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The Payless ShoeSource Company makes it easy to buy good quality shoes and that too, at a reasonable price. It has been quite some time now that the organization has shown its commitment towards the creation of unique and convenient method of purchasing footwear. Affordable fashion is offered along with ease and comfort. Even the accessories, from the largest retailer of family footwear in North America, come at a remarkably inexpensive price. The products also include items like shoes for children and infants, casual footwear, and shoes for athletes. To add on to the list, there are other accessories, handbags, as well as hosiery available too.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm; and on Sundays: 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Seventeen years old.

Career Opportunities

There are some positions that are still needed to be filled by suitable candidates. The Sales Associate, Merchandise Handler, and the Assistant Manager to start with need competitive individuals. A similar thing is done by positions like Stock Room Associate, Store Manager, Training Supervisor, and also Manager in Training due to the intensity of the job they have to perform. Positions like Trend Assistant and Marketing Manager are other additions.


This shoe company started with the name of ‘Volume Shoes’ during the 1950s. Primarily, Shaol and Louis Pozez founded this company, which quickly grew and acquired a competing shoe retailer company called ‘Hill Brothers Shoe Company’, in the early part of the 1960s. The ‘Payless ShoeSource’ banner came to be used by all the stores of ‘Volume Shoes’ by 1972. Later, in 1979, this ‘Volume Shoes’ got a merger with the ‘May Department Store Company’. The Payless ShoeSource, in 1996, was a publicly traded organization. The company acquired the ‘StrideRite Corporation’ in the year 2007, and started working under the banner of ‘Collective Brands Inc.’

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The company originally founded in Kansas (Topeka), and at present, it operates a number of store locations all across the US. The company also favoured international expansion in the late years of 2000s. There are three stores located in Jamaica in addition to even more locations at international level too.

Additional Services

Fundamentally, the store operates out of mall locations and shopping centres. The company sells accessories along with footwear and that too, at prices that offer discounts. Shoes carrying a specific brand name, which include Airwalk, Saucony, Adidas, Nike, Dexter and many other fashionable and popular brands, are sold here. Fashion accessories are also sold in the form of hats and jewellery. One can also have the convenience of shopping for the merchandise online.

Community Initiatives

Working under the umbrella of ‘Collective Brands Inc.’ this shoe company plays a significant role as far as serving the community is concerned. Each year, along with its subsidiaries, the ‘Collective Brands Inc.’, donate a large amount of money for numerous charitable causes. A number of events, which work in support of issues that are socially relevant, are organized. These sponsored programs are exemplified by ‘Saucony Run For Good Program’, ‘Stride Rite Philanthropic Fund’, and ‘Collective Brands Foundation’.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability is taken care of by the company, and so are community initiatives. There is strict implementation and adherence to EPA standards as well as to the business ethics. The shoe company shows active participation when it comes to programs connected with recycling so as to bring about a reduction in carbon footprint of the corporate. The energy consumption by the company is also monitored and taken care of at a regular basis.

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Financial Stature

The ‘Payless ShoeSource’ operates as a public company and actively trades on the NYSE using the ticker symbol of ‘PSS’. Working as a part of the ‘Collective Brands Inc.’, the company synchronizes its activities with sister companies, namely ‘Collective Licensing International’ and ‘Collective Brands Performance+ Lifestyle Group. Working together, the three companies make around $3 billion in the form of annual revenues. The ‘Payless ShoeSource’ finds its headquarters in Topeka, in Kansas.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Manager – Full store cleanliness is to be maintained by the store manager. Apart from making the facade look attractive each time, the store manager also has to keep a regular confirm on the store shelves that they are always filed with the right items or goods. Conducting a regular monitoring of the stocks, inventories, supplies, facilities, and the services provided in the store, also add on to the duties of the store manager. The average salary of this worker is $36,167 per year.

Financial Analyst – The responsibility to develop a thorough examination as far as the commercial portion and the costs are concerned lies on the shoulders of a financial analyst. Additionally, he needs to understand the detailed accounting of the costs. To add on, the formulation of recommendations and advises such that an effective use of the available resources is made, also come as the duties of the financial analyst. This individual gets an average salary of $48,033 per year.

Sales Representative – The execution of sales with customers is the primary duty of the sales representative. The potential buyers or clients are presented with the products and the benefits linked with buying them are also discussed. The sales representative prepares productive presentations and explains the services and products offered. This individual has to keep himself beefed up as far as the company information is concerned. This individual usually gets a salary of $8.25 per hour.

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Advantages of working @Payless ShoeSource

There are advantages working with this company, like disability and life insurance, dental, visual, and medical insurance plan, as well as flexible spending account.
Payless ShoeSource Application

Job Interview Questions@Payless ShoeSource

  • Where do you want to end up, say after three consecutive years working here?
  • How will you deal with customers who do not cooperate?
  • Where do you look for improvement in your own self?
  • How does the quality of footwear reflect the personality of the wearer?
  •  Are you fully aware of the names of the brands sold at this store?
  • Which brand of footwear do you prefer yourself?
  • How will you deal with a customer demanding a brand that is out of stock?