Petsmart Job Application

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Petsmart is a chain of pet stores in the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada and United Kingdom. The stores have been staffing sales associates and pet specialists. There are also vacancies of managers and assistant managers.

Petsmart allows applying online. There are jobs in retail stores, distribution centres, corporate office and field management. The jobs can also be sorted by location. Search the jobs featured by the company on its website – Select the category you want to apply and search the available job vacancies. You will require attaching resume to the online employment form to apply to a job. The applicants are responded by the respective store in few days notifying about a job interview.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Petsmart:- Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Petsmart:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Petsmart:– Cashier, Pet care manager, Grooming associate, Financial analyst, Pet Stylist, Pet care specialist, Sales associate, Store manager, Pets hotel manager, Shift supervisor, Assistant manager, Pet productions manager, Department supervisor, Operations manager, Pet salon manager, Presentation manager, Pet products associate, Pet care manager, Doggie day camp associate, Pet care associate, Pet products associate, Pets hotel associate, Pet trainer, Forklift mechanic, Supply chain replenishment manager, Distribution centre associate, Bather, Marketing specialist, Associate buyer, Pets hotel guest service associate, Maintenance associate, Pet training instructor, Early morning stocker, Administrative assistant, Stocker associate

History:- Petsmart was started as PetFood Warehouse in the year 1986. It started as a distribution centre in Phoenix, Arizona. It changed the name to Petsmart in 1989. It went public in 1993 with listing in NASDAQ. In 1996, it acquired Pet City Holdings of U.K thus beginning first international stores. By 2007, it had more than 1000 stores operational around the world.

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Additional Services:- These stores sell a wide selection of pet food, supplies and accessories. Several services like grooming, training and pet adoption are also provided by the stores. The customers can buy both branded and locale pet products from the stores.

Presence:- Petsmart operates around 1000 stores in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. A considerable number of stores are also operational in United Kingdom and other European countries.

Financial Stature: The Company trades on NASDAQ as PETM. It manages a number of subsidiaries like Doggie Day Camps and PetsHotels. With corporate headquarter in Phoenix, Arizona, it operates internationally through several regional offices. Earning revenues in billions of dollars, it employs more than 30,000 workers.

Community Initiative: The organization founded a charity organization called Petsmart Charities Inc in the year 1994. The foundation has supported several national and local charity programs. It has worked significantly in spreading awareness about animals and has run many pet adoption programs.

Environmental Initiative: Petsmart has been a contributor in many waste management programs. It has supported recycling projects and helped in creating awareness about animals and the environment. It is a firm supporter of humane treatment with animals.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These store area always looking for motivated employees. It offers several job positions both at stores and distribution centres. Some of these job designations are described in brief below:

Cashier: They are generally the replacement of sales associates. They help customers in choosing a pet, ring up purchases, process bills and handle cash. They are paid minimum wages in the beginning.

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Stocker associate: They help manage the store. They are the manual labourer, who load and unload pets from trucks, build shelters and repair cages. They are appointed on minimum wages.

Pet care specialist: These are the professional workers, who have thorough knowledge of pet care. They take care of pets kept in the store, and they provide advice to customers. They also instruct team associates in carrying out various pets associated services.

Manager: Managers are the senior staff members. They provide instructions to team mates, check accounts, do hiring, set schedules and delegate work to other members. They are hired on salary packages and may be assigned specific department. Their salary package can be anywhere between $50,000 and $90,000.

Advantages of Working @ Petsmart:

Petsmart employees enjoy a very friendly work environment. It is a pleasant experience spending time with pet animals and caring them. The workers get high pay for the job and may be allowed flexible schedules plus tuition reimbursements. Those, who are appointed on full-time jobs, are able to receive excellent pay rates combined with 401(k), healthcare and insurance.
Petsmart Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Petsmart:

  • Why do you want a job in Pet Smart?
  • How are the stores distinguishable from other pet supplies?
  • Would you like spending time with pets?
  • How caring you are by nature?
  • What subjects were you having in high school?
  • How will you care pets?
  • Which department will you like to work?
  • Will you be able to complete the training fast?