Powell’s Books Job Application

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A chain of book stores based in Portland, Oregon, Powell’s Books could be a potential employer. The five stores running in the area are hiring locales for filling positions like stock associate, customer service representative, shop manager and assistant shop manager.

Despite being a regional chain, it offers applicants an opportunity to apply online. Hence, you can confirm a job before shifting to Portland. The online applicants need filling an employment form available at powells.com. They can login to their account for checking the status of the job application. The applicants should fix an appointment with the store for a job interview. They are hired considering their education, time they can devote to the store and the pay they do expect. It is not difficult to find a job with these bookstores. One has chances to get a job as early as possible he/she applies.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Powell’s Books:- daily 09:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Age Eligibility @ Powell’s Books:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Powell’s Books:– Book store clerk, Financial analyst, Sales associate, Regional manager, Book seller, Store manager, Assistant manager, General manager, Business analyst, Production designer

History:- Walter Powell founded these bookstores in 1971. Starting from a single store in Portland, Oregon, it maintains a chain of five bookstores in the region. Selling more than thousand books every day, these stores retail all kinds of books like fiction, non-fiction, reference and technology books.

Additional Services:- Powell’s Books is some of the rare bookstores that also retail used books. The customers can purchase books online. They can also order electronic books; CDs and DVDs. Online shoppers can sort books by various categories and can search award winning and best seller books. The stores have recently launched a tablet called ‘Kobo’ designed with a focus on reading electronic books. It organizes several promotional events and participates in book fairs. It maintains an online calendar of the coming books. The online community members have access to share books and post their reviews.

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Presence:- There are five stores of the chain in Portland, Oregon. These stores are at Cedar hills crossing, Portland airport, Home and garden, Bldg 2, Hawthorne, and Burnside.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Powell’s Books stores require candidates for positions like stock associates, sales representatives, managers, and cashier. The recruitments for positions like stock associate and sales representative are most common. The applicants to jobs in these stores must be ready to work in a fast-paced and crowded environment. While the stock associates arrange books in the bookstore, record entries in inventory management software, load and unload books, and provide assistance to the salespersons; sales representatives engage in communication with customers, perform sales processes and provide assistance about books. The stores also hire cashiers for checking items, billing and printing receipts.

The bookstores are also looking for managers. They hire workforce, train new associates, supervise operations, control inventory and manage financial and banking operations. There are also assistant managers, who perform similar jobs except financial transactions. A management team is responsible to keep the bookstore running efficiently and achieve expected revenues.

Advantages of working @ Powell’s Books:

These stores hire associates offering attractive pay rates. Most of them work for few hours a day getting wages on an hourly basis. They also receive gifts and additional bonuses on Christmas and other festivals. The managers and sales experts are enrolled on salary. They access additional benefits like 401(k) pension plan, insurance, medical cover and healthcare plans. The stores open daily, hence even the part-time workers are able to earn good incomes.
Powell’s Books Application

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Job Interview Questions at Powell’s Books:

  • Why Powell’s Book?
  • How do you find a job in a bookstore?
  • What are your subjects of interest?
  • How can you give good advice to customers?
  • Which hours will you work?
  • Can you stay back, if a replacement is late?
  • Will you have any problems working on weekends?