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A department store chain, Peebles mainly focuses on sale of the finest in clothing, jewelry, shoes, in addition to many accessories and that too at reasonable rates. There are more than 800 stores present in forty states in eastern and upper Midwest part of U.S.  These stores are performing very well for their own selves and are expanding with every passing day. For those who are big fans of shopping and clothing, and also enjoy helping people to find the perfect look, then being employed with Peebles is just the right choice.

Stores of Peebles are typically found to be working in areas of medium or small size in the U.S. The department store operates as a retailer of children’s, men’s, and women’s fashion, accessories, and footwear. Apart from these, Peebles has a good stock of beauty products, items for home décor, and jewelry as well.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Peebles Job Application

The Peebles is open from Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm. On weekends, the time reduces to 12 noon to 6 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Peebles Job Application

The candidate(s) applying for a post in Peebles Job Applications should be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Career Opportunities @ Peebles Job Applications

General Store Manager, Administrative Assistant, Buyer, Beauty Advisor, Customer Service Representative, Beauty Counter Manager, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Associate, Staff Accountant, Planner, Claims and Safety Coordinator, Loss Prevention Officer, Sales Associate, Legal Counsel, Assistant Manager, Media Coordinator, Compensation Analyst, Inventory Control Specialist etc.

The first store of Peebles was opened in Lawrenceville, VA, in the year 1891 by W. S. Peebles, Sr. who was the founder of the company. This store got a thumping success as customers applauded Mr. Peebles’ approach in serving them and his merchandise value which varied from fine apparel to farm implements. As years passed, the company flourished and as 1930 approached, the company had two more store locations in its belt. Four sons of the founder also took over responsibilities in the business and after W. S. Peebles and the eldest son died, the remaining three sons namely M. W. Peebles, W. S. Peebles, Jr., and C. W. Peebles took over with the operations of the store. As expansion of the stores was done under the guidance of Peebles sons, the business reached more communities and the founder’s policy which served each customer with individual attention. Also, the best choice was offered to the customers. A vast growth and maintenance of excellent reputation which included exceptional service to the customers was quite visible. War and years of Depression could not suppress the faith of the customers and their needs were fulfilled with concern and personal care.

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The location in Northeast Florida for Stage Stores was opened in the Cornerstone Square, on 26 March 2009, a shopping center in MacClenny, Florida.


The Peebles department store finds its presence in numerous places in America, like New York, West Virginia, Missouri, Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associates:- Sales Associates enjoy their job dealing with the public by greeting the customers, serving them and answering the queries. Also, these associates process purchases at a register, wind up stations by cleaning up the wrap stations. There are some more job duties including proper sizing and organization of merchandise property and zoning departments. The Sales Associate at Peebles typically earns $10.00 as hourly pay.

Beauty Advisor:- A Beauty Advisor at the Peebles works to boost sales as far as the beauty department is concerned. He or she is responsible for cleanliness of the shelves and their proper stocking. The beauty advisor has to perform a minimum of five makeovers in seven days along with developing relationships with both frequent and the new customers. A professional get-up and the current makeup must always be maintained by this individual at work. The Beauty bar advisors start at the minimum wage and with experience and performance, they earn more perks.

Supervisor:- Primarily, the job of supervisors is just like sales associates. Operational tasks on daily basis along with providing customer service are the duties of a Supervisor. When store managers are absent, the store supervisor serves as manager and acts as a key carrier. The opening and closing of the daily shutters of the store is performed by this individual. Hiring and training of new employees in addition to practicing procedures of loss prevention is a job assigned to this officer. Leadership qualities and the ability to take part in team work is what is wanted by Peebles. Depending on the level of skills possessed by the supervisor, the hourly salary of the individual is around $12.00.

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Advantages of working @ Peebles Job Application

Employees who are eligible are provided with work benefits such as dental and health coverage, tuition reimbursement and 401 (k) plans. Also, an after tax saving plan and paid vacation time are provided to the eligible employees. Store discounts on Peebles merchandise are received by all the workers. The benefits provided vary for the various positions of different store locations, so one must check it out with Peebles Human Resources department.
Peebles Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Peebles Job Application

Some job interview questions likely to be asked at the Peebles department store are framed as follows. However, the candidate must also consider the education and experiences carried by him or her and frame some possible questions and their respective answers accordingly before appearing for the interview:

  • What prompts you to appear for an interview in Peebles?
  • How would you deal with customers who need a discount while purchasing common goods?
  • What bitter or better experiences do you possess from your previous jobs?
  • Where do you predict yourself after, say, five years from now?
  • When dealing with impatient or irate customers, how would you use your experience and skills at the same time?
  • Can you define the term ‘customer service’ in your own words?
  • What skills do you possess to satisfy the company’s wants?