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The Publix Super Markets, the largest and quickly growing chain of supermarkets in the United States. Along with its associates, Publix excels in the dedication to their market areas, voluntarism and community involvement. It is the commitment exhibited by Publix which has contributed to its diversification and achievement of being a superb place to both, shop and work in.

Organization Details

In the American regional grocery chain, Publix is one of the handfuls which operates about 1,000 locations. It competes with the likes of Kroger, Whole Foods, IGA, and Supervalu. Also on the competitors’ list, there are consolidated warehouses and retail chains which include Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club and Kmart. Some regional chains of grocery like Fresh Market, BI-LO, Sweetbay, Piggly Wiggly, Ingles, and Winn-Dixie. The company’s slogan is, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure”.

The Publix online application form helps prospective associates who are looking for a career in the grocery industry. Aspirants can fill the Publix Super Market application to discover opportunities in grocery employment.

Working Hours @ Publix: The store is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Sunday, the timings are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Publix: The minimum age for working in Publix is fourteen years.

Career Opportunities @ Publix: Cashier, Sales Associate, Deli Associate, Seafood Associate, Customer Service Representative, Bakery Associate, Bagger, Meat Cutter, Cake Decorator, Produce Associate, Cleaning and Sanitation Associate, Pharmacist, Stocking Associate, Floral Associate, Meat Associate, etc.

History: In the year 1930, George W. Jenkins founded the Publix Super Markets in Winter Haven, FL. By the year 1934, the first market location of Publix, in annual sales broke with $120,000. The first Supermarket in Florida was opened in the year 1940. Annual sales of more than $1 billion were reported by the company in the year 1974. The sales mark of $5 billion annually was crossed by Publix in the year 1989. By the year 1991, the company had spread out of Florida. At present, Publix Super Mart operates in locations all over the southeastern region of America and also reports an average annual revenue exceeding $24 billion.

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Presence: Publix has invested in Crispers which is a 40+ location chain restaurant in Florida aimed at health-conscious dishes. The restaurant is present in states like Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.

Menu/Additional Services: In addition to traditional supermarkets which provide home goods and food, this company offers various specialized services as well. Many Publix locations are in pharmacies and also offer a variety of antibiotic medicines free of cost to prescription holding customers. An education and cooking demonstration was created by Publix, which offered in-house recipe creations and samples. Some concept stores of Publix also offer organic and natural items along with nutritional information.

Community Initiatives: As initiated by the founder of Publix, George Jenkins, the company carries on with the fortitude of giving by having the support of charitable organizations: United Way, March of Dimes, Food for All, Children’s Miracle Network and Special Olympics. In support of these organizations, several million dollars are donated by Publix every year.

Environmental Initiatives: A program called: Get Into a Green Routine was created by Publix for the promotion of sustainability in the environment in 2001. This equals to the reduction of 600,000 tons of gases of the greenhouse which are unconfined by Publix Super Market from the year 2001 to 2010.

Financial Stature: Apart from brand offshoots like Publix Liquors and Publix Pix, Publix also operates supermarket locations numbering more than 1,000. Employees exceeding the count of 140, 000 are employed by the company and average annual revenues close to $24 billion and a net income of more than $1 billion is maintained. The headquarters of the Publix is situated in Lakeland, FL.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Both professional associates and entry-level workers are hired by Publix. They have full-time jobs and part-time vacancies which need to be filled. The following jobs of the grocery industry frequently need staff:

Cashier: Customers with final purchases are assisted by the cashier. His or her duties may be operating registers, handling money, answering queries and finishing other duties assigned to them. Typically, cashiers at Publix receive a starting salary of $8 per hour.   Customer transactions on the cash register are completed by the cashier. Applying promotional codes and coupons, scanning items, checking prices, making change and processing payment are key job responsibilities of the cashier. In addition, the cashier is also responsible for bagging items, greeting customers and cleaning the general environment of the store.

Stock Clerk: Organization of shelves and stocking of products falls under the job duties of a stock clerk. In addition to this, checking the dates of expiry, cleaning, assisting the customers and completing other jobs assigned to them are the other job duties. They earn a typical starting salary at around $9 per hour depending on department and experience.

Managers: Supervisors and Publix Managers check the daily operations of the store, train employees, hire associates and schedule workers. Management jobs comprise shift supervisor, store manager, department manager, assistant store manager and office manager. A starting pay between $25,000 and $90, 000 per year may be earned by the managers depending on work experience, operations or departments, and job titles.

Advantages of working @Publix

Job benefits like that of flexible scheduling, job training of good quality and competitive pay are enjoyed by a Publix employee. Associates who are eligible can also receive some additional benefits. Wellness and health perks, bonuses for planning for the future and benefits for further employment may be enjoyed by qualified workers. Eligible Publix employees also enjoy wellness and health benefits like vision, dental and medical perks in addition to free shots for flu.

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Job Interview Questions for Publix

  • What makes Publix as your job destination?
  • Do you hold any relevant work experience with regards to sales environment?
  • Do you have a flexible schedule?
  • How do you describe the term- ‘Customer service’?
  • Does working on weekends bother you?
  • What was your previous job profile like and what made you quit the same?
  • If a customer approaches for a discount, how would you handle him or her?

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