Pathmark Job Application

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A chain of supermarkets with headquarters located in Montvale, New Jersey, was obtained by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, in 2007. By January 2008, about 132 stores of Pathmark were spread across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Pathmark is famous among baby-boomers due to the television and radio commercials, which starred James Karen, a character actor. He, for about twenty years, also held the post of the chain’s spokesperson. Originally, Arlene Francis acted as the spokesperson of this company. Since 2001, it was Peter “Produce Pete” Napolitano, who has starred in numerous commercials for the company.

Organization Details

Working Hours – This grocery store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round.

Age Eligibility – 16 years is the most eligible age of applicants who desire to work for any post here.

Career Opportunities

Some job ranks that are available for eligible candidates are listed as follows:

·       Customer Service Representative
·       Health and Beauty Associate
·       Meat Associate
·       Seafood Associate
·       Frozen Food Associate
·       Floral Associate
·       Deli Associate
·       Dairy Associate
·       Bakery Associate
·       Cashier


With an aim to compete with other larger food companies, this grocery store was put up in the year 1947. It was then run by the name of ‘Shop Rite’. In the year 1968, the store got the name of ‘Pathmark’. It had close to eighty one supermarkets in that year. In the decade of 1990, ’s, the units of Pathmark touched 121 units in count, out of which, sixty two came as Super Centers. This resulted in sales touching $2.8 billion. Bankruptcy was experienced by the store in the year 2000, but it recovered from it in the year 2001.

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The area of north eastern United States is served by this grocery retail company.

Additional Services – Floral, Pharmacy, Seafood, Frozen Foods, Non-Foods, Bakery, Deli, Dairy, Produce, and Meat are always provided by this store.

Financial Stature – The 24×7 service for the customers was originally initiated by the Pathmark, which is among the largest retail companies that are privately owned. An amount exceeding $3 billion per year is generated in the form of revenue by this company.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier – Quality service is expected to be given to every customer such that an environment that is friendly in nature is experienced by him or her. Greeting and welcoming each customer as he or she enters the store is the prime duty of a cashier. Cash transactions are to be made by the cashier and a balanced transaction must be the vital aim of the cashier, who gets an average hourly salary between $7 and $8.

Retail Clerk – The retail clerk is responsible for accepting capital from the customers. Calculating the balance, and giving customers the receipt of the sales transacted are also included as the duties of a retail clerk. Systemizing the credit slips, and keeping the counter clean at all times are also the duties of a retail clerk, who gets an average salary between $8 and $11 per hour.

Cake Decorator – Many different kinds of cakes are expected to be decorated and designed by the cake decorator. Environment determines the type of cake to be prepared. In addition to these, the responsibility of baking the cakes, preparing the icings, and training the interns, lies on this entity. He must keep the surrounding area and the place of work in a clean and orderly state of being at all times. Many a times, this worker has to attend clients to gather information as to the variety of cake they want to be prepared.

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Seafood Clerk – A vast, and thorough knowledge of seafood cuisine is required to be possessed by the seafood clerk. Seafood and fishes, which may be used for purchases, are prepared by this individual. The seafood clerk is responsible of cleaning, and cutting of large fish. Further, guiding the respective customers about the type of seafood etc to be purchased, lies on the seafood clerk. The average hourly salary of a seafood clerk is between $8 and $9.

Pharmacist – Only specific drugs, as prescribed should be given to patients, by the pharmacist. In addition, the patients must be thoroughly informed as to the steps required to use the medicine, and any other specific information about the drug. Monitoring the health of patients and the subsequent progress shown by them are the other duties of the pharmacist. The pharmacist gets an average annual salary between $$43,000 and $49,000.

Advantages of working @Pathmark

The company provides an excellent environment to work and enjoy it, as well. There is a provision of free membership, and coupons. The presence of excellent management, and an environment to make the best use of are the other advantages. The shopping list provided by the store is interactive, and it is not necessary to set one’s own store for shopping.

Pathmark Job Application

Job Interview Questions   

  • What attracts you to a career path like this?
  • What is the prime source of motivation in life that pulls you along?
  • Do you have any acquaintances already working at any position in this company?
  • How will you enhance the number of sales during drought period?
  • What virtuous qualities possessed by you can be used for the company’s progress?
  • How will you convert casual visitors into permanent customers at this store?
  • Which seafood do you like the most?
  • If a situation arises where in your job replacement is late, what will you do?
  • How can you handle rudeness of a co-worker while dealing with customers?   
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