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Price Chopper is a leading brand in the supermarket industry. The company is headquartered in Schenectady, NY. The company feels proud in announcing several discount schemes on ample of products at regular intervals. It also specializes in offering healthy tips, meal ideas, quality meats, coupons and personalized shopping lists and fresh seafood.

Price Chopper along with Central Market Classics supplies the most premium quality brands. Visiting the store, you can shop with over 3,000 international brands. The company also operates Price Chopper Naturals stores which facilitates you with appetizing natural and valuable products.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Price Chopper: The grocery supermarket works for 24*7 for its customers.

Age Eligibility @ Price Chopper: 18 years is the bare minimum age requirement in order to start your career with Price Chopper.

Career Opportunities @ Price Chopper: Baker, Warehouse Worker, Cashier, Manager Trainee, Stock Clerk, Store Manager, Produce Clerk, Bagger, Food Clerk, Asset Manager, Doughnut Fryer, General Merchandise Clerk, Cake Decorator, Grocery Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Meat Clerk, Distribution Office Worker, Assistant Manager, Driver, Grocery Clerk, Assistant Store Director, Distribution Warehouse Worker, Shift Manager, Service Desk Shift Supervisor, Meat Helper, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician and Seafood Wrapper.

History: Price Chopper supermarket got its life in year 1932. The first branch was opened in New York City. In 2010, the company’s headquarter was changed to Nott Street, in Downtown Schenectady.

The store commenced its business with the name Central Market. The name got changed to Price Chopper in year 1973. The store is currently owned and operated by the Golub Corporation. It lies in the hands of Neil and Jerel Golub.

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Presence: Price Chopper grocery store had a large chain of retail outlets. The brand is functioning with 125 centres established in Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont. Even in 21st century, Price Chopper had not generated any plans for the global expansion of the company. Neither has it signed any deal with other brands to undertake its services jointly.

Additional Services: Price Chopper overtakes the local market with three corporate level brands: 1) Price Chopper, 2) Central Market Classics and 3) Price Chopper Naturals. Furthermore, you can also continue your shopping with Full Circle, Domestix, Academix, TopCare, Electrix and Clear Value, etc.

The company since year 2009 consistently endorsing their fresh meat and other commodities generally recognized as Price Chopper House of BBQ.

Community Initiatives: As a successful business organization in the market, the company always cares for the societies where it operates. The brand in 2009 had donated more than $1.3 million to help hungers of Kansas City. The whole event took place with the help of “CHOP Hunger” program.

Moving on, Price Chopper had adopted few educational institutes. An educational campaign known as “Feeding the Reading Appetite” as launched in year 2007. Under this program, students are motivated towards reading more informative and knowledgeable books.

Price Chopper Job Application

Financial Stature: The financial position of the organization has been steady from past few years. Price Chopper is not completely a privately operated brand. 55% ownership of the company lies in the hands of its employees. Presently, over 119 outlets are actively running in the market. Besides this, around 24,000 professionals are dedicatedly working for the brand’s success. Since 2009, Price Chopper is continuously generating annual revenue of more than $3.3 billion.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration:

In order to strongly hold the position in the market, Price Chopper regularly appoints competent and professionally oriented employees. Strong manpower is the key to success. Click on job application form to get employment details.

Team Member- A team member is an entry level job designation. This level does not require any previous experience. A candidate with little or no experience can easily work as a team member. Joining the company, you will become entitled to undertake quite a lot of tasks each day. Your basic role will be to keep the work station neat and clean, arrange for stocks, loading & unloading stock vehicles, customer service and helping other departments as per manager’s orders.

Every industry requires young, talented, skilled and career-minded applicants who give positive results towards company’s success. Price Chopper hires these workers on minimum salary of $ 8 to $ 11 per hour.

Grocery Clerk Another entry level job, Grocery clerk is responsible to fulfil several employment errands. You will be hired on the grounds of stocking shelves, helping customers, operating stock registers and serving other departments as well. Grocery clerks should be physically strong for lifting heavy weight boxes inside the stores. Salary of workers ranges in between $8-$10 per hour.

Management- Management is a very important job profile which includes: Shift Managers, Store Managers, Sales Managers, Team Leaders, Shift Supervisors, Human Resource Executives and Trainers, etc. Job duties of all these professionals differ depending upon the positions they are working on. The key objective of management employees is to strongly observe company operations and verify customer satisfaction. Salary of supervisors is much different from other workers. Annually they earn an average salary of $25,000-$55,000.

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Advantages of working @ Price Chopper:

An employee performing his/her duties at Price Chopper enjoys exceptional job benefits within the company. The grocery store is dedicated towards the welfare of all employees. Professionals are provided access to use these facilities as per their convenience. Following are the advantages which motivate employees to pursue long career with the brand.

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Direct deposit paychecks
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Healthcare and insurance options
  • Industry pay scales
  • Personal days
  • Credit union membership
  • Dental, medical and vision care plans
  • Long and short term disability
  • Direct deposit pay
  • Paid job trainings
  • Stock purchasing programs
  • Free food
  • Higher education and
  • Dependent care

Job Interview Questions for Price Chopper:

Successfully clearing interview in any organization is not an easy task. It requires lot of preparation and hard work. Therefore a candidate should be wholly prepared before walking into the interview room.

  • How efficient are you in handling team?
  • How your daily routine will be affected after getting employed at Price Chopper?
  • Explain your previous job experience.
  • What is the best possible time you can resume your duties?
  • Explain your qualities which differentiate you from other team members?
  • What do you understand by the grocery supermarket?