of famous pizza brand named Papa John’s. He started his career with Rocky’s Sub Pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, along with completing his schooling from Jeffersonville High School. The company has started its business with more than 2, 800 carry out and delivery outlets including those opened in 49 states of the United States and 20 locations around the globe. Company owned centres which are 570 in figure, while rest all are franchised outlets.

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Presence: In recent times, Papa John’s has established more than 3,300 pizza centres, out of these 2,600 are in the U. S. while rest all are spread in 30 different nations. September, 2012 is a marked year when it has started its 4,000th outlets in New Hyde Park, NY. This special moment was celebrated in a unique style. On this occasion, company distributed 4,000 pizzas for free to the New York customers.

Additional Services: In modern times, keeping in mind the customer’s needs and requirements, the company has increased various fabulous dishes in its menu card, such as pan pizza, robust, home grilled, Alfredo sauces, thin-crust and barbecue.

Community Initiatives: Papa John’s heartily supports the communities where it operates. The list of charity events organized by the brand goes long. Sometimes, it donates millions of dollars to scholarship schemes in schools and colleges as well as arranging for food facilities for poor and hungry ones.

The brand also joins hands with various other food stores in increasing the value of these programs. One of the company’s forever partner Make-A-Wish Foundation, carry out non profitable events. These events are held to fulfil one of the most favourite wish of sick children below 18 years.   

Environmental Initiatives: Papa John’s is equally committed towards decreasing environmental issues as it works for several communities. The best way to lower down the atmospheric risk is to utilize more and more recycled products. The restaurant strictly cares for its customer’s and employee’s health and safety.       

Financial Stature: Talking about financial stature of Papa John’s, the company is traded publicly on NASDAQ and under symbol PZZA. Covering all branches of Papa John’s (domestic and international), this brand annually generates total revenue of over $1.1 billion.       

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Papa John’s hires those applicants who possess extremely well commercial and leadership skills as well as lays a helping hand in the company’s success. Few of the best requirements which are essential for a successful business are: Meaningful work, quality business practices, clean and safe work environment, Hands-on training and development opportunities. These features put positive effects not only on the production of classic menu items but also helps in building best team.    

At this right industry, you will find enormous opportunities to outshine your career. On consistent basis, you will find openings for the team members and other beginning level posts. Besides involving yourself as full time workers, part time vacancies are also in the way to help you a lot.

Fill out the Papa John’s job application form and search for your suitable job requirement. Currently, you can apply for these vacancies.

Team Members- Team members at Papa John’s are accountable for maintaining quality of products and world class services should be delivered to the guests every time they visit the restaurant. As a TM, you should always work according to company’s rules and guidelines. Additionally, your main role is to make pizzas and other items, take orders, timely service, clean and safe work environment and fresh & hygienic menu dishes, etc. 

Candidates filled with specific business qualities, like energetic, hard working, efficient and trained employees help them to advance their career at all levels.

Shift Leaders- Individuals with motivation take on leadership and interpersonal skills to develop a team to work together, provide superior customer service and boost up the profit percentage. Shift leaders, are generally responsible for maintaining work schedules, store operations, customer’s satisfaction and providing sound work environment.

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Annual income of a shift leader ranges between $15,000 and $25,000 per year. Primary job duties include reliability, friendly, team-orientation and honesty, etc. You should also be able to handle computer operations and fax machines.

Advantages of working @ Papa John’s Pizza

Employees of Papa John’s food cafe enjoy paid training opportunities, career growth potential as well as work in an entertaining and speedy corporate atmosphere. With an increase in number, you will attain more benefits, such as discounts on food and drinks and flexible work schedules. Newly appointed trainees receive competitive base pay.

Employees working as full time associates receive special salaries and perks. Some additional advantages are insurance coverage, future planning benefits, 401(k) retirement plans, educational assistance programs, group legal services, weekly paychecks, paid time off and direct deposit. Apply through job application form and search for more.        

Job Interview Questions for Papa John’s Pizza

  • What are your expectations from the company?
  • Are you comfortable working in shifts?
  • How will you handle a customer being very rude?
  • What are your future career objectives?
  • What is your area of interest?
  • Do you hold any previous work experience?

Papa John’s Job Application