Pastry Chef Resume Sample

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A pastry chef is entitled to perform various duties apart from baking and decoration of pastry. Providing training to juniors and co-workers with reference to decoration techniques applied on pastries are performed by the Pastry Chef.

When one is talented and has a habit of performing the role of a baker, he or she must use the sample resume that follows and make it a template towards reaching out for the position of this type.  The resume example that follows carries the design for a perfect resume for bakers. This only provides the necessary inspiration and makes the aspirant modify the older resume.

Pastry Chef Resume Sample

Gracie Bruno
732, Middle Statue,
Marina, KF 66621
(82) 989-9876,


Looking forward to obtaining the status of a ‘Pastry Chef’, at the ‘Pacific Fast Foods’, and making a effective application of skills linked with decoration ensuring flourishing business.


  • Hold four years of experience related to areas of cooking as well as baking
  • Trained as a ‘Pastry Chef’ from ‘The International Culinary Organization of America’
  • Working experience in coaching, hiring and training of baking and pastry groups
  • Acquired complete information about flaky pastries and cake decoration techniques
  • Capable of operation and maintenance of ovens, rounders, sheeters, and dough dividers
  • Particularly taking care of customer satisfaction, while also checking baking effects to make pastry


  • Preparation of pastry
  • Record Keeping
  • Studying and researching the trends currently floating in the market
  • Report Preparations
  • Planning marketing strategies
  • Performing the tasks while keeping in mind, the budgets that are already established
  • Applying food and use techniques
  • Handling sanitation
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  • Was the winner of the Best Cake Competition held by the ‘Bakers’ Union of America’, in 2010 while participating as a part of a pastry chefs team and baking a vanilla cake that weighed 80lb.
  • Brought in the cream layered pastry in the form of an innovation for ‘The Atlantic’ patrons


‘The Atlantic’- Trinity, BL
Pastry Chef | June 2008 – May 2012

  • Performed the activities linked to the bakery and loyally followed the menu presented by the hotel
  • Checked and assisted the staff, in producing the icings, pastries, puddings and many other bakery items 
  • Provided direction to the staff while baking and further helped them in business performances
  • Along with creating many different recipes, decorated the baked outcomes by icing designs
  • Checked the complete baking and kitchen equipments for sanitation and cleanliness and the state of operation
  • Requested for additional equipments and supplies
  • Performed the preparation of annual budgets and also supplied trainees   


Carry a High School Diploma – 2006


  • Capable of performing basic mathematical calculations
  • Making a skilled use of the equipments used while baking 
  • Appreciable communication and interpersonal skills
  • Firm qualities of leading the crowd along with building up a positive environment at the work space
  • Outstanding artistic skills


The references are available on request.