Probable Interview Questions for Security Guard

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Individuals and companies, both hire security guards for the provision of wellness and security in the areas assigned. As a fundamental duty, they keep a watch over the visitors entering and leaving the working area. Duties for preventive security, as well as, apprehension of criminals are performed by the individual. The security guard duty is obviously not easy at all. One needs to be alert and attentive every time. Usually, when the interview is going on, the interviewer looks out for obvious indications of sluggishness during the interview phase.

Lazy interviewees are offered an immediate rejection. 

Probable Interview Questions for Security Guard

We will now have a look at the questions that are the most probable to be asked at the security guard’s interview round. One can even frame some questions for this depending on his experience and qualifications:

  1. What inspired you to choose a career like this to pursue?
  2. Describe any of your achievements working as a security guard?
  3. Do you confront issues wherein you lose your temper? How do you plan to have a control over such situations?
  4. Do you have the strategies for working in the night shifts?
  5. Have you decided to work as a guard offering security all through your life?
  6. What urged you to obtain the training and take up the job as a security guard?
  7. There are many demoralising problems like acts of vandalism and thefts. How can you manage to tackle these?
  8. How can you grip your temper in sensitive situations and dilemmas?
  9. What directs you in a situation like emergency when you need to diffuse?
  10.  Are you technically skilled to perform the duties in a position like this?
  11. Do you take hard drinks often or even sometimes?
  12. What will you do to ward off thefts in times of festival season?
  13. What is your ambition in life regarding your career opportunities?
  14. How will you combat thefts involving armed thieves, when you do not have any weapons?
  15. Are you alert enough to ward off incidents of crime in the adjoining areas?
  16. Why should you be considered as a suitable candidate for the job of a security guard?
  17. How much salary are you expecting us to pay you for this job?
  18. Give us a brief description about yourself.
  19. What do you consider are your weaknesses and how will you counter them?
  20. Do you have any queries regarding this job?
  21. What are your plans after you take your retirement from this job?