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If you are looking for present and future security and grow and protect your wealth, Prudential Financial, Inc can help you in meeting your goals through a number of their insurance, assets and wealth management plans. In addition, varieties insurance and financial products, Prudential also provide thousands of employment opportunities to deserving candidates.

Brief History

The foundation of Prudential can be linked to the founding of the Prudential Friendly Society in Newark, New Jersey in 1875 by John Fairfield Dryden, an insurance agent. The firm started its operation by offering life insurances to the working class. Prudential was also only company to offer such service. The company sold exceptionally low premium industrial insurance that could cover the burial and funeral expenses.

In 1877, the name of the company was changed to Prudential Life Insurance of America. The company for the first time extended its operation out of America by opening offices in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. In 1915, Prudential becomes a Mutual company, and in 1916, the company offered Group Life Insurance. In 1997, the company entered South America and in 1999, it entered Eastern Europe. On December 13, the company became public, and its stocks were listed with NYSE. The Corporate Headquarters of the company are located at Prudential Financial, Inc., 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

As of May 1, 2013, Prudential Financial, Inc has $1.061 trillion in assets under management, worldwide, $3.6 trillion gross life insurance and operates and serves customers in 35 countries.  More than 48.000 sales associates and employees are offering their services to the company for meeting diverse customer insurance and wealth protection and growth needs.

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Products and Services

Over a span of 136 years, the company expanded rapidly through the introduction of new insurance and financial products and services and acquisitions. Today, the Prudential Insurance Company of America is ranked among the largest life insurance companies throughout the country, and worldwide, it is one of the largest financial services with operations in the United States, Europe Latin America, and Asia. The company offers a wide collection of products and services including mutual funds, life insurance, pension and retirement plans, annuities, banking and trust services, and asset management.

Prudential Financial, Inc operates its business and financial services  through  U.S. Individual Life and Group Solutions division, U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management Division, International Insurance Division, along with Corporate and other operations.

The products and Services of the company can be categorized into Individual and Families that include Retirement, Life Insurance, Financial Planning and Investments, and Business & organization, consisting of Retirement services, Group Insurance, Commercial property, Institutional Property and Financial Institution products.

Prudential Financial Work Age: 18 years of age.

Prudential Financial Operation Hours: Variable


The current employee force of the Prudential Financial Inc. is more than 50100 sales agents and employees. The company offers extensive employment opportunities in diverse fields for entry level to management positions. The company is always on a look out for relented and capable employees who could serve the institutional customers and investors to their best interest.

There are a number of career opportunities in Actuarial, Insurance & Financial Sales, HR, Finance, Law, Compliance & Business Ethics, Technology, Sales & Marketing and others. The applicants searching for sales associates opening can submit Prudential Financial Job application for positions in Sales including Managers, Financial Services, Financial Professional Associates, Managing Director and Associate Managing Director.

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The applicants can use US career map, divided into West, Midwest, North East and South for their career search. The career page also offers Career Search tool and all current job openings. The applicants are offered three options to search job – Basic Jobs Search, Advance Jobs Search and All Jobs. They can use Job Title or Job Number (case sensitive), Location and Job Function, and once the choice job is selected, the applicant has to complete his/her profile and attach a resume showing skills, qualification and others. The candidates can also select more than one job for Application, but before applying for any jobs they must get registered with their username and password.

Hiring Process

At The Prudential Insurance Company of America, the hiring of Financial Professional Associate (FPA) candidates is a thorough process for selecting the best and talented candidates. Once, the applicant submits Prudential Financial Job application, and if the skills and qualification match with the company requirements, the hiring process starts. The applicant has to complete few necessary steps to clear the process and receive a job offer.  The process starts with Introductory Meeting with the manager of a specific location. The next step requires completing Assessment Phase by appearing in a series of tests to evaluating skills, knowledge and aptitude in different key areas. The third step is Structured Interview for assessing your natural skills and past selling experience. This step is followed by Career Presentation Meeting and Career Decision and Planning Meeting, which is also a final step where the candidate is offered a job offer, and seek his/her tentative date to start training for becoming a FPA. The candidate will have to clear both drug screening and background test before his start date.

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Job Description

Human Resources

Human Resources team develop and implement initiatives for talent management for advancing organizational and individual success. They must have thorough knowledge on Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Compensation, HR Planning and Services, HR Risk Management, Staffing and additional responsibilities.

Financial Professional Associates

Financial Professional Associates must possess qualities of exceptional customer service, self-confidence, sales persuasion and resilience, self-directed work style, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and zeal for sales and commitment. They must be innovative and develop sales ideas, critical thinking, ability to solve problems and basic maths skills.


The employees are offered wide varieties of Benefits or Total Rewards package throughout their careers including personal protection programs, Retirement plan, paid time off, stock ownership, Alternative work arrangements, work/life balance, Medical/dental/vision benefits, career development, job opportunities and others.

Prudential Financial Job Application

Interview Questions

  • What makes you different than other candidates?
  • Where do you want to relocate?
  • What difference  do you find in our and other companies?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to cross company policy to get the job done?
  • What do you expect from us?
  • Does this job meet your career goal?
  • When were you wrong in your decision?
  • If your team members do an excellent job, how will you reward them?
  • Were you ever been in conflict with your immediate supervisors?
  • Tell us a time your sales strategy benefitted the company immensely?