Petland Job Application

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Petland is an Ohio based pet store chain in United States. The chain is spread to many U.S. states and has a presence in overseas too. If you contain love for pets, you can secure a job in these stores. The job may offer you an opportunity to travel abroad.

The employment application of the store is available online. Visit the and move to the career’s page. Download the employment application form. Get it printed and submit it to a nearby Petland location. There are retail positions from sales associates to store managers that can be approached by the applicants. It will take few minutes to fill up the online application. The stores do new hires on a regular basis. There could be a job vacancy right now. Apply now, so you are employed soon.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Petland:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Petland:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Petland:– Assistant manager, Inventory control manager, Kennel technician, cashier, Pet counsellor, Sales manager, Sales associate, Aquatic counsellor, Shift supervisor, Groomer, Kennel manager, Kennel supervisor, Fish care specialist, Head pet care technician, Fish department manager, Animal care technician

History:- Petland started with a single pet store in the year 1967. It was successful in making a commitment to its customers since beginning. Selling a variety of pets, it soon started providing additional pet services. More stores were added in the chain by franchising the operations. It is opening 5 to 10 new stores every year. The corporate office of the company is based in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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Additional Services:- These stores sell pet products and pet animals. They run specific departments for dogs, cats, reptiles, fishes, birds and other small animals. A number of additional services like washing, grooming, vaccination, adoption and insurance are also facilitated by the stores.

Presence:- In USA, these stores are located in 22 states. The overseas locations are in China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Korea. There are 200 stores in total.

Petland Job Application

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

A number of retail jobs are available from these pet stores. For most of the jobs, one does not require satisfying much qualification. Experience is also not a requirement for a majority of the jobs. The applicants can apply to sales jobs. At entry-level, they join as sales associate. They have to entertain customers, listen to their requests and show them pets and pet products. Soon, they gain enough knowledge about pets and start giving advice to customers. If they have expertise on some accounting software, they have an added advantage over other job applicants. They are also responsible to look after animals kept in the store. They have to feed them, relocate them and check their health.

At most of the locations they do a dual by performing the duties of a cashier as well, several stores hire cashiers along with the salespersons. The work of these entry-level associates is overseen by the managers. Managers keep an eye on sales and distribution. They prepare financial statements and update accounts. They are solely responsible to keep the pet store run in profit.

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Advantages of Working @ Petland:

These pet stores are an excellent place to work as part-time employee. Most of the entry-level jobs are hence, part-time jobs taken by students working after school. They are able to earn a fair amount of income while enjoying flex work schedules. Their pay may be increased after assigning additional duties related to services rendered by the stores. Managers and corporate employees access job perks like life insurance, investment options, 401(K), healthcare and medical cover.

Job Interview Questions at Petland:

  • Why Petland?
  • What experience do you have about caring pet animals?
  • What do you know about pet nutrition?
  • What do you know about common diseases in dogs?
  • Will you be able to give vaccination to a dog?
  • Which precautions must be taken while moving fishes with other fish species?
  •  Which precautions should be taken while keeping several rodents in the same cage?
  • How will you save pets from cold?