Puma Job Application

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‘Puma’ is a multinational company, and it produces footwear, athletic shoes, and many other sports wear. The headquarters of the company can be found in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

‘Puma’ mainly produces race suits and shoes. Along with footwear, the company also produces NASCAR and Formula One clothing. Sporting teams and events are rightfully sponsored by this company. For example, there was the Italian national football team and the FIFA World Cup Champions in the year 2006. Also, the shoe company had a partnership with BMW, Ducati, and Ferrari, which manufactured shoes with the brand names like Puma-BMW, Puma-Ducati, and Puma-Ferrari.

The track athlete from Jamaica, Usain Bolt has been sponsored by this footwear company. It also makes football shoes, and a number of footballers too, have been sponsored including Diego Maradona, Pelé, Kenny Dalglish, Sergio Agüero, Marcos Reus to mention a few.

Organization Details

Working Hours  – The working hours of the shoe store are from Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 9:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Eighteen years.

Career Opportunities 

There are many careers, which one can follow and work for, to enhance the development for the coming future. There are many positions such as Sales Associate, Store Manager, Marketing Associate, IT Associate, Customer Service Representative, as well as Corporate Social Representative. Additionally, many other posts are also vacant like Product Manager, Logistics Associate, Business Unit Manager, and Sales Representative to name a few.


Christoph von Wilhelm Dassler worked in a factory manufacturing shoes while Pauline, his wife, worked in a laundry, located in Herzogenaurach, in Bavarian town, placed in a city called Nuremberg. Rudolf Dassler, their son, after completion of school, joined him at the factory producing shoes. After returning from the World War I, young Rudolf worked as a manager in a porcelain factory. Afterwards, he joined a business concerned with leather wholesale, in Nuremberg.

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This footwear company has locations in more than 120 nations all over the world. Also, it employs close to 9,500 workers.

Additional Services

At present, PUMA has apparel, accessories, and shoes for sale. They sport the well known logo represented by a jumping feline animal.

Financial Stature

The PUMA Company makes a profit nearing $2.5 billion. There are thousands of employees working for the company around the globe. In many key cities, convenient outlet and retail locations are featured by PUMA. It also trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and uses the stock symbol of ‘PUM’.

As of 2010, the company gathered total revenue of €2.706 billion. The operating income of the company was close to €306 million. The profit came out to be €202.2 million while the total assets were calculated as €2.367 billion.

Job Description & Remuneration

Sales Associate – This employee performs the primary duty of generating interest in the buyers and answering the concerns and queries of clients. Apart from demonstrating the products and advising clients, on the way of using the products, such that the revenue is increased, this individual’s time is mostly spent traveling. The sales associate gets an hourly salary between $8 and $10.

Puma Team Member – Working in a wide range of industries, like sales, technical, or even the industries, the Puma Team Leader leads a supporting position for all phase projects, i.e, right from the beginning to the product stage. His duties also expand to the different phases related to the project. The team member is needed to comprehend the guidelines and goals set by the company. The PUMA Team Member gets a salary between $8 and $9 per hour.

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Product Manager – A Product Manager carries the responsibility for product planning and also execution, which includes prioritizing/gathering products and further satisfying the customers’ requirements. Also, included as his duties is working in close connection with sales, and support and marketing teams, thus ensuring achievement of both, customer satisfaction and revenue goals. An annual salary between $53,000 and $60,000 is received by the Product Manager.

District Manager – The general duties performed by a District Manager include directing the activities for achieving the district goals. This includes profit/sales objectives, payroll expenses, operating expenses, loss prevention, client service, retention, and merchandise presentation. An annual salary between $102,000 and $112,000 is received by the District Manager.

Advantages of working@Puma

Workers at PUMA stores enjoy competitive pay (retail), on the job training that is comprehensive, and flexible scheduling too. The benefits provided to all eligible employees include paid time off, 401 (k) retirement plans, healthcare packages, and product discounts. With a competitive pay and other programs, the PUMA makes it sure that employee growth takes place at professional as well as at personal levels.
Puma Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Puma

  • What are the general properties of ‘Ambassador Shoes’, which are accessible in the market?
  • What made you develop interest in working with this company?
  • How much salary do you expect the Company to pay you for the post applied for?
  • How would arrogant customers be dealt with you?
  • Can you explain the properties of footwear like ‘coolers’?
  • Why is cloth used as the fundamental material while making shoes for physical training?
  • How do the slippers worn in bathrooms get the ‘V’-shape? 
  • Talking of tropical regions, which footwear type is most preferred?
  • How beneficial is anklet footwear?
  • Where do you like to work such that the growth of the company is enhanced?
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