Principal Financial Job Application

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If you want financial security for today and days to come, you can apply for the financial and investment products and services of Principal Financial because the company has proven expertise and long experience in the global saving markets. The company can offer a better deal and returns for your investments and financial security in compared to others.

Organization Details

Brief history

The history of Principal Financial Group began 135 years back when Bankers Life Association was founded by an Iowa banker, Edward Temple and five others on July 1, 1879. The company started its business by offering life insurance to only members who were between 22 and 55 years of age. The name was changed to Principal Financial Group (PFG) on 1985. The company’s business was reorganized into a mutual life insurance company on 1909.

Principal Financial Group stepped into foreign markets of China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Hong Kong in 1990. The public offering was made on October 23, 2001 that made PFG a publicly traded company. By Feb, 2008, Nippon Life Insurance became the largest stakeholder in PFG by increasing its stake to 7% from initial 4.3%.

The company is listed with the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “PFG”. The Corporate Headquarters of the company are located at 711 High St, Des Moines, IA. The financial report of the company for the year ending 31st December, 2012 include, Operating income – US$959.40 Million, Revenue – US$ 9.2 billion, Net income – US$ 805.90 Million, Total equity – US$ 10.01 billion, Total assets -367.1 billion.

Products & Services

PFG is a global leader in saving markets products. They are in the forefront in assisting worldwide customers in income management, invest, save and insure their assets for lifetime. There are more than 400 investment professionals in the company’s global distribution platform, who are sharing the company’s resources for meeting the financial saving needs of the people.

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In the United States, the company mainly targets growing business, their employees and owners, and offer them investment products and services, insurance products, payout solutions and retirement savings and partner with alliance firms and advisors in meeting the demands of the customers.

Outside the U.S., the company targets middle class population with retirement franchise and partners with known financial institutions.

Principal Finance Group operates through six business units, and they are Retirement & Investments, Banking, International Operations, Insurance, Management and Wellness.

The primary Products & Services of Principal financial Group include:

For Individuals: Investments, Retirement solutions, Insurance, Banking.

For Business: Business owner solutions, Retirement solutions, Wellness, Business banking, Dental, disability, life & vision.

PFG Minimum Age to Work: 18 years of age.

PFG Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm; Saturday and Sunday Closed.


Principal Financial Group has been conferred with many employee related awards and accolades such as Fortune 100 best companies to work, Top 50 Companies for Executive Women, AARP’s Best Employers for Workers Over 50, 100 Best Places to Work in IT, 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers, and others.  As of March 30, 2011, the total numbers of employees working with PFG were more than 12,900 employees globally and 9,000 employees in Des Moines, Iowa.

PFG offers a number of entry- management levels, part-time and full-time positions for qualified and talented candidates in their Corporate Headquarters, International Openings and other locations across the country. Experienced, Students/Recent Grads and Financial Sales Professionals can find jobs of their choice in the company.

The applicants can apply for positions in Account Management, Actuarial, Accounts/Finance/Audit, Human Resource, Information Technology, Sales/Marketing, Advisors/Agents, Clerical/Administrative, Banking, Claims, Investments, insurance, Customer service/financial representative, Communication, legal and compliance.

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The Career Centre provides Job Search system for job searching and applying. The system includes job search options by Keywords, Career category, Locations, Job Area, Date Posted, Requisition, Full-Part time. The candidates have the choice of single or multiple job areas and locations.

Also, searching the current openings, if the applicants are unable to pick any job that matches their skills and talent, they can join the company’s Principal Financial Group LinkedIn Talent Networks to receive networking events, news and matching career opportunities information.

The candidates must register with the Career Centre for job searches, but if they are not registered, they can log in to Career Login Tool with username and password. Once Login is completed, the candidate can search their choice job and submit Pacific Financial Job Application that may be your resume for selected job. After review of the resume, and if the written skills matches to the required job skills, you will be notified via a phone or e-mail.

There are certain points that must be remembered for the application process including:

  • Resume’s Review: The HR team evaluates the resume of every applicant who has applied for a position and find out how your skills match with the applied job, but if you have not applied for any position then your resume will not be reviewed and the company also do not possess an automatic filter.
  • Phone Interview: The HR will schedule a phone interview with the applicant to find out if his experiences and skills tally with the applied job position requirements.
  • Final Interview: This is the last step before selection where the applicant will appear for an in-person interview with a team or a person with whom he/she will be working.

Job Description

Account Executive

Provide exceptional customer service to internal partners, agent/broker clients. Focuses more on the group benefits products and promote among the small to medium markets. Ensures retention of the clients, search for new opportunities and promote PFG products among the in-force client base. Works with brokers and the internal partners for resolving customer’s concerns and issues. Participate in presentations and enrolment meetings for the execution of service models.

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Financial Accountant I

Work with the Investment Operations Team. Must has multi-tasking and research abilities. Provide support to the team that oversees custom and proprietary investment. Prepare research analyze and commune financial information for control functions and accurate reporting. Perform accounting functions for custom and proprietary investments. Calculate unit values daily for monitoring controls and investments. Partners with company’s outside pricing vendor for performing required functions. Assist outside auditors in preparing audited financial statements and custom fund statements. Perform additional investments, system and operation functions.

Benefits & Perks

The Principal Financial Group provides best Benefits Package to their employees in this industry. The standard compensation offerings are offered at an affordable cost, afforded by all employees and may vary among different locations, and include:

  • Vision, Medical and Dental Coverage
  • On-site child development centre
  • On-site free access to financial services professionals for Retirement plans
  • Flexible work arrangements and Volunteer time off
  • Adoption leave and reimbursement
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Stock purchase plan
  • Additional Benefits

Principal Financial Job Application

Interview Questions

  • Where did you hear about our company?
  • Which of our products have greater demand in the market?
  • Why did you choose us for a job?
  • Which position are you looking?
  • For how long you plan to be with us?
  • What made you think we will hire you?
  • Why is financial security essential for both individuals and businesses?
  • What are your negative points?
  • Where do you find after 7 years with us?
  • What did you learn in your last company?