Proof Reader Cover Letter Sample

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The comprehension of the way to begin writing a cover letter for the position of a Proof reader is probably the most typical part of the process. This is because it is the introductory line that decides the selection or rejection of the candidate. There are so many suggesting that whenever you write a cover letter, it should be oozing out with thick words of professionalism. We follow a different approach. Though a little bit of professional touch is undoubtedly required, writing with a casual way would beyond doubt earn you more points. The sample cover letter that follows for the resume of a Proof reader will provide vital help during the hiring process.

Cover Letter for the position of Proof Reader

Name Surname
6253, Alistair Avenue
Cape Town, Ohio OH 12121
4 May, 2005

Ms. Willie Powell
Staffing Manager
Bartley Pigeons
11, Tolstoy Lane
Baskerville, ZH 79879

Dear Ms. Powell,

I have been active with words right from my childhood. I first edited a short story when I was just twelve years of age. In addition to these, I have also successfully tried my hand at writing content for a variety of topics and related issues. Searching for a similar position as advertised by you in the national daily, I have found just the right one to work for and that too, by following a proficient capacity.

This letter also carries my resume, which will satisfy you on matter regarding the projects worked upon, along with the various companies with which I have had an association.  
I am an Associate’s Degree holder with English language as the main subject. I started my career working as a Proof reader for close to four years. I aim to pursue a full time post and work because the company that I am presently working for, does not offer the patrons services it once used to at some point of time. The fallen economy has led to retardation in business activities. I want to have a safe placement, which can support me for decades to come.  

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Booming with confidence of providing the helping hand in your progressive company, I would like you to keep me aware of the time and date of an interview. We can then have an elaborate discussion on the prospects behind a career like this. Please keep me aware of the time and date of our meeting by contacting me at 969-696-9669 anytime.

Thanks for the time and consideration.

Name Surname
Enc. Resume