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One of the most trusted medical brands, Passport Health Communications Inc., is the leading provider of software as well as clarification for healthcare services. Understanding modern day’s requirement, the company largely produces Electronic Care Patient Access Suite, patient demographics, compliance and insurance verification. Furthermore, here you will be benefited with some more healthcare facilities, such as payment management, electronic remittance advice, patient verification, e-health services; electronic claims submission as well as Passport portal services.

Eager to know more about Passport Health healthcare sector, visit the online job application form to lower down your curiosity.

Organization Details:

Working Hours: The medical brand works for five day in a week. Monday to Friday: 08:00AM to 05:00PM. Saturday and Sunday close.

Age Eligibility: As per the company guidelines, you can appear for the interview without any hurdle only at the age of 18 years or above it.

Career Opportunities: Passport Healthoffers you the following opportunities in order to build your career in medical field. Accountant, Receptionist, Registered Nurse, Programmer, Caregiver Trainer, Customer Service Representative, On-Call Supervisor, Claims Examiner, Corporate Training And Education Manager, Assistant Manager, Home Care Case Manager, Certified Home Health Aide, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Medical Assistant, Administrative Assistant, General Manager, Recruiting And Retention Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner, Caregiver, Care Manager, Live In Caregiver, Information Technology Specialist, Overnight Caregiver, Maintenance Technician,  Product Development Manager and Appointment Scheduler.

History: The brand medical company Passport Health came into existence in year 1994 in Baltimore, Maryland. The store was opened to operate as one-stop shop for all travellers (national and international). At these stores, every customer can be benefitted with travel health products, vaccines and medications, security information and safety tips.

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Presence: This medical organization is fruitfully serving patients in major countries of the world. The brand can be found in India, Brazil, Peru, China, Kenya, Vietnam, Ghana, America, Tanzania, South Africa and Thailand. Within the United States, it is working with more than 2,000 outlets in over 15 areas. Moreover, today Passport Health is the only medical brand offering a large chain of vaccine clinics throughout nation.

Additional Services: The organization besides offering superior medical services throughout the globe has also launched Passport Health Plan. A record number of patients (more than 170,000) of the United States are getting yearly benefits.

Moving in the other direction, the company has generated four major core values. These includes: 1) Integrity, 2) Stewardship, 3) Collaboration and 4) Community.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

Passport Health, from the start of its business is being continuously admired as a glorious organization in terms of employment. The company every year comes up with some incredible career opportunities. Aspirants, today or tomorrow are always facilitated with the required career positions.

Product Manager-Product Manager is a middle level job designation. Professional on this position needs to guide the staff members in order to execute product line contribution for the business unit. Additionally, you should be capable enough to communicate with all company departments. As a Product Manager, you key duty is to develop creative product ideas depending upon your work experience and your contacts with visitors and clients.

General Manager- General Managers within the organization are always in charge of all sore activities. These professionals frequently offer supreme product and customer satisfaction. According to company requirements, they also recruit talented and career minded candidates. They also maintain the quality, Service and Cleanliness as per company guidelines.

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Advantages of working@Passport Health:

An employee when get associated with this grand healthcare institute becomes eligible to enjoy some of the most wonderful career advantages. The chief facilities provided by the company include sound working environment and supreme job standards.

The employment benefit list involves several other advantages, such as 401(k) retirement plans, competitive base pay, disability coverage, employee assistance programs, paid training, paid vacation, employee discounts, flexible scheduling, sick leave, advancement opportunities, charitable donations, childcare and senior care.
Passport Health Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Passport Health:

If you are interested in starting your career with this internationally recognized medical giant, then you should thoroughly prepare yourself for the interview conducted by the company. Therefore, to help you certain sample questions are mentioned here:

  • Explain in detail about your daily work schedule?
  • How would you justify the importance of the medical sector in the life of modern citizen?
  • What are the most challenging job positions in this industry?
  • “Working after shifts timinings and on weekends put positive impression on the employer.” How much do you satisfied by this sentence?
  • What is the job designation you want to serve the organization?
  • How does Passport Health will be beneficial for your career growth?
  • How much salary do you expect from the company?