Potbelly Sandwich Works Job Application

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Potbelly Sandwich Works is a regional chain of submarine sandwich restaurants in United States. These restaurants serve hot delicious sandwiches to their customers in a dine-in facility along with musicians playing music. These restaurants are really nice place to work and begin a career in restaurant industry.

The company publishes job openings at its website – Potbelly.com. Simply visit the website and navigate to ‘career’ page. There, you can find the current openings from the company and find locations where available vacancies are being offered. Search an available job at one of these restaurants and send your resume to store’s manager. At entry-level positions, not much qualification is demanded and candidates satisfying age requirement and legal eligibility easily get appointed. Managerial positions are offered to candidates having education and experience of the field.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Potbelly Sandwich Works: These fast-casual restaurants operate between 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM daily.

Age Eligibility @ Potbelly Sandwich Works: 18 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Potbelly Sandwich Works: Musician, Delivery driver, Crew member, Information technology specialist, Call centre associate, Legal advisor, General Manager, Supply chain manager, Accountant, Assistant manager, Marketing executives.

History: This restaurant chain was founded by Peter Hastings. He opened first restaurant in Chicago, Illinois in 1977. In 1998, this store was sold to Bryant Keil and he expanded the business by franchising restaurant operations. The chain expanded to 250 locations in United States and gained popularity as it kept on adding items to its menu. It has also started drive-thru restaurants at many locations and is planning to open stores overseas.

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Menu: These quick service restaurants serve several kinds of sandwiches having their recipes dated back to 1977 and offers salads, biscuits, soups and several side items. It also has malts, shakes and smoothies in its menu.

Presence: The chain has presence in many eastern and southeastern U.S. states. It has stores in Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Missouri, New York, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, District of Columbia, Michigan, Washington, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin. One can find complete list of stores at the link – http://www.potbelly.com/Shops/ShopDirectory.aspx.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

These restaurants have been offering both entry-level as well as managerial positions. The new vacancies are opened as the chain expands to new locations or replace staff at existing stores. The different positions offered at these restaurants are described below:

Team member: – Team members are assigned routine duties like greeting customers, taking orders, preparing food, receiving feedback and arranging kitchen and dining space. They are given hourly wages for performing these duties. Their pay can be anywhere between $6 and $9 per hour.

Management: – Restaurant managers and supervisors instruct crew members and assist in performing their duties. They keep a watch on all activities and perform financial transactions. They are responsible to run store efficiently with earning profits and are liable for reporting to corporate office. They are paid salary ranging from $30,000 to $55,000 per year.

Advantages of Working @ Potbelly Sandwich Works

It is always a pleasant experience to work in an environment filled with music, food and fun. The workers earn a respectable income while enjoying their work and get opportunity to advance their career in food industry. They earn an experience that is regarded by other standard employers. They receive standard job perks like flexible scheduling, high pay and incentives. Managers and supervisors are generally enrolled on salary and provided retirement plan, investment and saving options, health, life and dental insurance and paid vacations.

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Job Interview Questions at Potbelly Sandwich Works

  1. What distinguishes our restaurants in the industry?
  2. Who told you about this vacancy?
  3. Have you previously worked anywhere else?
  4. Please show your educational credentials?
  5. How you feel about working in a fast-paced environment?
  6. What pay are you expecting from us?

Potbelly Sandwich Job Application