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The ‘Primrose Schools’ provides education to children at an early age, and it operates a child care centres of learning in the United States of America. The staff working for Primrose has highly trained guides for young adults and children.  Along with intensive training, they also provide assistance when it comes to taking care of young kids and toddlers. Coming under new Early Learning Standards, this organization became the foremost preschool, which acquired the AdvancED Corporation Systems Accreditation.

A chain of learning centers for child care is operated by Primrose Schools in the United States of America. The staffs at these centers are highly trained and guide young adults and children when they are going through intensive courses. They are also provided assistance when it comes to the primary areas regarding education. These schools specialize in providing basic education to children and also offer programs, which come at quite an affordable price.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The tutorial is open Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 6:30pm; while the Saturdays and Sundays find the company closed.

Age Eligibility – At least eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities

 Some job positions often found vacant are listed below. Before applying, the candidate must refer to the official website of the company, for details regarding the places vacant before they apply:

  • Transportation Vehicle Driver
  • Food Service Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Lead Teacher
  • Educational Coordinator
  • Assistant School Director
  • School Director


The Primrose Country Day School was the name, when the now called ‘Primrose Schools’ was founded by Paul and Marcy Erwin, in the year 1982.  Later, Jo Kirchner was hired for the post of a consultant, in the year 1988, so as to assist in converting the half day preschool into a full day school. He also assisted, when the concept of Primrose franchising was launched. Officially, Kirchner joined this company as the Vice President, in the year 1990. He helped the Erwins during the rollout of the franchising concept of Primrose, in Georgia. There was also the development of the model school assessment. After the retirement of Erwins in the year 1999, Kirchner took over as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Primrose. The Balanced Learning Curriculum was launched by Primrose, in the year 2001. It used the research of child development so as to improve and modify the then proprietary curriculum.

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The headquarters of Primrose Schools is in Acworth, in Georgia. It has close to two hundred schools located in fifteen states all over the United States. Apart from this, there are more than two hundred and fifty schools found in seventeen states in forty markets in the U.S.

Additional Services

Primrose Schools need to hire educators, office workers, and teaching assistants. Candidates who have prior experience of education are also offered positions as teachers. There are other opportunities regarding full time employment, which include job titles like school director, transportation vehicle driver, educational coordinator, and assistant school director. Moreover, there are some other positions like branch management fields, legal, human resources, marketing, and corporate careers in Information Technology.

Community Initiatives

It is a belief at Primrose that giving back to the community is more important than raising finance. The basic lesson of life that teaches us the importance of helping others, who are in need, is also taught by the Primrose. The schools of Primrose show involvement, as far as the surrounding communities are concerned. A number of local organizations are chosen by the schools so as to generate support via projects of the local community. In addition, there are opportunities for fundraising too. Even the students and their parents join in and learn the valuable lessons for life.

Financial Stature

The Primrose School has hundreds of workers employed in the form of entry level employees. It also has full time professionals, who help it to make millions of dollars as annual revenues.  

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Franchising Opportunities

The Primrose schools are all independently owned as well as operated by franchise owners. These owners have to go through trainings at the Primrose’s corporate property (Georgia), plus with franchise owners who are experienced, prior to opening any school of this type. Training opportunities, which are ongoing, and a support system that is provided to franchise owners through field consultants are provided to the franchise owners. At present, there are above 160 franchise owners operating more than two hundred and fifty schools of Primrose in seventeen states.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Lead Teacher – The Lead Teacher holds the responsibility of the daily implementation and planning of the Balanced Learning curriculum of Primrose. He is in touch with the children too. This individual makes sure that the kids find active participation in an organized, stimulating, and safe environment. Parent relationships in a positive way are also developed actively by this worker. He or she receives help when in a classroom, from a Co-teacher or an Assistant Teacher. The salary received by the Lead Teacher is usually close to $11.39 per hour.

Assistant Teacher – The assistant teacher ensures that the toddlers are engaged actively and are in an organized, safe, and learning environment that is stimulating. The Lead Teacher is assisted by the assistant teacher during the everyday supervision of children and management of the classrooms. The assistant teacher gets an average salary of close to $9.39 per hour.

Transportation Vehicle Driver
This individual must primarily satisfy the licensing requirements as referred to transporting school children while maintaining their security and safety. In addition to this, he also makes sure that the Primrose Policies and Procedures referring to transporting children are implemented with consistency. A violation free and safe record of driving must also be maintained by the driver. The transportation vehicle driver usually earns an average salary of $25,590 per year.

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Advantages of working @Primrose Schools

Work schedule programs, as well as, that of the paid training are provided by the Primrose Schools. The employees also take competitive pay rates. The workers at entry level receive base pay while those as a full time associates enjoy options of generous salary. Each associate who is eligible may also have an access to other benefits, such as a 401 (k) retirement plan, paid time off, and healthcare coverage.

Primrose Schools Application

Job Interview Questions@Primrose Schools   

  • Please elaborate the goals you aim for, in your life?
  • Which types of happenings inspire or motivate you in everyday life?
  • If you are hired here, how would you show your worthiness?
  • How does your educational backdrop satisfy you for a job like this?
  • What positive points do you have, which act as lubricants for your success?
  • How well can you handle young children who are always full of energy?
  • When do you plan to hop this job?