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In the year 2003, this organization took over the name ‘APVA Preservation Virginia’ so as to reflect focus pertaining to preservation statewide. It was only in the year 2009 that the name was shortened to Preservation Virginia. It is the owner of historic sites in Virginia, which also include the Cape Henry Light, which is among the first projects of public works in the U.S., and Historic Jamestown, located in Virginia, and is the site of initial permanent settlement of the Britishers in North America.

The museum is dedicated to revitalization and perpetuating Virginia’s historic, architectural, and cultural heritage, hence ensuring that places of historic importance are an essential part as far as the lives lived by present as well as future generations.

The museum hopes that economic significance of preservation as far as future Virginians are concerned will be cultivated.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm; while on Saturdays: 8:00am to 1:00pm. The museum observes a holiday on Sundays.

Age Eligibility – Eighteen years

Career Opportunities 

Some career opportunities offered by the museum are listed as follows:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Historical Architect
  • Engineer
  • Architect
  • Restoration Carpenter
  • Assistant Manager of Guest Services
  • Assistant Professor In Museum Studies
  • Planner
  • Conservation Director
  • Curator
  • Production Manager
  • Preservationist
  • Archaeologist
  • Historian
  • Intern
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Groundskeeper
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Tour Guide
  • Ticket Sales Agent
  • Cashier
  • Guest Services Assistant
  • Lighthouse Interpreter


This is the first organization, which preserves historic objects, and this is a distinction held by the museum. It was founded in the year 1889 and was then named as the ‘Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities’. They have a sanctimoniously legacy related with saving, promoting, preserving, as well as serving them as advocate related to the historic places of Virginia. This has about 160 places serving the purpose of being a supporter of the historic places of Virginia.

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Across Virginia, there are more than 40 museums, landmarks, and sites of historic importance, which are maintained by the Preservation Virginia group. Moreover, many sites that are historically significant, like Farmer’s Bank, the Isle of Wight Courthouse, Cape Henry Light and several others are operated by it.


Financial Stature

As far as the financial stature is concerned, the Preservation Virginia operates the revolving funds (statewide) thus protecting the historic properties using easements, and finally place them for exhibition and also organizes Preservation Conference yearly.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Employees at entry level positions with Preservation Virginia usually begin jobs as customer service executives and maintenance officials. Their duties are inclusive of completion of assigned tasks, answering the phone calls, changing the scrap bags, as well as selling tickets. Managerial jobs, such as operators, curators, etc, may be found by Professional Associates. The duties for this position include motivating employees, hiring fresh associates, scheduling workers, fundraising, and leading tour.

Assistant Manager of Guest Services

The Assistant Manager of Guest Services is responsible for implementation of proper operations at the front of the house, and welcoming the visitors. They provide the needed guidance as per the operations pertaining to the front desk and also make sure that proper procedures are implemented regarding the services offered to the guests.  This assistant manager, apart from providing exceptional service for the guests, also checks with oversight and volunteer management. With an aim to facilitate outstanding program promotion and guest services, this individual maintains a regular communication as far as the external and internal constituents are concerned.

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Guest Services Assistant

This is a part time job opening for providing extraordinary service to the customers of the Historic Jamestown Visitor Center. The candidates, who are successful get the job in a team oriented environment  while also assisting guests when it comes to purchasing tickets and the historic park orientation. This individual also acts as cashier, provides information regarding ticket options, and keeps a check over the transaction.

These assistants may have to work for about sixteen to thirty hours per week. Apart from this, work is sometimes also required even on holidays and Sundays. The candidates have to be flexible for accommodating a schedule like this. Team player candidates who possess good communication and interpersonal skills are much in demand.

Cape Henry Lighthouse Interpreter     

The part time position of an interpreter is entitled to work at least for twenty hours a week. An interpreter needs to provide educational and tour programs in the museum. The applicant should be enthusiastic when it comes to history, science, and most importantly, people. The position requires an exposure to outside work and that too, both, in cold and hot weather. Tough physical stamina, energy, and the ability to climb upstairs (along with weight up to fifty pounds) several times in a day are also in demand.

This job position is of the part time type, it requires the interpreter to work even on weekends. In places like the active Fort Story Base, situated in Virginia Beach, an identity that is valid is required so that access may be gained into the premises of the museum. 

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Advantages of working @ Preservation Virginia

The associates working for Preservation Virginia enjoy many job benefits, such as pay rates that are industry competitive, flexibility in the work schedule, plus job training that is paid. Eligible employees also receive paid time offs, 401 (k) retirement plan, and healthcare.

Preservation Virginia Application

Job Interview Questions @ Preservation Virginia

  • Are you comfortable when it comes to the preservation of historic belonging at this place?
  • Where did you get the inspiration for working as a part of a museum like this?
  • Do you carry any experience as a part of the staff linked with a museum?
  • How can you maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment with regards to the preserved items in the museum?
  • Please throw some light on your qualifications and education profile associated with a job like this.
  • What is the importance of serving as a preserver of artifacts in any given area?