Precision Tune Auto Care Job Application

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Precision Tune Auto Care is rendering automotive services for more than 35 years. An auto store chain offering a variety of repair and maintenance services is hiring new associates every year.

A subject of disappointment is that its employment form is not available online. However, job seekers can locate a sore online through the online store locator at Not only in United States is the chain operational in five other countries. One can request for employment consideration by sending his/her resume at a particular retail store. The prospective jobs are sales associate, auto technician, service manager, store manager and inventory specialist. There may be vacancies for customer service representatives too.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Precision Tune Auto Care:- Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-5:00PM; Sunday and Saturday: Closed

Age Eligibility @ Precision Tune Auto Care:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Precision Tune Auto Care:– Receptionist, General shop manager, Customer service representative, Lube technician, Service technician, Assistant shop manager

History:- Precision Auto care was founded in the year 1980. It renders automotive repair services for all kind of vehicles from bikes and cars to trucks, SUVs and other heavy vehicles. It is a company listed in New York Stock Exchange trading under ticker – PACI. The corporate headquarter of it is based in Leesburg, Virginia.

Additional Services:- There are a number of automotive services offered by these stores like brake service and repair, tune up, fleet services, auto air conditioning, cooling system service, tires, fuel injection, diagnostic services and scheduled maintenance.

Presence:- The Company is managing 350 service facilities in 6 countries. Most of the service stations of the company are in United States. These service stations are in Columbia, Little Rock, Atlanta, Utah, Baltimore, Nashville, Austin, Dayton, Knoxville, Puget Sound, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Minnesota, North Carolina, Greensboro, and Central Texas.

Precision Tune Auto Care Application

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The jobs frequently offered by these stores are customer service representatives, cashiers, auto technicians, mechanics and service managers. Customer service associates are responsible to communicate the company’s policies and service information to customers. The auto technicians conduct the repair jobs rendered by the stores. They do the mechanical jobs under the supervision of service manager. Service managers oversee technicians and mechanics providing instructions and guidance. Most of the service managers had joined as a mechanic or auto technician when starting job with the company. These jobs usually do not require much educational qualification. They are picked up by school or college students to earn their living.

The recruitments at store manager and assistant manager positions are not frequent. They are conducted for replacements or when new stores are opened. Store managers and assistant managers check inventory operations, tally accounts, provide training, oversee sales associates and coordinate with service managers. There are many other jobs offered under the titles like inventory specialist, receiver, stock associate, team member etc.

Advantages of Working @ Precision Tune Auto Care:

Precision Tune is a large chain reputed for its services. It keeps its staff motivated by awarding numerous benefits and excellent job prospects. The employees receive standard pays even when they have been under training sessions. They receive employment perks like 401(k) retirement scheme, healthcare insurance, life insurance including cover for dependants, medical reimbursements, paid trainings, annual appraisals and paid leaves.

Locate a store. Apply by submitting resume in-person.

Job Interview Questions at Precision Tune Auto Care:

  • Why Precision Tune?
  • Why are you interested in an auto repair job?
  • Tell us about motor works you did before this?
  • Will you be able to invest time for this job?
  • How is your education helpful in this job?
  • What is your expectation regarding pay?
  • How will manage coordination with other team members?
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