Perfumania Job Application

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Perfumania smells good in the job market too. You may find the retail job that you have been wanting for long at these stores. The chain has presence throughout the country and possibly, you will not need moving far to find a store of it. These stores selling fragrances of both men and women do have something for you too. You may try for sales associate, key holder or stock associate job or can struggle to get a higher designation if your qualification permits you.

The beauty of these stores is that you do not need personally contacting a store seeking employment. Go on the company’s website – and hit ‘Careers’. Search through the available job openings and apply online. You will have to attach your resume with the job application. The few minutes’ online application process may turn into a job interview. If you are lucky to get a call, face the interview confidently and be honest. Definitely, you will win the job race.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Perfumania:- Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Perfumania:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Perfumania:– Key holder, Loss prevention manager, Assistant store manager, Sales associate, Store manager, Stock associate, Sales manager, Cashier, Maintenance technician

History:- Perfumania has established a vast empire in a relatively short period. It is one of the largest retail networks in its market. The company has focussed on providing branded cosmetic products at reasonable prices. That is why it has been successful and now trades in NASDAQ under the ticker symbol PERF. The company has also paid special attention in expanding its online services, and it features an interactive product selection facility at its website.

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Additional Services:- These stores are dedicated to offering cosmetic products and devices of both men and women. The customers can shop online and get their desired products home-delivered without any shipping charges.

Presence:- The number of stores in this chain counts up to approximately 350. They are located in all states of USA including Puerto Rico.

Financial Stature:- The Company earns revenue of around $510 million every year. More than 2000 employees work in this retail chain.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Whether one is a man or woman, he/she likes to look attractive and charismatic. Believe that when somebody enters a cosmetics store, it is actually not difficult sell something to him/her. A sales associate job at these stores will certainly help you polish your marketing skills and will give you a head start in the retail industry. You may join simply to pay off some bills or arrange your college fees; the part time job will cater you the life-long experience that will help you bolster your resume. If communication is not your cup of tea and you want a retail job strictly for personal reasons, job openings like key holder, merchandise handler or stock associate should be your job-hunt choices.

While most of the higher positions are filled internally by promoting the entry-level workers, there may be openings for store managers or sales managers. One should have completed a four-year degree in a related field and gained some retail experience before aspiring for a higher job positions.

Advantages of Working @ Perfumania:

This is one of those retail chains that deliver equal career advancement opportunities to its employees irrespective of their current designation. If you complete higher education and stay with the company, you will certainly be rewarded a promotion and salary appraisal. The only delay will be you to apply at an opened vacancy. Even as an entry-level associate, one has flexible schedules and gets high hourly pay. The higher job positions let you avail benefits like health insurance, 401(k) plan, sales bonuses, life insurance and other usual job perks.
Perfumania Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Perfumania:

  • Give your introduction?
  • Tell us about some retail experience?
  • Why do you want to do this job?
  • Which duties do you assume in this job position?
  • Do you like talking with people?
  • What do you know about cosmetic items?
  • Can you work on weekends?
  • What time will you be available?